Geral W. Sosbee: An Update To My Story In Two Parts    
 An Update To My Story In Two Parts
19 Aug 2009 @ 18:40, by Geral W. Sosbee

In this report I focus on two separate issues: 1) The action against me by Cal State University at Northridge, and 2) The effects of the directed energy assaults on my person.

First, I document action against me by a military science professor for sending my message to CSUN. Currently the University of Texas is considering the report from the professor of military science who reported me incorrectly for harassment. Also, note that all of my efforts to communicate via e-mail with anyone at the Northridge campus ROTC/military science department is blocked; however, some of the faculty and staff have shown an interest in my work (see *site meter image at the end of part one); therefore, I consider the action by the ROTC chief as an overkill.
Additionally, inasmuchas the fbi/cia destroy any computer that I may own, I must frequent the public library (such as the one at the University of Texas) in order to access the internet; so any possible action by UT against me may be detrimental.

Secondly, I summarize below the effects of the directed energy assaults on my person.


Part 1) An official at California State University, Northridge
responds negatively to my message as shown below.

Sosbee’s original message to CSUN:
Date Tue, Aug 18, 2009
Subject Re: rotc = F R A U D
questions! geral sosbee (956)371-5210
First message from CSUN to Sosbee:
togeral sosbee,
dateTue, Aug 18, 2009 at 4:08 PM
subjectRe: rotc = F R A U D
hide details 4:08 PM (3 hours ago) Reply

“Your IP address has been reported to your ISP for harassment.
Have a nice day,
-James Wolf
Website Administrator”
Sosbee’s response to the above notice:
to James Wolf
from sosbee: you are a cowardly punk.
.Second message from CSUN to Sosbee:
On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 7:51 PM, wrote:

“Mr. Sosbee
Your IP address "" has once again been reported to your ISP
for harassment and this and future email addresses used have and will be
blocked from our email system.
Additionally the University of Texas San Antonio has been contacted with
your name and information and alerted to the use of their computers for
harassment purposes on your behalf.
Have an outstanding day,
James Wolf
Website Administrator”

* Site meter image showing interest by other CSUN staff in my work:


Domain Name ? (Educational)
IP Address 130.166.66.# (California State University, Northridge)
Time of Visit Aug 18 2009 3:56:21 pm
Last Page View Aug 18 2009 4:12:19 pm
Visit Length 15 minutes 58 seconds
Visit Entry Page /www.sosbeevfb...m/affidavit2007.
Visit Exit Page//www.sosbeevfbi//.com/tooth14.
See original site meter entry and note additional data on subliminal message to Sosbee from UT officers who act in accordance with the CSUN military science department directive against Sosbee:

Part 2) The United States of America engages in a kind of siege of the brain as described below (and at many other pages of this website) , while the subject of the brain attacks is often confounded by the effects thereof and by the general lack of interest on the part of educators, police, lawyers, doctors, government officials, etc.

As of today, August 19, 2009, I can verify the following symptoms associated with the directed energy assaults against me, (i.e.: the Target): This information is not all inclusive, but represents a summary:

The primary problem I have with the assaults is the entrainment of the brain 24/7, especially noticeable at night when I try to sleep. The psychoelectronic assaults engage the brain, or the consciousness and prevents REM (or meaningful) sleep; I apparently drift briefly out of consciousness throughout the night for short periods of time (one to two hours, typically) and I usually manage to get out of bed 10-15 hours later, but still totally exhausted and sleepy. The assaults are continuous 24/7 without interruption or respite, so efforts to grab sleep during the day are futile. No defense exists to the assaults and no matter how much I try and need to sleep, the sleep deprivation continues (now into about the 5th or 6th year around the clock. The fbi/cia’s Nonconsensual Cover Research and Human Experimentation on me also now extends into the 11th year;see examples of fbi crimes against me under the auspices of the program:
I consider the campaign against me as exemplary of de facto torture:

Additional Symptoms The Target experiences: severe sleep deprivation (causing the Target to stay in bed often 10-15 hours a day), continuous sleepiness 24/7, mood swings & irritability, bee-type stings on arms and legs (and sensation of being touched, sometimes resulting in involuntary scratching & breaking skin), episodes of nausea, headaches (alternating sharp & dull with occasional migraine), heat sensation in upper left quadrant of head, hyperactive mental state 24/7, frequent & extreme lethargy , rare piercing left ear ache, respiratory problems, indigestion and acid reflux, tinnitus with pressure sensation in head 24/7 and with no respite, but with the presence of a stereo effect of tinnitus with the sound in both ears like crickets chirping at wav, 44100Hz, 1411kbps, at once.
Overall, the assaults may be designed to drive the Target......... M A D .
END.geral sosbee



James Wolf of the ROTC, like his colleagues in similar programs across the nation, officially and openly infiltrate college campuses through a separate military network (independent of civilian oversight) in order to indoctrinate the unsuspecting into the LD community [ Indoctrination means preparing the civilian mind for war and for killing].


Anyone from the outside such as Sosbee (i.e.: the living) who seeks to communicate with the LD (or their new recruits) concerning their threat to Freedom and Life is suspect and may be aggressively and verbally attacked and subsequently denied the facilities by which to communicate all unwelcomed ideas.

The insensitive, sly and underhanded James Wolf ( chief hardened war monger among the cadre in his corp of LD) pretends to be offended by Sosbee’s reports of atrocities committed against him by the war machine and its intel services, but the reason for the Wolf campaign against Sosbee is to further isolate him in the community, to falsely label him as one who harasses, and to stop him from reporting on the activities of the LD, especially those in the institute of the ROTC

‘ p r o g ra m m i n g’.

Those who live in fear of the LD want to placate them and to stay out of their way; thus, the cowardly UT staff take extra precautions by sending implied threats to Sosbee that he is being watched. For more information on the Pentagon’s ultimate plans for dealing with and disposing of the living in the United States, see links to US military torture and imprisonment plans for our own citizens at the following site:

See Also:


Criminals of the fbi/cia/military/etc. (including their diabolical operatives minions & handlers) are charged by Geral Sosbee with crimes against Humanity and crimes against peace; their response in defense:

“I Had to obey the laws of war and my flag.”

[Adolph Eichmann]


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