Geral W. Sosbee: *Fraudulent and Cowardly Punks At Think Tanks Around the Country    
 *Fraudulent and Cowardly Punks At Think Tanks Around the Country
9 Sep 2007 @ 18:42, by Geral W. Sosbee

From brownsville, Texas
September9, 2007
This message is for:
Dr. Haleh Esfandiari and all there at the wilsoncenter.
(Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars)

Please note that your self-proclaimed great genius and pseudo-work is worthless to the victims of uSA sponsored torture, imprisonment and murder; for you (and your associates at public policy institutes across the land) have sold out your conscience for the comforts that the enemy of Mankind (united states of america) affords you for your slovenly work in the global public policy arena. While you suffer under the delusion that you love your work, many of you there at the wilsoncenter (and similar groups)are detestable to one another as you abandon a broader duty to all of Humanity to address and to correct (at least in theory) the ongoing worldwide bloodbath initiated by united states intelligence services (fbi/cia/nsa); you therefore are devoid of grace and are in fact abominations to the true intellectuals of our time who are in a war zone 24/7 at the direction of the torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia. You all thus are guilty of aiding and abetting (at least by your silence and indifference, if not by your active assistance to the hoodlums in power) in the outrageous commission of crimes against Humanity. History records your names as they should be recorded: as FRAUDS and COWARDS.
geral sosbee
*To my critics who say that calling names won´t change things I respond that these high flying frauds (and those who adore them) change things by the very names they call themselves (i.e.: scholars, thinkers); these fools change things by forcing others into submission unto their warped, depraved ideas and methods; remember that the public policy created by these political primadonas are the law of the land (though usually less visible than court decrees, statutes, and executive orders) . [Public policy, for example, prevents the reporting of fbi/cia covert criminal operations both foreign and domestic; at the same time, public policy encourages the fbi/cia's use of names, labels and other profiling atrocities to destroy Targets everywhere on earth]. Besides, I feel that much is in a name as I use it, especially when the name applies to those who pretend to serve the public good (and interest) while exclusively serving their own petty interests and those of the corrupt government which rewards them.I see nothing issuing from think tanks and public policy institutes regarding fbi/cia atrocities that I and others document; DO YOU! Finally, I use my methods, you yours; God´s speed to the righteous namecaller and may his heckler cease.
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