Geral W. Sosbee: Texas Attorney General Assists fbi & Police Terrorists    
 Texas Attorney General Assists fbi & Police Terrorists
19 Nov 2009 @ 17:16, by Geral W. Sosbee

November 19, 2009
University Of Texas Health Science Center
2102 Treasure Hills Boulevard
Harlingen, Texas 78550

The universities (and AG) across the nation do more for the fbi/cia than assist in the search for foreign terrorists; today our colleges and universities directly encourage their campus police and civilian employees to engage in unlawful intel operations against whistleblower

SEE fbi Here:


In November, 2009, the Texas Attorney General (AG) grants near blanket authority (in Case number OR2009-16316 & Case ID#367454) to the University Of Texas Police (UTP) and Harlingen, Texas (HTP) Police to withhold from Open Records (OR) disclosure the key data in their possession relating to Geral Sosbee. The AG also states in each opinion that the AG has no authority beyond the scope of the OR statutes. The AG thus hides from his responsibility as a citizen and human being for civil and human rights violations behind the the OR guidelines ( which are designed to allow the police to engage in witch hunts, stalking, harassment, fraudulent stings and other crimes as I have documented at many pages of I have also provided the AG with evidence of ongoing felonies against my person (continuing in Texas and other locations for the past decade); by the AG letters referenced above the fbi now gains the AG approval and authority to use UT employees (including UTP) in efforts to silence or kill me; see for example the specifics of some of my reports at


I have also shown that the UTP and HTP covered up (or misrepresented facts relating to) crimes against me on campus (both in Brownsville and Harlingen, Texas) and that the UTP suppressed evidence of such crimes in order to protect the UT from embarrassing publicity and from liability for such police offenses on campuses; the UTP also seeks to prevent me from learning more about their fraudulent ongoing ‘criminal investigation’. For more information about the types of crimes committed against me by the fbi under the pretense of a ‘criminal investigation’ (a term used to at once smear the Target and to undermine the OR laws) , see:


The public policy and state statutes which allow the corrupt police, the fbi and their little informants/operatives to hide their identities while they engage in crimes against their Targets ( and at the same time to withhold records of their unlawful actions) are now encouraged and supplemented by the federal laws as summarized at


The only way to deal with the criminals in the fbi and the police departments across the country is to hold them liable, with no immunity, for their lies and felonious actions with no exceptions. See:


Presently, the fbi continues the campaign to torture or kill me by a variety of methods (including invisible high tech weaponry, home invasions, destruction of property, etc.) as I have outlined. The UT and the AG thus in a sense help the fbi assassins and torturers by ignoring the reports that I have submitted and by failing in their duties to defend the constitution and other laws of the United States. They have joined the fbi/cia in the community of the Living Dead:


The community gone mad:
For more on the unholy alliance between corrupt & cowardly UT officials and the fbi thugs, see:

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