Geral W. Sosbee: Writ of Habeas Corpus- A working rough draft, not to be used    
 Writ of Habeas Corpus- A working rough draft, not to be used
26 Jun 2005 @ 19:05, by Geral W. Sosbee

The following form of a hypothetical writ of habeas corpus is a working draft and should not be used , except for educational purposes, because specific data such as individual circumstances of the accused/convicted and the location of court to which the potential writ is directed are missing; other elements of the draft are also too vague for submission, but the idea is to learn how to bring to the attention of the proper court (and ultimately as well to the people of the world) the inhumane and corrupt methodologies of the criminal justice system which is dominated by the terrorists and the assassins of the fbi and the cia. The information below does not represent legal advice.
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In The United States District Court
In The Matter of the Application of Iam Inocente
for a Writ of Habeas Corpus

Comes now the Petitioner, Iam Inocente, pro se, and hereby moves this Court, pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, to issue a Writ of Habeas Corpus. In support of the motion the Petitioner shows and alleges as follows:
...that Petitioner Iam Inocente is being illegally and unlawfully imprisoned by prison guards, the warden, law enforcement officers and others;
...that Petitioner was arrested, tried and convicted of offenses that he did not commit, that evidence introduced in the trial was fraudulently obtained, or was fabricated, and that exculpatory evidence was suppressed at the direction of the FBI, its agents, operatives, handlers and professional assassins and liars (including law enforcement officers and their informants at the local, state and federal levels);
...that any search or arrest warrant issued as a predicate for charges against the Petitioner were obtained by fraud, perjury, or manufactured evidence and that any exculpatory evidence was suppressed at trial by the FBI, its agents, operatives, handlers and professional assassins;
...that Petitioner's attorney was ineffective in that the counsellor did not properly investigate the fraud and corruption that permeates the government's case against the Petitioner;
...that any statement, or any lack of statements, by Petitioner which may have been interpreted by the government as an alleged admission, was in reality evidence of coercion and further that the illegal and inhumane tactics employed by the government were designed to cause an innocent person to be cast in an unfavorable light;
...that mind control or remote human behavior influence technology was used by the government in efforts to provoke a defensive or involuntary response from the Petitioner who is not familiar with the advanced high technology used against him, but who is certain that such was in fact employed;
...that the Petitioner has been denied the constitutional protections of due process;
...that in support of this application, the Petitioner hereby incorporates by reference and hereby makes a part herein for all purposes as though fully reproduced herein the contents of the Affidavit of Geral W. Sosbee, dated June 15, 2005, and located at :
Wherefore the Petitioner prays that a Writ of Habeas Corpus may issue and that the Court grant same without delay.
Dated this 26th day of June, 2005.
Signed Iam Inocente____________________________
Sworn and subscribed to before me on this 26th day of June, 2005.Signed__________________________________
Notary Public
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