Geral W. Sosbee: A Tribute To Our Friend PeaceFrog:    
 A Tribute To Our Friend PeaceFrog:
29 Jul 2012 @ 19:22, by Geral W. Sosbee

The following statements by human rights champion PeaceFrog is an inspiration to me and many others; PeaceFrog is a universal figure who against overpowering forces of evil and treachery never surrenders. Thank you Sir for going into battle with me and our associates in the name of fundamental human, civil,and constitutional rights against the enemy of Mankind (the fbi/cia, etc.); the following quote is excerpted from a comment by friend of Mankind PeaceFrog at:


From: PeaceFrog
at 04:54 on July 28th, 2012

To: fbi homicidal sociopath , Batvette,

"You may cause my demise, I can't seem to stop that. I've made my situation worse with defiance but I have no regrets as I feel an obligation to obstruct and occupy you as much as humanly possible like a prisoner of war must try to be a pain in the ass to his enemy captors. This delays you introducing your evil activities to the next target, or an existing one will have less of you to apply to their life that day. I will defy you to the end, even as your fascist jackboot crushes my skull to the ground, as it will have my teeth marks in it."

Continue reading at Former FBI Agent Turned Whistleblower Gangstalked for Decades | NowPublic News Coverage, Page 3:




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