Geral W. Sosbee: fbi operatives crawl around largely unnoticed on line    
 fbi operatives crawl around largely unnoticed on line
26 Sep 2012 @ 16:04, by Geral W. Sosbee

See fbi's J. Robert Upton's associate who calles himself Batvette in the following two links:



Regarding fbi operative and thug, Batvette, FROM:


The fbi sends their operative,Batboy's, to assist Upton in a new line of verbal attacks. Batvette's obsession with attacking messengers of truth (on behalf of fbi/cia) is seen historically as an indication of a sick nation because the real issues are not whether this or that reporter of government atrocities can be discredited or murdered by the likes of the fbi/cia covert thugs like Batboy, but is the discovery in time by the citizenry that their country is not really their country, that the homicidal psychopaths who lead us into perpetual war (both foreign & domestic) have truly overthrown this nation by a kind of stealth violence ( through extensive arrests, imprisonment, threats, torture both physical and psychological , forced suicide, military induction, and murder).

The work by a few of us to show the true nature of the USA, as a cruel totalitarian and Nazi-like state bent on world inhumane domination, is the lasting and *historical import of the discussion here. My role in such a discussion provides me with a raison d'etre and a passion for life that never would have been possible without the fbi/cia extensive efforts to torture & kill me. I am honored to join others in the battle, peaceful for now, for restoration of human rights and for a humane government.

*Ironically, the recorded history of the fbi actually enhances my contribution to the destruction of the killing/torturing machine that is the United States of America, especially with respect to the role of the fbi in the crime spree that I and others chronicle.



I affirm that all statements above, including all entered by me in my name to date, are in fact my statements and are true and correct to the best of my ability.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to PEACEFROG at the Nowpublic forum for his efforts to stop the criminals in government and to expose fools like anonymous Batboy who ranks below a pawn in the true conflict underway by the fbi/cia against the people.

geral sosbee, p o box 3374,harlingen,texas 78551 (956)622-0768.

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