Geral W. Sosbee: Fraudulent entries by fbi to confuse, or discredit    
 Fraudulent entries by fbi to confuse, or discredit
18 Jan 2013 @ 15:39, by Geral W. Sosbee

As a result of the great global success of my efforts to expose fbi's own crimes, a number of fbi operatives or supporters begin a campaign to discredit. Ironically the unethical effort by these thugs on line (usually anonymous) backfires on them, as their low tactices are transparent.Here are a few such cowardly and retarded efforts:

J. Robert Upton, fbi felonious operative and madman:


Ruben Stevens (possibly one and the same as J. Robet Upton) just can't control himself:


fbi's disinformation operative, Batvette:

fbi's criminal stalker and homicidal sociopath, Tony Iommi:


Ben Dover:


[Sosbee notes: Bendover is probably one and the same as J Robert Upton]

Anonymous says: "kill yourself geral sosbee"




10 Of The Worst Websites Ever | Sick Chirpse


Verbal Assaults by members of police forum:


fbi operative Judy Spencer untamed:



Sosbee's note regarding the police forum pretending that the following law is non extant:

The Supreme Court has ruled that fleeing police can be a violent felony.



Hatemonger Monique Jamal reveals his/her extreme misanthropy as fbi operative:


The following entry on Google is false: "Geral Sosbee wrote about hearing voices."

Here is the full fraudulent text on Google:

"Geral Sosbee - Hearing voices = voice to skull
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Nov 5, 2012 – Geral Sosbee wrote about hearing voices, voice to skull, electronic harassment and organized stalking. decorated Viet Nam war veteran: ... "

Note from Sosbee:
Even though the above statement is false and was probably entered on Google by fbi thugs, the link is correct:


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