Geral W. Sosbee: fbi psychopath sends new macabre message of death    
 fbi psychopath sends new macabre message of death
17 Sep 2011 @ 17:47, by Geral W. Sosbee

fbi psychopath sends new macabre message

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dateFri, Jul 1, 2011 at 7:07 AM more could i forget something like this

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i have a RUSSIAN WHORE who i injected with fatal diseases. her old man was
killed in action leaving this lovely whore with 15 kids to raise. we
approached her
with a splended package of benefits...for her kids only. she accepted
(smart whore).

what did she 'ACCEPT' ? well we told her that you, Sir G. Sosbee,
requested a fine
whore to help you pass the time in your lonely life of misery. we gave her your
address. we gave her an elite passport. we supplied her with credit
cards & cash.
and we injected her with fatal diseases so that after she fucks you to death she
too will die. but hey look at the good part of this event...her kids
will be cared for.

do you think the whore we sent to your porch/lap is pretty ?

geral sosbee files a criminal complaint against the author of the harassing message shown above on 9-19-11; the class B misdemeanor complaint was received by Sheriff Deputy Roberto Oyervidez, Cameron County Sheriff's office, 7300 Old Alice Road, Olmito, Texas 78575, case # 0911-1183.

Another sociopathic fbi thug sends the message shown below; note that the fbi coward makes sure to anonymously contact me with his message of death:

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76.235.188.# (SBC Internet Services)
SBC Internet Services
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Dec 12 2012 2:54:18 pm
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black death rose

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