Geral W. Sosbee: Paolo Guzzanti- Italian Journalist and punk    
 Paolo Guzzanti- Italian Journalist and punk
15 Apr 2005 @ 20:09, by Geral W. Sosbee

On April 18, 2002, *Italian journalist Paolo Guzzanti (hereinafter referred to as 'Gut') wrote as follows :
"Conoscevo bene il sito di Sosbees, che è uno dei tanti monomaniaci americani in paranoico conflitto con le loro autorità."
the full article by Guzzanti is at
*Note:journalist Paolo Guzzanti - became in recent years a Berlusconi supporter and a Forza Italia party senator.
Gut does not know geral sosbee, has never met him, and has never spoken to Sosbee or anyone close to Sosbee who might be in a position to confirm Sosbee's reports of fbi/cia retaliation; further, Gut has not examined : volumes of evidence on Sosbee's website, the fbi fraudulent performance report, the scientific evidence of tracking device implanted in Sosbee, the overwhelming evidence contained in "My Story In Detail" (with accompanying data consistent therewith), and has certainly no credible evidence to support Gut's gratuitous and libelous assaults on Sosbee. In the event that Gut may have looked at such evidence, he dismisses all supporting documents without even making reference to them in his smear tactic. It is as though Gut works for the fbi and the cia and perhaps even has been fed fabricated and falsified information by the very agencies who engage in the atrocities Sosbee and others report.
For a professional journalist to engage in such low minded and obscene attacks on a person who reports evidence of fbi/cia crimes against Humanity is unforgiveable and Gut should get out of the profession even though every informed reader knows that the mainstream media is to some extent controlled by the fbi/cia and that many journalists are afraid to objectively cover stories such as Sosbee's regarding fbi/cia corruption.
Further, Gut is in a position to investigate the facts before he condemns the author of such; and Gut has the ability and the responsibility to do so. *In failing in his duties to the world's population Gut contributes to the ongoing efforts by the fbi and the cia to force into suicide or imprisonment those persons (including journalists) who expose fbi and cia crimes against Humanity and other high crimes and misdemeanors worldwide. Gut, in short, is a disgrace both as a journalist and as a man , for living in fear of (or in feigning respect for) the two most treacherous, homicidal and corrupt agencies on earth , the fbi and the cia.
You Gut are at last a coward and a punk; I use these words not to simply offend you, but because these words most adequately reflect who and what you represent. geral sosbee
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*Warning: Adult Content.See:
July 7, 2006 news:
Italy's CIA probe widens to domestic espionage
Boston Globe - Jul 07
ROME -- What began as an investigation into the alleged CIA abduction of a radical Muslim cleric has mushroomed into a wider probe of possibly illegal domestic espionage by Italian intelligence agents compiling dossiers on judges, journalists, and prosecutors.

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