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 the french connection
12 May 2005 @ 20:45, by Geral W. Sosbee

Now enter the fbi's French connection whose goal is to discredit by encyclopedic definition the victims of fbi, cia (inter alia) torture campaigns; the entry on my site, is as follows:

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* see message from perhaps the same cowardly Frenchman.
The apparent interest of the Frenchman is the following passage from my site which the Frenchman made sure that I see:

Mise à jour Spéciale Janvier 5, 2002:

L'information suivante représente l'opinion de Geral W. Sosbee et n'est pas prévue en tant qu'avis juridique.
For the English version see: [link]
The apparent message to the Target from the Frenchman is as follows:
paranoia (pr'ənoi'ə) , in psychology, a term denoting persistent, unalterable, systematized, logically reasoned delusions, or false beliefs, usually of persecution or grandeur. In the former case the paranoiac creates a complex delusional system that purports to show that people want to hurt him; in the latter, he sees himself as an exalted person with a mission of great importance. Other types of delusions include somatic delusions, as in the case of hypochondria, and jealous delusions. The term paranoia was first used by German psychiatrist Karl L. Kahlbaum in 1863. The condition, often known as delusional disorder, is found among individuals suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, paranoid personality disorder, and any of several paranoid disorders. Minor instances of paranoia are also commonly found among older people. Most individuals who suffer from some form of paranoia tend to be suspicious of the motives of others, leading them to be hypersensitive, tense, and argumentative. Jealousy and vengeful emotions are also common, and can lead to violent confrontation in the most severe cases. In most paranoid delusions, the individual believes that there is a pattern to random events which is somehow connected to him. Individuals with paranoid schizophrenia often suffer from delusions in conjunction with more severe symptoms, such as hallucinations.
sosbee to the would be perpetrators who intend to discredit victims of government sponsored torture and murder around the world: the textbook definition does not apply to true reporters of atrocities; my reports are fully documented in case law, personal experiences (logs) and scientific evidence.The job of the apparent French critic of such Targets is to discount all the evidence presented by the Target, then to suggest that the Target is insane. Such an endeavor as yours, Mr. Frenchman, is at once barbaric, cruel, sinister, cowardly, and grossly absurd. Get Lost Punk.
by : geral sosbee
* Perhaps the same foolish servant of Satan wrote concerning sosbee's reports:
Liens douteux Cet article n'est pas l'oeuvre d'une personne isolée mais de plusieurs qui se renvoient la balle et se "valident" mutuellement. Les liens entre les différents sites ont une fâcheuse tendance à déboucher sur la paranoia généralisée, voire vers des sites de groupes musicaux nationalistes.

A vous de vous faire une opinion plus complète sur ce curieux personnage si le coeur vous en dit.

le 25/08/2004 à 09h28
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sosbee to luz: ouvrir vos yeux et peut-être alors vous pouvez entendre la musique
From Brownsville, Texas
August 23, 2007

Never expect a cowardly fool to stop his slanderous campaign, especially when he has a motive (and possibly a reward) for his unbridled and anonymous libel; see the link below for the 'paranoia' and 'delusion' data referenced above which this homicidal operative wants us to view. He writes:

"Geral Sosbee: the french connectionOther types of delusions include somatic delusions, as in the case of hypochondria, and jealous delusions. The term paranoia was first used by German psychiatrist Karl L."


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