Geral W. Sosbee: 'Every child belongs to us': today's unsung fbi slogan    
 'Every child belongs to us': today's unsung fbi slogan
25 Jul 2007 @ 18:28, by Geral W. Sosbee


The fbi is now training youths in the art of deceit and destruction; the program has taken hold in the uSA and will also be employed worldwide in the near future. I refer to the fbi indoctrinated child as a Little Atrocity Doer (LAD) because the programming of the young mind by fbi assassins and torturers directly,adversely and permanently influences the child's view of the world and the child's role in it. After all the child is indeed the father of the man (Wordsworth).

The headline today:
"FBI runs hands-on camp in Erie
Article Last Updated: 07/25/2007 10:45:51 AM EDT"

As in the Hitler youth program of Nazi Germany the children of similar age groups are now being indoctrinated in fbi values, techniques, and political interests; the Jungmadelbund and the Deutsches Jungvolk of Hitler's Germany now have their counterparts in the fbi's youth movement where they receive some training in intelligence operations and where they also learn of fbi high-tech career opportunities therein. Thus, the uSA, under this fbi program, boldly seizes the minds of some LADs with the intent of turning them into fbi agents, operatives, thugs and murderers.In Hitler's own words we now see the fbi's own designs for our LADs:
"I want young men and women who can suffer pain. A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp's steel."
Note that in order to protect the LAD (who later becomes a Big Atrocity Doer,or BAD),
the fbi will need to provide them with aliases, because the global fascist efforts of the fbi and the cia will certainly not go unchallenged.Mothers Beware.
Finally, to the LADs I say this: When you someday awaken from the trance or the spell put upon you [by the torturers and hoodlums of the fbi] in your early and formative years,you may yet have time to redeem yourselves to mankind and to God by coming over to the side of the angels (as my friend Barbara Hartwell suggests) and by working for the improvement of all God's children, not just those with guns, laser weapons and sharp/forked tongues. However, LADs don't wait too long; never torture, imprison or kill your Brothers and Sisters, EVEN IF SUCH EMPLOYMENT MAY REMOVE YOU FROM *'PAUPER' STATUS; and do not expect the world to completely forgive you for selling out your soul to the dark forces associated with fbi and cia BESTIAL

Love.geral sosbee

* "Nearly everybody is a pauper who is not a Ruler." Plato.

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