Geral W. Sosbee: New Director of U.S. Intelligence Agencies    
 New Director of U.S. Intelligence Agencies
13 Apr 2005 @ 00:30, by Geral W. Sosbee

This update is brought forth by ' T ' who is defined in a February, 2005, update and whose real life adventures on the front line of the 'invisible war' (described by T in "My Story In Detail" at )continue to spark inquiry around the globe: T notices today that
John Negroponte (hereinafter referred to as ' N ' ) "vows to unify U.S. intelligence agencies, give `the unvarnished truth'." ( Frank Davies, Knight Ridder Newspapers ).
T notes that N presumes to assume the duties as Intelligence Director over some 15 agencies of the United States, a bold but unrealistic goal. T is in a unique position to report at a later date whether and to what extent N keeps his promise to the world (though ostensibly N makes the promise only to the American people). T continues to be under hostile fire from the main human rights offender in the U.S. , the fbi; T will soon know whether N truly intends to stop the torture and other human rights violations at home and abroad. However, T notes that if N does nothing to hold the criminals in the fbi responsible for the continuing assaults on T , then N may simply intend to imply that ongoing wholesale terrorist activity by the fbi domestically are excepted from the mandate to report the unvarnished truth to the people; further, the torture campaign now underway against T is in widespread use against other Targets globally and N may simply maintain that such atrocities (as forced suicides, murder, false imprisonment, psyops and psychotronic assaults) are all lawful in the U.S. as public policy and by executive orders. As T has shown in his law suit against the fbi
( [link] ) case 534US894
U.S. public policy becomes the law of the entire globe under the NWO and human rights issues always take a back seat to such public policy when the fbi/cia are involved.
So, in the next report from T we will learn exactly what N is made of; T does not have high expectations of the man who has a history of turning a blind eye to wholesale human rights abuses.
sosbee writes as follows on April 30, 2005: see my current update entitled "attorney at law" (and my April 25 , 2005, comment under this topic) for further evidence that Negroponte is a fraud.
See article dated March 18, 2005, on Porter Goss, cia Director

For more information on the murderous nature of intelligence agents see:
dated and entitled:
Monday, November 27, 2006
The Wreckers: False Lights and the Nature of Evil

and see:


The information in the above cited sites should be required reading for all Americans.
For more info on the cia see:

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