Geral W. Sosbee: fbi's methods to kill/incapacitate    
 fbi's methods to kill/incapacitate
picture20 Jun 2012 @ 01:03, by Geral W. Sosbee

For over a decade I have presented evidence at


that the fbi uses various methods to kill or incapacitate their Targets. For example I have shown that the assassins fabricated (or synthesized) a kidney stone in me, placed a potentially deadly infection near the root of tooth #14, planted viral infection in me ( thereby sending me to the emergency room), assaulted me 24/7 (continuing to date) with directed energy weaponry, and conducted other operations against me in efforts to force a final exit, or to imprison me.

I now have reason to believe and to conclude that this nation's most feared thugs (the fbi/cia) have also used chemical gasses against me in efforts to kill me. I have documented with various doctors over the past decade that toxic fumes in my residences (sometimes disguised as second hand cigarette smoke) have cause chronic bronchitis which can cause other life threatening injuries. The fumes are planted in any single family residence that I occupy and in any apartment that I may rent.

The general population may assert that such accusations against the intel services are unfounded and impossible. However, such denials are exactly the response that the fbi/cia count on. The world is now paying attention to my reports and documentations because all intelligent and informed human beings recognize that indeed the United States of America tortures, imprisons, and murders at will, using methods and practices that are as deplorable as they are inhumane. *DEW assaults are ongoing 24/7 for about nine (9) years and the pain therefrom is sometimes unbearable.

This report is submitted for the record.
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on torture



"What makes psychological torture appear less repugnant than physical torture is that the methods—sleep deprivation, stress positions, solitary confinement—taken individually do not seem unendurable. It is their combined use that destroys the adult structures of the person. If we stop to think, each of us would judge being beaten, being blinded, even having one or more limbs amputated, less horrifying than being systematically reduced to psychotic infantilism."

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