Geral W. Sosbee: possible misleading ads on the web    
 possible misleading ads on the web
20 Jan 2008 @ 22:44, by Geral W. Sosbee

Popular search engines continue to inappropriately in my opinion associate commercial images under the name geral sosbee; especially interesting in this regard are products which, by linking their image with sosbee's name, may intimate to some uninformed viewers that geral sosbee uses, approves, or endorses such items as displayed on the web.
So, for the record:
*geral sosbee endorces no product, approves no ad in association with his name, and disclaims any support for any product so displayed by the search engines under sosbee's name. Finally, any product (or producer/advertiser) that pretends to market any product with sosbee's approval is thereby misrepresenting the facts to the extent that such ad states or intentionally implies sosbee's endorsement.
*geral sosbee hereby reserves all legal and equitable rights against any person who uses geral sosbee's name or his likeness for commercial purposes without sosbee's express prior written consent.

On March 18, 2008, I reported to the Google 'Abuse and Spam' office that the fbi (or its supporters) are using the Google image search engine to plant obscene or suggestive material which is offensive; the material contains a preposterous image which is then linked to a question which is also planted for the purpose of posing outrageous ideas subliminally.

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