Geral W. Sosbee: fbi employs terrorists and street thugs    
 fbi employs terrorists and street thugs
27 Dec 2007 @ 01:25, by Geral W. Sosbee

Sosbee notices the following visits to the site at apparently by former fbi associates and supporters (one of whom may be former Special Agent Ken Kaiser, now about 75 years of age). Note that these visits are by individuals who discover to their great chagrin that the world now accepts as fact Sosbee's reports that the fbi uses *terrorists against Targets (including US citizens and war veterans) in the uSA and around the globe(as evidenced by Sosbee's documentations and reports). See Google for more information about "fbi cia employ terrorists".

The site meter entries:

Domain Name ? (Commercial)
IP Address 67.79.217.# (Road Runner Business)
State : Texas
City : Austin
Time of Visit Dec 26 2007 9:43:09 am
Search Engine
Search Words fbi cia employ terrorists
Out Click Society of Former Special Agents of The Federal Bureau of


State : Illinois
City : Park Forest
IP Address 64.107.163.#
Time of Visit Dec 26 2007 2:32:19 pm
Search Engine
Search Words terrorists who work for the fbi
Visitor's Time Dec 26 2007 2:32:19 pm



State : Texas
City : Austin
IP Address 67.79.217.# (Road Runner Business)
Referring URL employs terrorist
Search Engine
Search Words fbi cia employs terrorist
Visit Entry Page
Visitor's Time Dec 26 2007 9:43:09 am
* Note that as this update is made the fbi delivers on Sosbee nausea inducing directed energy assaults. Then, as an apparent result of this update the fbi apply ***intense sleep deprivation on Sosbee all night on 12/26/07.
Sosbee to ken Kaiser- you will be remembered as a **mental dwarf, a fraud, a coward and a former Unidentified Felonious Offender;for as of today your identity is known the world over and part of the evidence that would have put you in prison is on my site:
Go not in peace, but recount the many crimes you orchestrated, condoned, approved, or directed during your long career in the bestial fbi.
And See MY Affidavit:
***The assaults continue intensely all day on the 27th, so that Sosbee hears a high pitch sound (somewhat maddening at times) throughout the day and much of the night; at one point the lack of sleep causes a jump in the pulse rate , and the heart beat changes from normal to increased. Then, during the night of the 27th the fbi lower the intensity of the directed energy assault and some sleep is realized, but Sosbee is bound to the bed for about 12-13 hours. The high pitch noise is in the form of white noise and is sometimes referred to as a ringing; but the so-called 'ringing' is sometimes confused with tinnitus and the complaints of the Target are thus often dismissed as imaginary. Note that if the fbi wanted to kill Sosbee, the fbi would simply not decrease the elf assaults, but would allow the pulse rate (monitored in real time by the fbi) and blood pressure to climb (simultaneous with directed energy bombardment) and the Target would presumably suffer from exhaustion and related life-threatening issues.
On the same day (the 27th), the fbi sends Sosbee a reminder that he is so assaulted as shown in the site meter image below:

IP Address 68.196.49.
State : New Jersey
****Time of Visit Dec 27 2007 10:30:16 pm
Referring URL Search
Search Engine
Search Words high pitched assaults
Visit Entry Page http://www.sosbeevfb...art4-increasedp.html
Visit Exit Page http://www.sosbeevfb...art4-increasedp.html

****Note that at the time of the visit (10:30PM) the fbi watches the Target in real time (under the non-consensual cover research and human experimentation program) as he struggles in his residence with the effects of the sleep deprivation; also note that the fbi diabolically uses the site meter to torment the Target in the hope that the Target will succumb. Indeed the fbi uses terrorists, but these men and women are serial killers and psychopaths on the loose, operating in our country under the authority of the fbi and the cia.
[Note that officers in all three branches of government and all the candidates running for President of the uSA tremble at the notion of becoming targets of fbi/cia covert criminal operations of the type I outline; furthermore, one of the candidates (Bill Richardson) actually asserted his 'security clearance' as a major qualification for the highest executive office. The silence that followed his statement revealed that all the contenders are mind controlled and that, by implication, the fbi/cia have the final authority (via security clearances) over vital matters of the State. The candidates fail to see that the people, not the fbi/cia, own the nation and that the people have the right to dismiss all fbi/cia employees at will. Finally, due to fbi/cia continuing crimes against Humanity, the uSA continues on a dangerous course toward world condemnation and self destruction].
From Harlingen, Texas
September 13, 2008

Sosbee sends the following message to US POstal Inspector:
The fbi continues to steal my mail selectively. The latest: The court in LA sent me a notice to provide proof of my purchase of ENRON stock, so that I could file as a member of the class action and participate in the distribution. I mailed the proof (my federal tax return) inside the US Postal Office at Harlingen, Texas 78551, on or about September 7, 2008; also Fidelity Investments mailed to me proof of my purchase on the same date, so that I could forward same to the court administrator. My letter to the court and Fidelity's letter to me were stolen by the fbi as part of their ongoing efforts to destroy my life. Though this may appear minor to you, the fbi is torturing and harassing me 24/7 with high tech weaponry and low minded street thugs who enter the US Post Office and steal my mail at will. A few years ago the fbi also stole the VA application for free life insurance ($10,000 whole life cash benefit); the fbi kept the application for about 9 (nine) months, then sent me the nine month old notice of my right to the free VA Life Insurance. The fbi has also stolen other time sensitive mail to harass me.
I realize that you will do nothing because you are afraid of the fbi. This makes you and your bosses cowards. Long after I am gone, the US Postal Servive will live with the record of fraud, deceit, and cover ups that your staff has performed for the fbi over the past 10 years as I have documented. The above info is true and correct.
geral sosbee

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