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 *** U.S. Scientific Research For Global Governance
25 May 2005 @ 19:56, by Geral W. Sosbee

The following represents my opinion and is based on years of experience as a human experimentee of the us government:

Non-consensual human research is a euphemism for a torture campaign so horrible in its design and implementation that most individuals (not familiar with it) refuse to acknowledge its use or its possible existence. The *Target is under constant surveillance and assault and may have a tracking device implanted in the body and is subjected to a wide variety of psychological operations (including the injections into the body of chemicals, viral and bacterial infections, and psychoelectronic assaults, etc.)which are all intended to force the Target to commit **suicide, or to otherwise flee for his life . See:
See also:
The US department of justice, the cia and the fbi, the department of health and human services and other agencies are privy to the program, and the US congress tacitly approves such activity in the name of national security; the courts have no interest in the wholesale violations of constitutional and human rights inherent in the program, and the president of the US authorizes the research by a wink and a nod or by executive order.
The companion research tool to non-consensual human experimentation is more purely scientific; that is to say that researchers and scientists seek at once to 1) map the human brain and 2) catalogue genetic characteristics of individual experimentees with regard to specific qualities; often siblings are subjected to the research when genetic samplings of more than one member of the family are needed for verifications of codings and comparative analyses thereof. The end result of such is to identify those genetic characteristics most often associated with genious/insanity/retardation/aggression,etc, so that the global genetic data bank can screen out all potential threats to new world order (nwo) political standards.

Of particular interest to the geneticists are the correlations between intellectual and intuitive abilities on the one hand and the kind of activism or non-conformity to public policy dictates that could threaten political stability , on the other hand.
The global design of the new world order discounts today the military domination of all nations; the scientific inroads towards a kind of purification of the species (consistent with the dogma of the new world order kingpins) means that the future of mankind as a thinking,intuitive,and creative individual is directly determined and defined by the scientists of the nwo government.Thus the unnecessary killings by so-called wars of millions of people over centuries of conflict are simply a prologue to the real horror awaiting our species.
* This Target reports that he has suffered a kind of emotional 'drawing and quartering' in a metaphoric sense and that he presently seeks to recover from the effects of the abuse though the wherewithal to do so (as the torture campaign continues) is illusive.
geral sosbee May 26, 2005.
However, this Target is invigorated at the realization that the fbi and the cia (and their hundreds of attackers against this one person over the past decade) is historically viewed as puny and degenerative as compared to the increasing influence in exponential terms of the work of geral sosbee.
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**For more on current events, see:
Special annotation, March 25, 2006, from Brownsville, Texas, by geral sosbee:
Some of the assaults (both physical and psychological) are difficult to describe because of the personal and private nature of the intrusions. The chip implanted in this Target allows the fbi and the cia to track him and at the same time to monitor his pulse, heart beat, etc.
----Now, pay close attention: if the Target attempt an intimate experience, the fbi monitors him/her in real time on the computer screen which reflects the data regarding vital signs , even though the Target may be under the cover , and at the same time the fbi observes this Target via the wireless surveillance technology (which covers 24/7 the Target's activities in home, car , and any other appropriate locations).Thus no activity is unavailable to the monstrous monitors; the next day the fbi sends a messge to the Target (usually via the site meter, or by tampering with the Target's vehicle, or additional poisonings) indicating that the Target's conduct is not acceptable; the most recent example of this type of messaging occurred recently as the fbi reminds the Target of the ability to conduct "fbi undercover" operations anywhere , anytime. The high tech devices used by these torturers offer the world a new interpretation of the idea of "fbi undercover" investigations.
Thus, this Target deduces that the overall purpose of the conditioned response techniques employed against him is to drive him insane. This update offers a glympse of the fbi and the cia use of low life thugs and tormentors and the high tech gadgetry that provides them with tools of their trade (i.e.:to destroy the life and sanity of the Target). After nearly a decade of such aggressive hostilities against this Target, no end is in sight; this observation in and of itself is exactly anticipated by the fbi and the cia in their overall evaluation of the effects of their assaults on the mind of the Target. Finally, this Target embraces the trauma put upon him as a kind of learning experience which may be of use to future generations.Thank you.
and also see:
See Also:
The Invisible personnel and criminal life control surveillance system

A Nation In Denial , Part 1
America is a nation in denial. There are things no major publication dares to print, no major broadcaster dares to discuss. Working largely through dummy "private" agencies, American military and intelligence authorities are violating human rights with absolute impunity, using 21st-Century technology to advance an inhuman, totalitarian agenda. Those who know won't speak. Those who speak are not heeded. Those who hear do not listen. Those who listen will not act."
Article # 88 , this site
Date: 10 Dec 2005 @ 19:30
By: Geral Sosbee
Titled: Killing of Hostages, a fbi/cia Sponsored/Permitted Atrocity
For definition of "torture" see:
*** See united states government message to Sosbee that the us government is torturing him with the sleep deprivation technology:

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