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 the parable of the fox in the hen 'House'
7 Nov 2006 @ 17:16, by Geral W. Sosbee

From Brownsville, Texas
November 7, 2007
Little Noticed and Ominous Headlines:

"FBI steps up probes of politicians, might run sting

Chicago Tribune - Nov 06 5:12 AM
The new chief of the FBI's criminal division, which is swamped with public corruption cases, says the bureau is ramping up its ability to catch crooked politicians and might run an undercover sting on Congress. "

"Bill would put all warrants in FBI system

Boston Globe - Nov 07 1:08 AM
Governor Mitt Romney filed legislation yesterday that would require local police departments to put all felony and serious misdemeanor arrest warrants into a national FBI database. This would enable any police department in the state to check quickly whether a suspect has a recent history of troublemaking or violence, the governor's office said. "

Sosbee writes:

All "troublemaking" is a new category of federal offenses and subjects the accused to a new and non erasable label . The corrupt police in all jurisdictions can now destroy or otherwise 'set up' any person who discloses governmental atrocities or misconduct. Troublemakers beware.See:

In concert with the ever increasing and far reaching authority of the federal authorities over all local law enforcement, the fbi and the cia now expand their menacing presence inside the halls of the legislature (a formerly separate and now unequal branch of government which had originally been established to safeguard the constitutional rights of the citizens against possible abuses by the other branches of government). The parable of the fox in the hen house (the foxes being the fbi and the cia thugs, referred to below as foxies) takes on a new meaning as the foxies enter the House [of Representatives] to force (by blackmail or threat of arrest) compliance upon the high flying hens:

The foxies now enjoy a kind of free for all frolic at the funny farm where the hen house (occupied by congress and the courts) has become a very dirty and corrupt culture removed from the rest of the world by the luxuries afforded the occupants therein; the fbi and the cia turn this House stench to their political advantage ( See:
[link] )
and to the detriment of the general population. On the outside, the sitting ducks go about their lives, largely unaware that soon they too may be targeted (around the globe) for imagined offenses (such as trouble making, or activism) in all jurisdictions and in all countries; the foxies after all now enjoy by their global reach a certain unimpeachable authority wherever their guile may take them.See:

Indeed, many sitting ducks are now being clothed in fox attire and receive pay and other benefits from their ruthless benefactors (the fbi and the cia shrewd foxies). As expected therefore, as one glances at the broader landscape, many sitting ducks are now living in prisons, in war zones , or in poverty, all at the direction of the foxies and their little rat companions (i.e. foxies clothed as ducks but imbued with the minds of rats).

Those sitting ducks who have not yet attracted the attention of the foxies are oblivious to the suffering all around them; for they have their lucrative employment, their comfortable dwellings, their fancy vehicles, and their health benefits (and other perks) to keep them mesmerized. These hypnotized sitting ducks sometimes violently attack their brethren who may from time to time try to highlight the great suffering brought about by the liars and traitors who constitute the band of frolicking foxies and their little rat companions.

In essence today, only the disenfranchised and the imprisoned ostensibly stand to gain anything by attacking the standards established by the foxies. The vast numbers of sitting ducks refuse to see the encroaching enslavement of their kind for all times , as forecast by the troublemakers. Never mind that the foxies are themselves murderers, torturers and terrorists; never mind that the future of the world and indeed the destiny of the human species is presently being shaped and defined by the lowest form of human intellect as reflected in the characers of these foxies. The sitting ducks thus leave to their offspring the ever worsening task of dealing with the miscreant foxies and their little rat associates.

For now, the foxies are in complete control; and for as long as the sitting ducks at large remain lethargic in the face of widespread suffering and chaos, the concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are long forgotten and unfulfilled promises once concocted in the hen house for the purpose of appeasing the troublemakers.

* [link]

** [link]
The indymedia ireland banned and made unavailable the above article for the reason quoted below :

"Document Not Available
Sorry, this story has been removed due to a possible breach of the editorial guidelines and is under review by the editorial group. If you think that this story should be allowed to remain on the newswire, please check our editorial guidelines and if you think that your article does not breach any of these guidelines, you can contact the editorial collective to make your case. "
[Sosbee responded to the sender as follows: permission from cowardly fools to publish.......NOT.]

[As of June 1, 2008, the Indymedia Ireland prevents all publication of Sosbee's material.]

Indymedia Switzerland at [link]
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fbi/cia world inhumane domination.the fox is in the hen Hous - geral sosbee 2006-11-09 21:51

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From Brownsville, Texas
November 9, 2006
On the evening of the 8th of November the fbi assaults Sosbee intensely with sleep assaults, apparently in retaliation for the above article; then, the fbi deletes an update from this site and blocks the site so that Sosbee cannot post any new updates until now (after the libray administrator unblocks the site). The fbi then sends Sosbee a notice that he was assaulted, as shown in the fbi's visit to

From Brownsville, Texas
November 9, 2007

[The following update was deleted by the fbi yesterday, or today]:
Yesterday, as Sosbee was busy posting the "fox in the hen house" article at various message centers around the world, the fbi repeatedly delivered nausea producing directed energy 'assaults' while Sosbee was at the key board; then, the fbi sends Sosbee a message, simultaneous with the assaults, that he is being assaulted. See the message at the site meter entry below:

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
By Referrals Visit Detail
IP Address 204.38.141.# (Northwestern Michigan College)
State : Michigan
City : Traverse City
Time of Visit Nov 8 2006 2:01:37 pm
Search Words assaults
Visit Entry Page //www.sosbeevfb///...art4-..///increasedp.html
Visit Exit Page //www.sosbeevfb//...art4-...///increasedp.html

From Brownsville, Texas
November 11, 2006
At about 1:AM on November 10, 2006, the fbi began interrupting the service on Sosbee's Sprint PCS phone, causing an audible notice each time; then, after about an hour of the notices (by flip on/off sound) Sosbee tried to sleep. The directed energy assaults continued into the next day; Sosbee deduces that the fbi is a bit concerned about sending subliminal messages of torture via the site meter entries (as documented in many of these updates); so, the fbi uses a new method (interruption of power to cell phone) to notify Sosbee that he is being assaulted. Such notices (or other memorabilia left at the scene of the cimes) to the victim of psychopathic and macabre criminals are not unusual (as well documented in the professional journals of psychiatric and forensic medicine). This means that the fbi and the cia (as documented by Sosbee in the past 10 years in the non-consensual cover research and other co-intel programs against Sosbee)turn loose on the population of the world some very, very sick human beings,...thus another reason to study the reports by our Brothers and Sisters under seige....

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