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 Seasons Greetings
20 Dec 2006 @ 19:55, by Geral W. Sosbee

I receive almost daily *messages of good cheer and tidings of joy from around the world; I also receive other messages of friendship from people who **contact me to let me know that they too seek peace on earth and good will toward men. I thank you all for your sharing this 2006 ****Christmas with me and I trust that you know the profoundly positive impact that your thoughtful communiqu├ęs have on my life. I am indeed rejuvenated with each such intimation as conveyed through my site at [link]



I also express my special thanks to Barbara Hartwell
for her continued support, even while she suffers from the painful effects of fbi and cia continuing assaults on her.

****Fractal generated by
Dr. John Hamal Hubbard
Dynamical Systems Laboratory, Cornell National
Supercomputer Facility and provided by


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