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 Towers Productions: Wine and Farri
17 Apr 2005 @ 18:48, by Geral W. Sosbee

In 1999 Geral Sosbee attempted to contact a writer with Towers Productions by the name of Ms. Weiner (hereinafter referred to as Wine) who, at the time, was gathering information for publication regarding
J. Edgar Hoover ; Wine was busy contacting fbi officials and had their permission to research the fbi's history, to conduct interviews with selected fbi employees, and to eventually publish a book or a documentary on the subject. Sosbee believed that the information in his possession regarding fbi retaliation against former fbi agents should be known by Wine, especially as the data was well documented by Sosbee; plus, at the time Sosbee was desperately seeking help from anyone who would listen. However, Wine turned bitter shortly after reading Sosbee's description of the nightmare life forced upon him and Wine then asked her boss at Towers Productions to stop Sosbee from trying to communicate with her or with Towers Productions. The VP of Towers Productions , one John Farrimond (hereinafter referred to as Farri),eagerly accommodated Wine and his letter to Sosbee can be seen at
The order from Farri to Sosbee was that Sosbee cease all contact and correspondence with her and with Towers Productions.
Sosbee notes that the complete corruption of Towers Production by the fbi is highlighted by the above summarized cowardly retreat from reality that Wine and Farri sought , even as they pretended to create a pseudo respectable historical article on the fbi and its director. Sosbee believes that the conduct by Wine and Farri exemplifies the abandonement of any semblance integrity by the media with regard to their coverage of fbi and cia activities and that the media does great damage to America and to the world by : 1)hiding or covering up important data regarding fbi fascist treatment of former Special Agents (and others) who are targeted for torture, forced suicide and murder by the fbi.
2)Supporting the black operations of the fbi and the cia through benign neglect and through direct prevention of the airing or publication of worthy news items.
3)Using their news and entertainment corporate offices to shield them (Wine and Farri)from responsibility for their conspiratorial roles in fbi and cia crimes against Humanity as Sosbee and others detail.
The record must now show that those individuals in the media such as Wine and Farri who profit from the suffering, imprisonment and death of whistleblowers and others will forever be remembered as the cowardly fools and enemies of human rights that they are.IMHO.
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