Geral W. Sosbee: USA Admits To *Brain Entrainment    
 USA Admits To *Brain Entrainment
10 Jan 2009 @ 22:04, by Geral W. Sosbee

admin:fbi/cia terrorists

See my reports of continuing psychoelectronic assaults on ME, as of June 23, 2010:

See the following sites for USA admission that the country engages in *Brain Entrainment and other atrocities (as I have reported for the past decade):


[A slogan to be remembered:
The Few, the Proud, the Brain Entraining Fiends of the US Marines.
See link in above referenced reports on "USMC_NeuronalEntrainment_NonlethalApplications"]

See info on Naval Space Warfare:
See also the following for Germs, Viruses 'made in the USA':

The USA may be engaged (via fbi/cia) in a form of ethnic cleansing, globally:
Sosbee recognizes that EVIL DOERS do not consider that what they are doing is evil, as opposed to good. Thus, the USA assassins and torturers are mindless in their commission of atrocities.

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