Geral W. Sosbee: Intelligence Report: Attack In Mumbai India    
 Intelligence Report: Attack In Mumbai India
11 Dec 2008 @ 16:39, by Geral W. Sosbee

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Recent studies of my website by representatives of India reflect a keen interest in the tracking technology used by the fbi and the cia in their global covert intel operations. In the image shown below the inquirer seeks to confirm (through the brain scan and tracking device links) that the cia does in fact use the technology (as I have reported); and that a more ominous suggestion may now be considered by the government of India in efforts to determine how much prior warning and inside information (possibly withheld by the *cia concerning the Mumbai attack) could have helped the Indian officials to defend against the attack. Here is the site meter image information from
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Note that after I posted the above intel report, the fbi/cia in apparent retaliation blocked all e-mail (including gmail,hotmail, from me to my webmaster. Then the fbi punks send death threats.

From Harlingen, Texas
December 18, 2008

A recent update at
dated December 14, 2008, was hacked by the fbi as follows:
as the webmaster typed the data into his computer, the fbi monitored and changed some of the data entries. The webmaster later caught the hacking, notified me, and made the corrections.
Note that the fbi (through its hacking activities) thereby notifies me and my webmaster of the monitoring exercises; in the past the fbi hacks into my other sites at newciv and ning and some indymedia locations; the fbi also changes orders that I may make on line with different merchants, so that the vendor sells me more than I ordered and also bills my credit card for the inflated order; additionally the fbi regularly interferes with all of my e-mail.
Such is the function of the federal bureau of investigation today: a group of punks paid to harass, torture, and murder as I have documented. The United States of America is defined by the low, menial and homicidal antics of its intel groups.


As you know the real global terrorists are fbi/cia/mi6/mossad, etc., and their operatives.The dual axis of evil, united states of america & ‘?Isreal’ seek inhumane world domination at any cost. A few men refuse to surrender to the usa/’?isreal’ thugs and we pay for our resistence with our lives; the cowards who surrender to the assassins/torturers of 'isrealusa(ssassins)' have their names recorded as such throughout all of time.
geral sosbee.questions? (956)371-5210

pls understand that Pakistan is under cia control, including the military, *intel services and the civilian authorities. The Mumbai attack could have been prevented if cia had cooperated with India; for reasons known to the Indian authorities, the cia favors Pakistan and therefore India is not in a position to retaliate for the Mumbai killing spree. The people of India, Pakistan and all other countries of the world must recognize the global threat presented by USA & '?Isreal' assassins and must come together to stop them.

* See my reports on the Mumbai attack encouraged by cia and ask :
which Targets and assets had the state of the art tracking devices used by cia (see my sites for brain scan and tracking device info); where were the thugs (both Targets & Assets) prior to and during the attack; and (regarding key Targets and Assets without an implanted tracking device)- why was there no such tracking device?
Questions ? geral sosbee (956)371-5210
and see:
and see article at:

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