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"Four Senior Physicians Arrested for
Illegal Experiments on Elderly Patients
They Performed Non-consensual Medical Experiments on Their Patients
JONATHAN LIS & RAN REZNICK / Haaretz (Israel) 10oct2006
Four senior doctors at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot and the Hartzfeld Geriatric Hospital in Gedera were arrested yesterday on suspicion of carrying out hundreds of illegal experiments on elderly patients without their consent.
The doctors ... Shmuel Levy; Nadya Kagansky; and Alona Smirnov - are suspected of wrongful death through negligence, abuse of helpless victims, aggravated assault, fraud, violation of a statutory obligation and interference in an investigation."

Sosbee writes: I have documented the following doctors in the uSA who I believe may have assisted the fbi/cia in nonconsensual human experiments on and torture of my person. Most of their names are found in my reports.Some of the names are:

Zweig, Achleitner,Waldman,Salome, Dickey;

Name of official who refused to assist:


Other doctors include:

Gandhi- saw the medical problems illegally caused by fbi thugs, but pretended otherwise.

**Castillo (deceased by possible suicide after I reported his apparent affiliation with the fbi).

Statman- aware of the fbi terror campaign, but prefers to stay away from fbi/cia.
Rosenstein- "

I believe that all doctors need to re-examine their conscience to find a sense of human decency and to rid themselves of their hideous contempt for the rights of others, regardless of the financial and political gains derived from their filthy practices. The professional boards and medical & dental schools are also corrupt in not voicing concern over the illegal practices of their favorite sons.
All victims of such abuse are encouraged to name the offending doctors.Any doctor who assists the fbi/cia in torture as I have documented are evil and despicable; they should be jailed as torturous murderers in some instances where the Target commits suicide, or otherwise dies as a direct result of the macabre program.
See Also:
** Note: When I first met Castillo, he was friendly and helpful;at that time, I briefed him on the fbi campaign against me. Later, after the apparent control of Castillo by the fbi, Castillo bacame belligerent/fearful toward me and at one point refused to see me as a dental patient. If he committed suicide, I believe that such was caused by the fbi's forcing him against his will to assist the fbi thugs (as I have outlined) in the torture game against me. Thereafter, this otherwise good and decent man may have realized that my internet reports of fbi/cia atrocities and torture programs could implicate him. He may have been unable to integrate the subtleties of such a realization into his rational thought processes, especially as his concerns may have understandably presented painful implications.
News on this issue:

JOSÉ BORJÓN/The Brownsville Herald
December 19, 2007 - 11:48PM
Police on Wednesday determined the accident that claimed Dr. Manfred del Castillo's life this week was caused when the local dentist veered into the path of a tractor-trailer, causing the head-on collision.

Apparent life insurance investigation as shown in the site meter image below:

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* The fbi and the cia have a long list of doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc., who assist in torture, forced suicide, and other atrocities globally. Generally, all doctors in the USA fear the fbi/cia and refuse to respond to my requests for medical attention as treatment is indicated in the medical charts. The tracking device implanted by the fbi is used to torture and kill the Target, but the doctors allow (and some instances assist) the fbi/cia in the ongoing atrocities.
For more on the fbi's corruptive influence on other agencies, see my reports on state medical and dental boards; then , see:

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