Geral W. Sosbee: My message to: Rice, Boulton, Cheney on Iran    
 My message to: Rice, Boulton, Cheney on Iran
30 Mar 2006 @ 19:22, by Geral W. Sosbee

Nervous tension is reflected in the following headline statements by U.S. leaders:

Rice: World United Against Iran in Dispute .
Hawk John Bolton: the US will use all tools at its disposal.
Cheney:Israel might act first and "let the rest of the world worry about picking up the diplomatic pieces afterwards" *.
Sosbee responds: Careful girls , the world presently does not accept your (or the fbi/cia) menacing plans to subjugate the people of Earth (after all, if you for example put a gun to my head and ask for my cooperation and allegiance to your evil agenda, guess what I would do).

As for Cheney's irresponsible innuendos regarding the Jewish State's apparent threats of attack: You seem to shoot (now from the mouth regarding war, then from the shotgun regarding your real life recklessness) striking your own friends in the face (both at home literally and abroad figuratively)without asking yourself "why" ; try picking up their pieces, mR. Vice .

To Bolton I must say : you little sir, are a broken sparrow;watch and I will show you the meaning of the word, "Hawk" .

Rice- those who take you seriously are as befuddled as you and your boss.

Back to the topic:Any incendiary rhetoric (such as that quoted above)issuing from your mouths simply feeds the fires of distrust, over your inhumane global intentions, emanating from every corner of the globe. You three characters quoted above (and the reference to the Israeli 'act') invite the scorn of all nations who see the threats as another symptom of the uSA's hopelessly failed leadership.
* The same was said in Viet Nam; where were y'all during that bloodbath?

Ask not what you country can do for you; ask what your country can do TO you!

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