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As of December 7, 2006, Sosbee notices that the fbi and the cia have apparently corrupted the search engines, particularly *****Google and ***Yahoo. One piece of evidence of this undue influence on global search engines is seen in the failure of these two pretentious groups to consistently cover the fbi history book data described below. Yahoo has no coverage of the book, while Google shows sporadic and limited interest in the history book. As the people of the world discover that search engines have selectively abandoned their duties to provide fair and objective ****coverage of worthy information (especially from fbi and cia whistleblowers regarding fbi and cia crimes against Humanity ) these high flying wall street money makers must lose their clout as former leaders in the information technology sector. A summary of the fbi history book:

From Brownsville, Texas
December 4, 2006
The following data attempts to summarize the fbi history book wherein Geral Sosbee is featured on page 211:

See the fbi history book,"Society Of Former Special Agents Of The Federal Bureau of Investigation" . Published 1996 by Turner Publishing Company, 412 Broadway, P.O. Box 3101, Paducah, KY 42001-0121.
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 95-60549
ISBN: 1-56311-205-1


The FBI History Book contains an historical view of the FBI from its inception to the date of the publication of the book; the front cover shows the seal (with a badge) in gold of the Society Of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the inside cover shows another full page picture of the badge; page one of the book shows a full page picture of the same seal, as does page 2, with the added information of the title and the publisher; the back side of page 2 of the book shows the image of Hoover and his years of life; page 3 shows a full page, color photo of Hoover and page 4 shows more information about the publisher and a photo of the FBI building (stretching across pages 4 and 5); page four also shows the following additional data:
Historical Committee: George C. Moore, Donald E. Walker,
Fern C. Stukenbroeker;

Page 5 of the book also displays the table of contents, and page 6 has a forward by Dean Elson, wherein he explains the historical context of the book.
Then, on page 7, the publisher's president, Mr. Dave Turner, elaborates on the historical basis and significance of the book with repeated use of the word, 'history'.
Pages 8 and 9 show a photo of the historic year (1937) when the Society was founded; then, also on page 9, the seal of the Society appears as do the following words in large, bold print :


The introduction to the FBI History Book (referenced on contains on page 10 a full page, color seal that reads as follows:


The next page (p. 11)commences with the words:

H i s t o r y o f t h e FBI

Finally, from pages 35 to 69, the former special agents' stories are presented and then from page 71 to page 234 the book contains the individual biographies. The complete history of the fbi can only be understood by a careful study of the material not contained in the history book, as the life of Geral Sosbee ( as partially summarized in his website and at
[link] )
proves. For more see:
The following pages of Sosbee's website at contain legitimate references to the history book (as shown below) and all data in the history book (referred to below as 'book') have been confirmed and approved by the FBI and by the other agencies of the United States Government (i.e.: the Department of the Army); the first link below is to the Hoover appointment letter to Sosbee; the fifth link is to the message to Sosbee from Director Kelley:

See photo of J. Edgar Hoover- in book, page 3

referenced in book, page 211

[link] referenced in book, page 211

[link] referenced in book ,page 211

[link] photo of Director in book, page 254
For information regarding former fbi chief *William Webster, see the article at this site dated September 20, 2004. Note that Webster assisted the fbi assassins in 1978 in their efforts to neutralize Agent Sosbee. Webster is mentioned in the history book.

* For a photo of Mr. Webster see the actual fbi history book (page 29), summarized at:

For evidence of fbi/cia tampering with and control over Google Search Engine results see:
From Brownsville, Texas
December 15, 2006
Sosbee notices over the past few days that google changes its posture by now consistently including the fbi history book in the search engine; also, in an apparent effort to show its good faith, google now also carries (in its search engine) two versions of the [*same] above article entitled, "Google and Yahoo".
Sosbee responds:Thank you Google. g e r a l
As for Yahoo, well, I would not put much of my spare cash into their stock.As of December 22, 2006, Yahoo continues to pretend that the history book described above does not exist; perhaps Yahoo will begin to cover the book after Sosbee's death, or perhaps Yahoo will decide on its own authority the meaning of the word 'history' and the role of the fbi and the cia in the shaping (or controlling) of world events [if this be the case, then Yahoo converts from the clerical role of cyberspace librarian to the newly created status (approved by their fbi and the cia Handlers) of Dictator Of Archived Materials]; in any event Yahoo won't get away with the charade. I promise, geral sosbee.

and See:
From Brownsville, Texas
December 26, 2006
This date Yahoo places the photo of Robert Hanssen on the 'Yahoo Image Search for Geral Sosbee'. See:
So, the fbi and Yahoo now want the reader to see the photo of Robert Hanssen at the same time that the reader sees the image of Sosbee.
For more on Hanssen, See:
As Sosbee has pointed out Hanssen is probably innocent of the charges (forged against him by the fbi yahoos) ; the media make no effort to interview Hanssen because the fbi and the cia do not permit the truth to be told. Thus, the intelligence agencies of the uSA are in fact the heart and soul of the country and the fall of the uSA (into Totalitarian rule) is directly attributable to the massive corruption of our society in all major areas by these evil groups.
As for Yahoo, the nature of the beast (with the less than human mentality) can best be seen in the 'yahoo' characters presented in the book Gulliver's Travels (J. Swift); or the reader can simply make a long and serious study of the violent historical background of the mental dwarfs of the fbi and cia (and their underlings, such as those in Yahoo, Inc.) for a more contempoary view of their absurd and unacceptable antics.
Finally, Sosbee accepts the perverse actions of Yahoo as suggested herein and seizes this opportunity to announce that Mr. Hanssen indeed has a friend/associate in Geral Sosbee; see:
Google is redeemed as of September 18, 2007, as the internet search engine LEADER now includes documentation of the history book at:
At the time the following photo was taken, the fbi synthesized kidney stone was forming within Sosbee; twelve hours later Sosbee would collapse from the painful effects of the kidney stone.
From Harlingen, Texas
July 8, 2008

MSN.COM now deletes from its search engine reference to the home page of Geral Sosbee,
This intentional misrepresentation of the website of this reporter reflects the fbi/cia control over MSN.COM, or alternatively such sneaky action represents the corruption of MSN.COM's staff and owners who seek to cover up the global crimes by the fbi & cia that I and others present through our home pages, etc.

July 10, 1008
This date the MSN staff correct the above described fbi/cia hacking episode.
As of today (March 2, 2009) Yahoo prevents Sosbee from posting on any Yahoo message board; for more see:
See fbi apparent manipulation of Google search engine results (scroll down):
*Note that as of August 5, 2009, Turner Publishing Company ( the publisher of the fbi history book in 1996 ) now in apparent association with the fbi assassins remove from public display the page number 211 (page 230 on the former internet display) where Sosbee (and nine others) are featured.

Turner Publishing Company states:
"No Preview Available For This Page"

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