Geral W. Sosbee: Army impliedly confirms fbi lab experts create kidney stones in vivo    
 Army impliedly confirms fbi lab experts create kidney stones in vivo
7 Aug 2012 @ 19:45, by Geral W. Sosbee

I charge the fbi and its lab employees with multiple crimes (& treason) against the *American people and against **me:

* Beginning in 1971, and extending for seven years at least, I witnessed the fbi lab authorities issue illegal directives to the investigative field agents ( who were submitting forensic evidence) to state (in their report to the lab) who is the suspect, what the evidence is expected to show, and any other evidence against the suspect (including criminal record). The lab then would almost always find that the evidence confirmed the guilt of the accused, in careless disregard for the innocense of the accused.

The fbi lab is responsible for teaching the fbi assassins how to incapacitate a Target:


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The Army reminds the reader (in the site meter image below) that the fbi does in fact have expert scientists who are busy devising exotic methods (like artificial kidney stone synthesis in a living person) to cripple or kill specific Targets, like geral sosbee. See "fbi/cia labs" course in search engines.)

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