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 Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized...
12 Oct 2005 @ 18:53, by Geral W. Sosbee

...hereby responds to the global telecast on October 11, 2005, by Oprah Winfrey (popular billionaire media mogul) who offers to assist (with resources and money) the fbi to track down, slander, and imprison individuals (many of whom are presumed innocent by law) on the fbi's most wanted list.
To those so hounded by Oprah and the fbi , please see

To all readers everywhere:

The above described *national witch hunt represents in my opinion a **"Real Life Dawn Of The Living Dead", starring Oprah Winfrey (leader of the creepy pack) , her lynch mob supporters and the fbi, all with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide opening and evil proclivities protruding.
The real criminals,torturers and assassins in the fbi and the cia laugh as Oprah and her followers act out their hateful impulses against the accused. The Worldwide Network Of Friends Of the Accused And Terrorized must end the dirty campaign begun by ostentatious Oprah. The blood, pain and misery of any innocent Target (of the Oprah rampage) is forever on the hands of these sociopathic zombies. The compromise of the legal rights of all Targets is the direct responsibility of all who follow Oprah into the abyss of misanthropy. Sosbee's message: stop it Oprah !
This update does not represent legal advice.
October 14, 2005: In response to "Oprah's Child Predator Watch List, " the following is the Universal Predator/Goon list/tribe: Oprah Winfrey, all supporters of Oprah's possibly unlawful vigilante posse, all fbi agents (and their operatives, punks, thugs, assassins, and supporters),and all citizens who fear these low life hatemongers on the goon list.
See: [link]
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June 16, 2006
geral sosbee writes:

The Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized
hereby gives notice to all goons , who represent metaphorically the **'the living dead' among us, that the most intelligent and informed individuals within the general population of the United States (and around the world) do not desire to live next door to 'the living dead ,' i.e., those who are identified as goons herein , including those who stalk and otherwise prey upon popular Targets (some of whom the goons say that they do not want as neighbors).

The following recent headlines help further define the goons as those who seek to label, condemn, and possibly kill some of the most heroic and worthy human beings alive today (note that the authors of the two articles partially excerpted below and anyone who supports them are goons and history records them as such):

1)Posted on Fri, Jun. 16, 2006
"No perverts need apply
The Kansas City Star
No one would relish living next door to a sex pervert.
So it’s easy to see where this new Lenexa subdivision might be popular. You know the one I’m talking about — where they’re going to refuse residency to anyone on the sex offender registry."
2)By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY
Fri Jun 16, 7:29 AM ET
"Private housing developers are joining a surging number of communities that are telling convicted sex offenders who need a place to live: "Not in my backyard."
A Texas-based company, I&S Investment Group, is breaking ground this summer on a 154-lot development in Lenexa, Kan., that will bar registered sex offenders. If someone is convicted of a sex crime while living there, the subdivision will fine the person $1,500 daily until he or she moves. The group has sold out all 150 lots in its first such development in Lubbock, Texas, begun 10 months ago, and plans to offer 250 more lots there this fall."

Geral Sosbee writes: * The national witch hunt has now become a commercially profitable exploitation (much like the current criminal justice system) of innocent persons who have every legal and moral right to live wherever they please; at the same time the general public is led to believe that by forming local and community goon squads as reflected in the above cited pathetic articles, they (the newly inaugurated goons) may benefit materially and financially from the practice of condemning targeted individuals.
Paradoxically, the growing numbers of those targeted for torture and condemnation will soon benefit (in unexpected ways) from the public exposure of the sociopathic goons and zombies who are on the media band wagon reflected in the two articles. Furthermore, all who invest in , or who seek to profit by, the commercial exploitation of our targeted brothers and sisters (in the manner described by the above cited misguided authors as well as the authors of similar articles around the country) are now seen as examples of the living dead because they and their followers (unlike the rest of us) proudly and vacantly strut their feeble and decadent mindsets (in the media and in the narrow confines of their closed communities) with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide opening, and evil proclivities protruding. To the goons, I advise as follows: You are all quite easy to spot as members of the Universal Predator Goon Tribe. Your demise is contagious; stay away from the living, for you surely have nothing to offer in your present form. Thank you for identifying yourselves, and I will pray that you awaken from the dead and join mankind in the more appropriate and universally acceptable behavior sometimes characterized by acts of intelligence, love, compassion, understanding, and brotherhood. You fingerpointers have become by your own despicable conduct most deserving of universal contempt.

A word of caution: What you do to others will inevitably be done to you (or those close to you), partially as a result of your own willingness to be manipulated and partially by the effects of the events you set in motion against others.
For more information, please see:

From Brownsville, Texas
September 26, 2006
The tactics employed by the uSA's psychopaths (i.e.: fbi/cia maniacs) are destined to boomerang on our own citizenry (viz: 911 in response to uSA bombings of innocents globally over the past 100 years). Indeed, the efforts by uSA's homicidal fools to show their toughness can be seen in today's headlines:

Tiscali - Sep 26 2:43 AM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - "The CIA officer who led the first American unit into Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001, attacks said on Wednesday that his orders included an unusual assignment: bring back Osama bin Laden’s head on ice."
Sosbee writes:
All such nasty orders (as quoted above) from the uNITED sTATES of aMERICA now serve as a prolepsis of the kind of atrocities that we may expect soon to be used against US.
Finally, due to the increasing numbers of persons targeted for torture, imprisonment by the fbi/cia (and other groups) I predict a new game show for the American people who permit the united states government to engage in atrocities at will:
The game is called, " Will the real terrorist ( and Osama bin Laden) please stand up." I and perhaps a hundred million others in time respond: "I am Osama bin Laden."

All above statements are the opinion, not legal advice, of geral sosbee.

Warning: Adult Content.see:

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" I suspect that all the crimes
committed by all the jailed criminals
do not equal in total social damage
that of the crimes committed against them"
Karl Menninger, M.D.
The Crime Of Punishment
The Viking Press, NY, 1969

"The laws are like cobwebs: where the small flies are caught, and the great break through"

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