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 Constitution of by and for the people of the United States
12 Sep 2005 @ 20:51, by Geral W. Sosbee

AP -
WASHINGTON - "Supreme Court nominee John Roberts said Monday that justices are servants of the law, playing a limited government role...."

John Roberts' words quoted above contradict the fundamental premise of the one document that is in theory the supreme law of the land, that the government (in all three branches) is created by, for, and of the people and that the Bill of Rights requires judicial activism at all times in order to secure the blessings of liberty implied in those rights. As we have learned at great cost, eternal vigilance is the price of freedom (as Lincoln says) and the long absence of such vigilance in the United States is in part the doing of the United States Supreme Court Justices over the past fifty years. Furthermore, the so-called limited role of the justices which Roberts pompously and confidently touts is designed to allow continued fascist rule by the very corrupt politicians who fail in their duty to serve the people and who instead pass inhumane laws for the purpose of insuring that the people stay oppressed.
The idea that a Justice serves only the law is abhorrent to all who seek redress of this nation's continuing injustices. The Supreme Court is no longer of any use to the people if the Roberts' statement is fact.

On April 27, 2008, Justice Anthony Scalia states on the program "60 Minutes" that torture of an accused or suspect is not 'punishment' and therefore does not violate the constitutional mandate against "cruel and unusual punishment". Thus, Scalia implies that the current torture of Sosbee and others by the fbi/cia is tacitly approved by the highest court in the uSA. Sosbee will not attempt to further analyze the insane and convoluted reasonings of Scalia; his silly and pompus disreagrds for Humanity (and the inalienable Rights of all living persons) speak volumes, as he also (in a different context) states that a condemned person being executed has no constitutional guarantee that he will be executed by a pain free method of killing.

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