Geral W. Sosbee: identities of perpetrators (and their supporters) of crimes against Humanity    
 identities of perpetrators (and their supporters) of crimes against Humanity
7 May 2005 @ 18:36, by Geral W. Sosbee

This is neither a solicitation of information, nor an offer/acceptance pertaining hereto.
*I seek the names, aliases, dates of birth, social security numbers, military identification numbers,photos, other descriptions, and all other identifying data which may lead to the identities and locations of individuals (living or dead) who may be (now, or in the past) witnesses to high crimes and misdemeanors and crimes against Humanity under the laws of the United States and under the laws of Nations. The purpose of my search is purely educational and I do not intend herein to compromise the activities of the fbi or the cia ( or other agencies ) or their agents, operatives and assassins/handlers.
Response on May 8, 2005
Aiutiamolo, e' un'opera meritoria! AntiSion Sunday, May. 08, 2005 at 5:38 PM
Egregio Signor Sosbee,

ho letto con vivo interesse il Suo appello e, nell'intento
di contribuire alla Sua meritoria ricerca, Le segnalo i
nominativi delle persone - tutt'ora viventi - che si sono
in anni recenti macchiate dei peggiori CRIMINI contro l'umanita':

- Bush, George W.- Presidente degli stati uniti d'America

- Sharon, Ariel - Premier dello stato d'israele.

Con distinti saluti

From Brownsville, Texas
July, 2006

To the next potential Target ('T') of the United States Intelligence agencies (primarily the fbi and the cia), as reported from first hand actual knowledge of the events described below:
T makes an appointment with an urologist for a routine vasectomy; he enters the doctor's office alone on the scheduled day and remains in the waiting room; soon, another patient who has just undergone the vasectomy procedure exits the operating room with his wife; on the way out the man comments to T, " Don't worry, the procedure is totally painless and quick." Then, T is called by the secretary to enter the room for the vasectomy. T enters and prepares for the procedure. The doctor enters the room alone; T then realizes that no nurse will be in the room (usually the doctor's wife assists him, as T recalls), just T and the doctor. The doctor begins the procedure: he opens the sack with an incision on either side; then, as the patient (T) lies vulnerable on the table, the doctor states, "now, I will need to test each cord to see if I need to apply an anaesthetic. I will thump the cord to see if you have any feeling; if you do I will apply the anaesthetic.If you do not feel the thump, I will not need to use an anaesthetic.Then, I will do the same to the other side of the sack (i.e.thump the cord on the other side). T is a bit confused because he recalls the other patient's word, "painless" and begins to question in his own mind the possible implications of the doctor's explanation. The doctor then says, " I will now thump the cord". Immediately as the thump occurs, T's body bounces involuntarily and spontaneously from the table, as T experiences tremendous pain, followed by consternation and anguish. Then, T (unable to exit the table due to the open sack)raises himself from the waist forward, stares at the doctor, but says nothing. At that point, T's facial expressions of anger, confusion and suspicion speaks (without words) directly to the doctor. The doctor then states, " OK, I will apply the anaesthetic, and I will not repeat the thumping procedure on the other cord". T is grateful for the concession, but realizes that something quite out of the ordinary has just happened to him, causing great pain and anxiety. T later confirms with a Urologist in Dallas, Texas (Dr. Schonevogle-phonetic spelling)that the above described procedure is unheard of in his experience. **T also notes that the same doctor who performed the above described vasectomy had previously stated out of context and with no apparent reference, "Many men who can't have an erection, commit suicide". T had no idea as to why the doctor would make such a remark, but years later the comment would have an ominous meaning especially to T.
T has a tooth ache and sets appointment for relief.*** The dentist ('d')and his assistant (who identifies herself as a relative of d ) receive T with a smile and usual platitudes; a few minutes into the procedure d begins to file down the troublesome tooth, but T does not pay much attention, thinking that the tooth is being prepared for a crown. However, d begins to play with the tooth : he files, steps back and looks at the tooth, then resumes filing a bit, steps back and looks at his art work again(as though he is a sculptor); so, when d leaves the room T picks up the little mirror on the dental tray and looks at his tooth which is now shaped in the form of a pointed fang, or a demonic shaped projectile. T , suspicious, but not sure even then as to what exactly is going on, says nothing and allows d to complete the work. As d returns to the room, he and his assistant are heard laughing in apparent reference to T . d then makes a light joke, and T laughs with d and with the assistant; at that point d states, " well, at least you have a sense of humor". Now, T becomes more suspicious, but allows d to close the tooth and finish the procedure. As d finishes he asks T the following question:
"Would you like for me to prepare all of your teeth the way I am preparing this one for crowns?" T states , "why would I want to do that?" d then responds that some of his patients want all of their teeth prepared for crowns. T states , "no, thanks" (at that moment T imagines what he would look like if he permitted d do perform his dirty work on all of T's teeth).
As the procedure is almost complete, d uses a dirty tool on T, thus insuring that a slow growing bacteria will eventually cause an abscess in that now infected tooth; sure enough about a year later T suffers great pain and visits a professor of the Baylor Dental College in Dallas, Texas, by the name of Dr. Gutman (phonetic spelling). Dr. Gutman (in private practice) confirms that whoever previously worked on the tooh (lower front) caused a "septic mess". Dr. Gutman corrects the problems associated with the torturer's handiwork and T is restored to good dental health (minus a little damage to psyche in the manner of shaken faith in Humanity)).
3) While the doctor and the dentist are torturing and terrorizing the Target, a certain El Paso highly respected female terrorist had another agenda: drive the Target out of town by using a local network of thugs who, with the assistance of local realtors, regularly burglarize his home, destroy his personal property ( and re-arrange his furniture ) , stalk him everywhere he goes and routinely drive nails into his vehicle's tires, etc.
The fbi office in El Paso, Texas, was fully aware of the events described above because the actions were conducted at the direction of the fbi Handler.
*** See:
The above information is true, correct and complete, and may be of value to any person who is targeted by the fbi, cia or other government agency for torture. July 1, 2006.Geral Sosbee
From Brownsville, Texas
July 15, 2006
Poisoning on 07/13/06 at DOLCE RISTORANTE BROWNSVILLE , $29.54
The fbi and the cia over the past decade have routinely poisoned Sosbee at restaurants around the world; seldom, however, do the Restauranteurs aggressively and enthusiastically pursue the task of lacing Sosbee's food with toxic chemicals. The owner and the manager of the Dolce Restaurant, Ruben Torres and Paredes Line Rd, Brownsville, Texas, are apparently willing operatives of such attempted poisoning and they do their low deeds with a zeal that is quite uncommon; as the owner or manager complete their assignment (as licensed goons for the fbi) the two add a little insult and provacative assaults to Sosbee (and his guest) as they are leaving the restaurant. To be kind to the two wannabe goons, they do not realize that they are being used by the United States Intelligence services to attempt to force the Target into suicide, even as the government half wits record such in real time. This update represents the opinion of geral sosbee.
See also Sosbee's statements regarding , "the meaning of T", dated February 24, 2005,
Sosbee notes: the thugs who use the directed energy (and related high tech war and torture games) on the Targets, expecting and encouraging the Target to commit suicide, are guilty of crimes against Humanity.
* A careful reading of my websites at and at this newciv site will reveal the names of several doctors who are in my opinion possible perpetrators of crimes against Humanity.
For additional information on how the fbi and the cia kill or torture people in hospitals see my report , this site, dated and titled as follows:

2007-08-06 Projects Notice to Activists and Others Regarding FBI Designs On Medical Patients

Health care workers shoulde be prosecuted as felons when they assist the fbi/cia in the torture/killing of patients.


Last Updated: June 07, 2010

Doctors helped CIA perfect 'torture' technique

From: NewsCore
June 07, 2010 8:52PM

MEDICAL professionals helped the CIA perfect legal but harsh interrogation methods for terror suspects during the George W. Bush administration, according to a new report.

So-called "enhanced" questioning methods such as waterboarding were monitored and varied by medics in order to produce maximum effect while remaining within the limits established by government lawyers, according to the report released by Physicians for Human Rights.

The report described "Waterboarding 2.0" in which doctors apparently recommended adding saline to the water used to simulate drowning so as to reduce the risk of suspects falling into a coma induced by hyperhydration.

Health professionals allegedly also had a hand in monitoring sleep deprivation of up to 180 hours and experimentation on how to increase a subject's "susceptibility to severe pain".

"Any health professional who violates their ethical codes by employing their professional expertise to calibrate and study the infliction of harm disgraces the health profession and makes a mockery of the practice of medicine," lead writer of the report Dr Scott Allen said.

The group calls on US President Barack Obama to initiate a federal investigation into the claims and prosecute those responsible. It also asks Congress to amend legislation passed in 2006 that allows a "more permissive definition of the crime of illegal experimentation on detainees".

"The CIA appears to have broken all accepted legal and ethical standards put in place since the Second World War to protect prisoners from being the subjects of experimentation," said Frank Donaghue, PHR's Chief Executive Officer.

"Not only are these alleged acts gross violations of human rights law, they are a grave affront to America's core values."

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