Geral W. Sosbee: *washington d c indymedia corrupted by fbi/cia    
 *washington d c indymedia corrupted by fbi/cia
26 Jun 2007 @ 16:46, by Geral W. Sosbee


Recently, Washington D.C. Indymedia (hereinafter referred to as 'Wash') refused to publish my reports. Then, yesterday Wash again deletes my article, visits, and publishes in place of my article the statements quoted below.
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Washing D.C. Indymedia Is Corrupted by fbi/cia
25 Jun 2007
by geral sosbee
Deleted by the editors with code: Empty
Notes: P'wah, hah. I've seen your all-night speed-freak conspiracy theorist Web site. Failure to publish your "documentations" at the Washing DC (not a bad idea) Indymedia is an indication of your being a goddamn' k00k."
For more on the corruption of media see the following link from which the following statement is noted:
"But we all know how few micro-seconds it takes
a new reporter to learn what subjects are taboo and what are "safe",
and that experienced reporters don't have to ask."

*Wash's message to me is located at:

Wash states:
"The requested content was deleted with notes: P'wah, hah. I've seen your all-night speed-freak conspiracy theorist Website. Failure to publish your "documentations" at the Washington D C (not a bad idea) Indymedia is an indication of your being a goddamn' kOOk."

Sosbee states: Seldom does one have the opportunity to expose the very dangerous minds of internet publishers who claim to be independent; in this instance the Wash group admits (impliedly) through the above quoted material that Wash is run by propagandists,sycophants,cowards, and hate mongers. Yet, more importantly the above quoted message to Sosbee reflects the general corrupt tone in Washington D.C. where traitors and punks (like the author of the above quote) find haven under the protective umbrella of the murderers and torturers of the fbi and the cia. Wash is of no use to a free society, except to exemplify in its low and decadent methods the hideous nature of fbi and cia homicidal influences in our world.
*P.S.: Wash hastily removes the above link as soon as this article is published on other indymedia boards. The link that Wash is now afraid to show is formerly at:
http:// dc. indymedia. org/ newswire/ display /139579/ index. php..............
Also note that the Indymedia in Boston sends Sosbee the following message:
"" to me

Your article entitled "washington dc indymedia is corrupted by fbi/cia" has been hidden from the newswire by editor.
The hide code was: Policy Violation.

The article is still available at the original URL, or on the hidden newswire page.
Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions regarding this action.

Thank you, The IMC Editorial Collective.
More from the DC Indymedia Minderbinder who anonymously seeks to discredit
From Google Search Engine:

"DC Indymedia: newswireby geral sosbee. Hidden by the editors with code: Other Notes: I don't know what this guy's deal is. I went to the URL in the article and it's just this ... - 72k - Jun 27, 2007 - Cached - Similar pages ."

Chicago Indymedia also refuses to publish the above report on 'Washington D.C. Indymedia Corruption' and states:

"The requested content was deleted with notes".
LA Indymedia hides the same report:
"The following post has status hidden"
San Francisco Indymedia also hides the report.
Sosbee notes:
The Indymedia groups who refuse to publish my material are run by cowards and traitors; they use their so-called "Policy Standards" as a de facto
"wall of silence" to support the fbi and the cia in torture, forced suicides, and murder campaigns at home and abroad. The names of the leaders of these fraudulent indymedia groups will be published someday and we shall see the vested interests that control these hideous personalities. Mainstream media and many Indymedia groups share the same immoral bond that ultimately must be see as responsible (via cover ups, lies, and direct links with fbi/cia terrorists) for the torturing, imprisoning and killing of our Brothers and Sisters globally.
From Brownsville, Texas
July 2, 2007
The Washington D.C. Indymedia Group (hereinafter 'Wash')continues its harassing campaign against this writer. Note that a different reader asks the following question about the Wash group:"Is Indymedia DC Incapable Of Publishing Articles Which Expose FBI/CIA Corruption?"
See the question at:

Wash responds as follows to the above question:
"No, but Indymedia D C __ is__ capable of deleting whiny, ass-spanked conspiracy nutcake posts."
See the Wash statement at:

Sosbee responds to the cowardly fool at Wash who continues his demmented and disturbed diatribe:
Continue your guttural and anonymous verbal assaults; all the world is watching; Wash is washed up.
For More on this topic see:

Summary of article written by James F. Marino :
Thursday, June 28, 2007
"Is DC Indymedia Incapable Of Publishing Articles Which Expose FBI/CIA Corruption?
In Geral's case it was more than just the removal of his post. One of its moderators actually called him a Kook for simply stating his opinions."

From Brownsville, Texas
August 28, 2007

In a continuing display of institutional madness at Washington D.C. Indymedia the anonymous message (shown below) appears again as a kind of editorial attack on one of my reports (i.e.:US Judiciary serves the fbi and the cia.) at the following link:


"Hidden with code "Other"
(I don't know what this guy's deal is. I went to the URL in the article and it's just this mess of conspiracy stuff, his "personal story" that goes on forever -- with _updates_ -- real woo-woo stuff. The fact that it's designed like a pair of clown's pants doesn't help.)"
Regarding the ominous title,
anyone who tunes in to the corrupt fbi/cia/mosad controlled FOX News stations readily discovers the need to stop FOX from broadcasting, at least until the truthtellers have equal time on the air.


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