Geral W. Sosbee: Snap Shot Series ,Part 1    
 Snap Shot Series ,Part 1
19 Sep 2007 @ 17:53, by Geral W. Sosbee

From Brownsville, Texas
October 26, 2006
This update is presented in four parts in order to distinctly separate the actions described herein:

A)Recently, the fbi repeats an assault which was previously used to prevent the Target (T) from access to a computer; see the following link for the details of the 2003 assault:
In a similar scenario the fbi sends two 'muchachas'into the library's computer room just before T's arrival; also, the handler or his representative is present in the room and possibly another anglo female. As T enters he avoids the trap and later confirms with a confidential source that in fact these two dimwits (ages between 16-18 years)attempted to have T banned from using the computer; the two pseudo "cuties" (one of whom was scantily clad; the other displaying a pretentiously precocious demeanor which belied the giggly, immature character beneath)were caught in a lie and their report was ignored. After the incident the fbi unlocked T's car doors as a reminder of the operation that just transpired.

For 2009 update on fbi's efforts to prevent T from use of a computer see:

B) On the evening of October 25, 2006, the fbi assaults T with extremely intense directed energy, causing the usual symptoms.
For 2009 update on psychoelectronic assaults see:

C) Over the past few weeks the fbi interferes with the *Sprint PCS phone by disabling the Vision (internet) services. T attempts on many ocassions to have the unit repaired by the Sprint technical services department; however, most of the representatives (rep)are unable to locate the cause of the Error # 500; instead of fixing the problem, Sprint reps begin responding to T with the usual, "the fbi is doing nothing to you". Finally, after several reps stated that T must continue to report the problem from a different phone (other than the malfunctioning Sprint PCS unit)a very competent, polite and conscientious rep fixed the problem overnight without T being on the line and without T's assistance in a so called 'trouble shooting process'. This same rep confirmed that the Error #500 is fairly difficult to address and only affects a small number of Sprint customers. T notes that the fbi has repeatedly disabled and otherwise interfered with the Sprint PCS unit for several years; when T spoke with the Sprint Corporate Security Office a few years ago, the rep stated that if the fbi is involved in any way, then Sprint can do nothing to stop the harassment. The fbi and the cia, in their usual gaslighting operations, almost always manage to fit their Target into a rarely noticed Error number, with respect to their hacking and disabling efforts. T meanwhile asks Sprint PCS reps to cease or refrain from insulting and ignorant statements such as , "the fbi is doing nothing to you".
* For more information on the failure of Sprint Corporation to honor its contractural obligations in the face of fbi activity, see parts 2,3,and 13 of "My Story In Detail" at,
See also:
D) The Target hereby informs the reader of these updates that the reader (and the public at large) are the real *victims of the fbi and the cia 'TORT U R ous' games, not Geral W. Sosbee ( T ). For T the waiting, the struggle to comprehend, the sorrow he feels for the people of the world, and the pain he endures at the hands of these little monsters , are small losses compared to the suffering of those who may follow; for they (T's successors) will face an even more ghastly array of mental dwarfs and remotely controlled weaponry than even this Target has come to recognize. For those who have no idea of the horror that may await selected Targets, perhaps these reports can better prepare their psyches for the ordeal. In any event the choices for the Target are tough ones, unless the Target may identify himself with the whole of Humanity and thereby universalize his suffering in a manner that removes T personally from the accompanying mood swings that may otherwise bring more tragedy into T's existence.
* Victims: those persons under attack by the government and those who fear that they could someday be targeted for terror.
From Brownsville, Texas
November 7, 2006
This evening at about 6:30 PM as Sosbee began to eat cereal in his home, he bit down on a small tack which had been placed by the fbi in the box of All Bran cereal; the tack was dark in color and was similar in size and color to the cereal in the box; Sosbee was in a hurry and very hungry, so he paid little attention to the usual precautions regarding inspection of food. The box of cereal had been in the apartment for about a month and he had previously consumed cereal from the same box. The fbi intended to send Sosbee to the hospital again, or possibly intended that Amiga swallow the tack; either way, the fbi delivered the message that their dirty tricks have only just begun and that the fbi would continue their assaults with even greater intensity and variety than ever before in efforts to silence the Target by whatever means necessary.No police report is filed because the Brownsville, Texas, Police Department is appropriately (as viewed from the eyes of the fbi overlords) incompetent and corrupt and therefore unable to process another crime report from Geral W. Sosbee.
From Harlingen, Texas
November 21, 2006
Sosbee often reports the continuing fbi ELF (or microwave )assaults and the subsequent notices of such assaults sent to him by the fools and cowards of the fbi. On the evening of November 20, 2006, the ELF assaults are extremely intense and cause great pain and sleep deprivation all night. Then, the next morning the fbi sends the confirmation of the assaults via the usual site meter entries as shown below:
Note that previously the fbi uses land based websites; now, howvere, the fbi is using a Satellite based method in order to make tracing of the user more difficult (or impossible).
Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
Referring URL [link]
Search Engine
Search Words sleepy assaults
Entry Page [link]
Exit Page [link]
Visitor's Time Nov 21 2006 8:09:42 pm
Sosbee writes: note that the entry and exit pages are the sleep deprivation page of the site, and that the search words are, "sleepy assaults".
The fbi and the cia thugs who engage in the low assignments (as set forth in my websites) actually believe that they are very tough, that their ability to destroy the lives and the sanity of the selected Targets is evidence of their mental powers and their heroic resolve to complete the assignments for the good of the uSA. This fbi tendency to rationalize their psychopathic behavior is widely seen by the fbi and cia bosses as an important and valuable trait of law enforcement and intelligence officers; after all , in accordance with their demented reasoning, the fbi must appear to the public to be meaner and stronger than the accused criminals whom they fight; the fbi and their sick and misguided police in all jurisdictions see themselves as overlords of the world, with mental resolve to destroy anyone , anytime, anywhere, and to do so for the "public good". The fbi thereby encourages and promotes violence for two purposes:
1) To justify their own existence to the media and the public, and
2) to confirm to themselves that their work (against the Target/Accused) renders them heroic and at the same time provides them with a false sense of self worth.

Thus, the public must begin to understand why so many well meaning persons around the world presently devise ways to show the fbi and the cia (and the uSA) that toughness of mind is not properly measured by violent propensities, but is more appropriately seen through an intelligent and humanitarian approach to issues facing all of mankind. The difficulty facing all of us is that the fbi/cia and their low associates and allies globally do not understand any language that is not based in violence, torture, destruction, etc. So, a few groups around the world succumb to the temptation to give the fbi, the cia and their colleagues exactly what they (the pseudo warriors of the uSA) understand and desire: massive violence.
From Brownsville, Texas
January 8, 2007
"fbi gone ballistics"

Recently the fbi fires a precision 22 caliber (low load) round into the windshield of Sosbee's car, causing a clearly defined bullet hole that did not fully penetrate into the vehicle; the purpose of the assault (which occurred while Sosbee was traveling at low speed in the downtown area of Brownsville, Texas) was to cause him to pay the deductible insurance amount (currently at $500.00) required to replace the windshield. In response Sosbee this date decreases the deductible to zero. This is the second time that the fbi sends out their sharpshooters trained in ballistics to damage the vehicle; the first instance occurred in Dallas, Texas, in about the year 1999 (at which time the fbi shattered the driver's side window using the same technique). As is customary in such pathological fbi terrorists' assaults , the fbi then sends Sosbee a message to replace the present windshield ; the message is subliminal and is sent via the site meter of
as shown below:

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
IP Address 64.12.117.# (America Online)
Referring URL [link] windshield%22
Search Engine
Search Words "public safety" texas "broken windshield"
Visit Entry Page [link]
Visit Exit Page [link]
Visitor's Time Jan 6 2007 9:48:45 pm

This information may be useful to others who may find that reporting such crimes by the nation's top law enforcement agency is difficult due to the incredibility associated with such gaslighting (with a bang) techniques.
From Harlingen, Texas
January 29, 2007
I receive many strange messages through e-mail and through the site meter of Some may be threats and others are sent by fools and sadists. This is the most recent e-mail:

This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ]
From: "Agatha F. Parrish" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Also, we treated another patient whose genetic disease caused vision damage.
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 14:31:42 -0800
From Matamoros, Mexico
January 31, 2007
Respiratory infection is confirmed in Sosbee the previous day by a M.D. in Brownsville, Texas, who says that the infection in the lungs has been brewing for an indefinite period of time.* Sosbee takes antibiotics as follows: 1 tablet daily for three days of Azithromycin (500MG),aka Zithromax. Walgreens prescription number 1481108-02896, dated 1-30-07, Brownsville, Texas. Also, for one week, Sosbee takes one tablet twice daily of Mucinex ( 600 mg guaifenesin) and one tablet daily of Claritin (10 mg). As of February 7, 2007, the Bronchitis problem seems to be under control.
See the following link for evidence of prior fbi planting of bacterial infection in Sosbee at a dentist`s office:
* Meanwhile, see:
From Brownsville, Texas
February 2, 2007
Over the past week the fbi enters Sosbee's vehicle and removes a part from the glove compartment mechanism, so that the handle falls off during opening. The fbi also remove the small screws from his sunglasses, so that the two prongs fall off when used.
As Sosbee prepares the forthcoming "Medical Clearance 2007" for inclusion in , the fbi assaults him with nausea inducing directed energy; meanwhile, the ELF assaults continue, as do the subsequent notices to Sosbee that he has again been attacked as reflected in the following site meter entry (note that the same site has been used in the past to send subliminal messages to Sosbee):

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
Search Words psychotronic defense
* Entry Page [link]
* Exit Page [link]
Visitor's Time Feb 2 2007 1:23:52 pm
*the links from the 'entry and exit' page above are to:
From Brownsville, Texas
February 3, 5,etc., 2007
Intense ELF assaults cause sleep deprivation last night. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most severe to date) the symptoms are guaged as a 9.
Sosbee now deduces that his immune system is severely affected by the effects of the sleep deprivation ( the ELF assaults). The bronchitis emerged, apparently, as a result of a weakened immune system which could not resist the bronchial assault.
For information regarding the February 18, 2007 statement on fbi interference with duties of Homeland Security, see article at this site , even date.
From Brownsville, Texas
February 27, 2007
Sosbee reports extensive and intense escalation of fbi assaults on his person. The ELF sleep deprivation intensifies causing serious disruption of normal functions (i.e. impossible to get out of bed) on this day. Theft of mail, interference with e-mail, and harassing inspections daily by the Mexican International Federal Police ).

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