Geral W. Sosbee: fbi hacks a report which is partially reprinted here    
 fbi hacks a report which is partially reprinted here
12 May 2011 @ 15:14, by Geral W. Sosbee

On March 29, 2006 I posted an article on the fbi and its society that the thugs found too revealing; the assassins promptly deleted the report. Here is the three line segment that remained after the hacking of the report:

Article #: 95
Date: 29 Mar 2006 @ 00:27
By: Geral W. Sosbee


Article Subject:

Text for
Front Page: "The stated objectives of the fbi agents in the world today are summarized below by Geral W. Sosbee (who also takes the liberty to edit same in order to highlight the lunacy of this misguided band of thugs):Note that these assassins pretend to know the meaning of the term, "public good", even as they (the fbi agents and their cia cowardly & evil counterparts )murder, torture and imprison good an"
Now, as I discover the fbi hacking of my report referenced above I add the following update:

In my original post I quoted the fools of the fbi agent society who actually admitted that their work is in part designed to further the interest and success of their members. Then, the author of the glowing public profile gratuitously proclaimed that all of the fbi society's self serving strides are for the public good.I pointed out in my original post that the society has no business seeking to profit themselves and that their duty is to the people and to the United States Constitution. Apparently, the fbi criminal who deleted my post was told to do so by his own superior because my post highlighted the treasonous stature as reflected by the society's public posture.Thus, while my post was deleted illegally, I forced the thugs to straighten up and to change their public profile.In other words, my efforts at once exposed the fbi as criminals and branded them as cowards.

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