Geral W. Sosbee: A message from my site at 'fbi/cia are terrorists'    
 A message from my site at 'fbi/cia are terrorists'
10 Jun 2011 @ 01:39, by Geral W. Sosbee


Tom- Thanks for the observations.

I have to use the library because the fbi destroys any computer that I buy.

I pay a webmaster in LA to do all of my updates on my main site (sosbeevfbi).

I can see by your reports that the fbi is all over you the way they are on me. This takes a great toll in all manner and only a stong man can survive it.

Regarding leaving the country, I too would do so if at all possible. I tried Thailand and was almost killed there during my 3 month stay; then, I tried Mexico which the fbi/cia control at will.

Regarding efforts in court, I realize that all such legal action ag/the fbi is futile. I knew even when I filed my case that the courts would probably be manipulated by the punk thugs of the fbi.

However, much of my work and present efforts are not so much to seek redress , nor even to try to stay alive ( for my medical problems-caused primarily by the fbi- bring home to me the realization of my own mortality), but to create an historical paper trail that cannot be ignored when the people wake up to the nightmare life waiting for them under the tyrannical thugs of the fbi.

All in all I find some comfort in the fact that I am visiting on the insane hoodlums of the fbi Mafia an unending dose of medicine (in the form of truthful documentations of their many felonies) that will screw them for the next hundred years. If I am wrong in this, then I still am rewarded in the belief that my efforts on behalf of Humanity is self sustaining in terms of my life's true accomplishments.

I consider you and others here on this forum similarly important for the stand against the most heinous group of punk thug terrorists ever to inhabit the planet. We are, I believe, making powerful history and our peaceful confrontation of the cowardly assassins of the fbi reflects on our great worth to civilization. I am honored to be in your company.



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