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30 Apr 2005 @ 18:54, by Geral W. Sosbee

During the past week sosbee takes steps to activate his law license with the Texas State Bar; as the fbi learns of this effort to return to the legal profession, the hoodlums of the fbi intensify psychotronic assaults on sosbee thereby preventing sosbee from sleep and causing him to stay in bed 12-15 hours a day. Then, on this date sosbee discusses these renewed attacks with friend Brabara Hartwell , at which time the hooligans from the fbi enter sosbee's car and turn the rear view mirror down as though to remind sosbee that he is not allowed to practice law again. As a result of the fbi's actions to discourage sosbee from practicing law , he is now more determined to do so. However, sosbee has much work to do in preparation for his eventual return to the practice of law.
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Sosbee is Licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas
Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
On May 2, 2005, sosbee adds the following: The contents of my website (much of which is documented) and all statements that I make on the site are true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. Many readers do not want to take the time to study the evidence on my site, but prefer simply to dismiss my reports as incredible or unbelieveable.I record important events (often horrendous to me) as they happen, as I have done for the past seven years. I do not ask that anyone believe my reports (if they do not want to do so) and at the same time those who disbelieve my writings may keep their insults and ill-informed petty observations to themselves, unless they wish to make a spectacle of their ignorance. In that case I invite all such persons to join the long list of misanthropes who ignore or who cannot read/comprehend the overwhelming and relevant data that I have presented.
(In any case I present the data strictly FYI; those who disbelieve, stay away from me because I don't have the energy to deal with you, and I certainly do not submit to interrogations or harassing and insulting messages).
Finally, the most recent unwelcomed message to me is repeatedly posted under the May 4, 2005, urge to discredit article; the anonymous message is:
"5 May 2005 @ 00:13 by Connection @ : Geral Sosbee's IP-address - "
sosbee writes: a friend identifies the source of the anonymous message as follows:

Search results for:
OrgName: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
sosbee writes: to the coward who harasses me on my news log, you appear to be the same person to whom I at one time offered my friendship due to my respect and admiration for our (then) mutual friend, Barbara Hartwell. I now consider you a low life mental dwarf as defined on my site.
Regarding my license to practice law:
Sosbee notes for the record that the State Bar of Texas intentionally misleads the public by indicating that this attorney is not eligible to practice law in Texas; no such limitation to practice law is written on the license issued by the Texas Supreme Court, except for the implied legal requirement that all Texas attorneys must satisfy the MCLE requirements. Sosbee is fully qualified and eligible to practice law immediately, without prior permission [from some of the tyrants who exercise unethical and perhaps illegal authority in some instances over the attorney], with the sole proviso that he notify the state bar and then insure compliance for the year. the State Bar of Texas in private acknowledges this fact;

further, in the event that Sosbee does in fact decide at his sole discretion to resume the practice of law, he will make sure to satisfy the MCLE requirements for the year, and to notify the state bar.

Also, Sosbee noticed in February, 2006, that the State Bar of Texas intentionally changed (on a date unknown) the color code of "attorney status" to the color red, from orange, thereby further falsely reflecting ineligibility to practice law in the State of Texas; this mean spirited tampering with the state bar web page for Geral W. Sosbee was done to mislead the public with regard to Sosbee's status. The state bar then again changed the color code to orange when he notified the state bar of the improper tampering, or hacking of the bar page regarding Sosbee. He also asked the President of the state bar to hold the officers of the State Bar of Texas responsible for such low tactics, or for incompetence.

*Finally, the officers of the State Bar of Texas owe a duty to its members, including Sosbee, to faithfully represent, free of corruptive influence, all attorneys in matters of public interest; this duty seems to have been repeatedly violated as briefly summarized above.
* The fbi and the state bar present the following false image on the internet as of August 24, 2006:
"[PDF] List of Licensed Texas Attorneys NOT eligible to practice law in ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Sosbee writes: see contradictory evidence to the above misrepresentation:

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