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 The Corrupt Judiciary of the United States
18 Aug 2005 @ 16:55, by Geral W. Sosbee

The following information represents the opinion of Geral Sosbee and is submitted for educational purposes and for the record. Each judge named herein may be acting in a perfectly normal and legal manner and Geral Sosbee could be wrong in all of his statements as set forth below. For my view of the global significance of this update see:
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Also, note the following headlines:
Associated Press
Published December 7 2005
NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- A federal appeals court denied a newspaper's seven-year-old request Tuesday for internal Justice Department documents regarding FBI agents who made false statements on sworn affidavits.

*Pervasive Corruption and Terrorist Culpability in the
Federal Courts of the United States of America

Over the past several years, during which time I have been continuously and systematically assaulted by the fbi and the cia goon squads around the world, I have documented by uncontested evidence (submitted to various federal courts) high crimes and misdemeanors by agencies of the United States government (see the Affidavit-2005 for summary at [link] ) ; in many instances I have also documented actions and inactions by various judges which indicate apparent cover-up of the very crimes that I and others seek to uncover in courts for the good of the nation and the world. Occasionally, the courts have impliedly threatened me with sanctions , if I appeal their oppressive rulings. In every instance of perceived judicial incompetence and possible criminality of the judges on these federal courts , I believe that these judges and so-called justices are responsible for aiding and abetting the global terrorist activities of the fbi and the cia by unlawfully ruling at every turn in their favor . See for example ,
[link] .
In all instances in the cases set forth herein , my pleadings have been summarily thown out of court hastily in order to prevent the airing of the truths regarding crimes committed by the fbi and the cia. Not a single court attempted to inquire about the covert and illegal operations of the fbi and the cia. Some of the courts that I now indict for their conspiratorial roles as set forth herein include the following:

Los Angeles Federal District Court, Judge Manuel L. Real, Federal District Court 05910-R, 7-6-2000.See:
For specific evidence of the corruption of Judge REAL,
See article dated June 22, 2007, by Geral Sosbee, entitled, " REAL CORRUPTION ."

Federal Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Judges Kozinski, T.G. Nelson, Tallman, 00-56179, 7-9-01.
See [link] .
See also:
United States Supreme Court, All Justices 534US894,10-1-01.
See: [link]
See also: [link]

Merit Systems Protection Board Administrative Judges as set forth below:

JoAnn M. Ruggiero (NY 752B05026621), 2005; this judge perfunctorily and prejudicially glanced at parts of, then dismissed as irrelevant all evidence therein, knowing that she would also soon advise the fbi how to win summary judgment in the matter before the court.
Anthony L. Ellison (SF 0831020133-I-1), 2002
U. Sidney Cornelius, Jr. ( DA 0831040499-I-1 (2004)
Neil A.G. McPhie and Barbara J. Sapin (DA -0831040499-I-1), 2005

Today the courts with their prima donna judges anxiously and admittedly protect the fbi and the cia from responsibility for their crimes (see the Rodriguez case at [link] ). See also [link] . The result of the corruption of the United States Judiciary is the surrender of all peoples of the world unto a cowardly group of fools who now have the authority to give blanket pardon to the real criminals among us : the fbi, cia, the DOJ and similarly motivated agencies, all of whom participate in the new expansion of the 'torture industry.'
The fascist standards established by the government of the United States of America under the tyrranical and corrupt grips of the fbi and the cia and their subordinate federal courts are hereby noted as addendum to the website
Regarding JoAnn M. Ruggiero mentioned above, on this date I sent a motion for her to recuse from hearing my case for the following reasons:
case number NY752B05026621
password code for filing electronic pleadings: 4746416
Unprofessional conduct and bias against Sosbee (hereinafter " Appellant" ) by inviting the Agency (DOJ and fbi) to assert an equitable defense to Appellant's claim of duress; the Court is well aware that in order for a party to legitimately seek equitable relief, that party must do equity and be fair in all dealings. The central feature of the case brought by the Appellant (with overwhelming evidence) is fbi and DOJ corruption and terrorist practices (including attempted murder, torture, fraud, perjury, etc), and sufficient evidence is presented to the Court to preclude any viable assertion by DOJ for court ordered equitable relief.
The Court also permits the attorney for the DOJ to lie, to attack ad hominum the Appellant and to falsely characterize Appellant's pleadings as 'bizzare', 'disingenuous', and lacking 'one iota of evidence'.
The Court abandones all decorum by ignoring all the evidence in support of Appellant's claims.
The Court serves the interests of the intelligence communty, not the interests of Justice, by aiding the DOJ and the fbi to avoid and cover up responsibility for their atrocities; for this the Appellant suggests to the Court that failure to recuse may constitute a criminal offense given the outrageous conduct of the judge in this case.
The above information does not represent legal advice.
geral sosbee
______________ __________________
As of November 23, 2005, the fbi manipulates a federal magistrate (or other judge) into ordering continuous poisonings of Sosbee at every opportunity. This currently anonymous judge and the secret laws that permit the tyrants to engage in such abominations are in part responsible for the fall of the U.S. government into a fascist and inhumane state.
P.S.: Thankfully, this year has been good to me by delivering at a critical time messages of support from thousands of keen intellects and sensitive hearts worldwide .
See the site meter daily at (also note simultaneous hate and death messages ).

*Among the many offenses committed by the above named judges is the one at 18 U.S.C. Section 4 (misprision of felony); the Texas State officials mentioned in the website ( may be similarly charged under the same statute , or under Tex. Penal Code Section 38.171.
This info does not represent legal advice.
See Also:
Headlines,AP, 6-26-06:
"Alito breaks tie, Kan. death penalty
law is constitutional [and is not] cruel and unusual."
Sosbee writes: the death penalty is by definition cruel and unusual and Alito's stand in support of killing our brothers and sisters reflects his hideous character.

For more on america's corrupt and cowardly courts see the following site from which this statement is quoted:
" I've written a ...paper... which shows how the courts have bent the rules for the CIA, creating new legal theories that other agencies are now keen to use to protect their own secret information." Paul Wolf.
Sosbee submits that to the extent that the judges/justices/courts cover up the atrocities committed by the fbi, cia and others, these arrogant government officials on the Bench are torturers. See:

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