Geral W. Sosbee: Hate Website sends Sosbee a death message    
 Hate Website sends Sosbee a death message
5 Apr 2005 @ 00:33, by Geral W. Sosbee

Geral Sosbee recently responded to an article on the fbi academy written by Russell Sellers. The article is located at [link] (The Troy Messenger , Troy, Alabama).
In Sosbee's response to the above cited article he advises Mr Russell Sellers concerning fbi corruption and criminal activities as set forth on the site at Sosbee also suggests that the graduates of the fbi academy are programmed to violate the civil rights of the people, etc., and that the media bears some responsibility for the coverup of atrocities committed by the fbi/cia.*
Sellers angrily begins a personal smear campaign on a hateful website where Sellers continues his ad hominem assault, suggesting that others join him and...

"(Commence bludgeoning Sosbee to death with alien weasels grown from the hairs of barbershop victims...err customers.)"

Sellers also falsely attributes the following statement to Sosbee; Sellers states:
"as for you"...

"Hey, my name is Geral Sosbee. Look at me, I live in my mom's basement and have nothing better to do than send e-mail's telling everybody how the FBI and CIA are out to get us all. I'm a bastard. No, really I am."
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Then, as Sellers is not quite through with his low minded and ill informed attacks , he again invites the public to join him in his cowardly mission as Sellers posts Sosbee's photo on the hateful site and Sellers states :

"If you think this guy is as retarded as I have made him sound, please e-mail him your thoughts and tell him that typing with one thumb up his ass is never a good idea.
Mr. Sosbee, you, and your Conspiracy Theorists brethren, suck quite loudly."
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Sosbee adds: to see the verbal assault in its entirety go to : [link]
The above mentioned article was taken down (see same link, "no sense of humor" statements) by Sellers in his efforts to explain his serious lapse of reason.
To Mr. Sellers , Sosbee writes: You sir should be ashamed of yourself, but your lack of good sense and your absence of respect for personal decorum preclude such. Your hateful methods and your guttural diction tell the whole story about you , and the discerning reader asks how it is that you are given the authority to publish anything for a professional journal such as the Troy Messenger. Your big mouth and large microphone reflect your desperation; your demeanor and style confirm the mental dwarf ( defined on my site) that attempts to hide beneath a facade of pseudo respectability.
geral sosbee
April 11, 2005: Apparently the Troy Messenger journalist Sellers (who suggested that others bludgeon me to death) removed the post and Sellers explains as follows:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
No sense of humor
It's come to my attention that some people just have no sense of humor and they take themselves way too seriously. That being the case, I've cleared this post because some people just can't take it.
It's too bad really. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
posted by Russell at 6:27 PM 2 comments
Sosbee writes:
Be honest Sellers: who told you to take it down due to possible criminal and civil liabilities which may attach to public solicitation to kill and due to libel laws, etc., all associated with the low minded (and indeed filthy) verbal assaults you made. As I indicated you are now forever known as a tyrant, punk, and loud mouth.
May 14, 2005 sosbee writes: see Sellers recent verbal assaults on this topic, but notice he carefully avoids naming the subject of his vile and barbaric (intended) slander:
Sellers admits: "I happen to suck at times myself...." See this confession of a hate monger at
May 14, 2005 sosbee writes: for more on the mentality of Sellers see his 'hit list' statements at
For more media responses to see:
"Officers fired 110 rounds at man suspected in deputy's death in
Khaleej Times - Sep 30 8:44 PM
LAKELAND, Florida - Officers fired 110 rounds of ammunition at the man
suspected of killing a sheriff's deputy, killing the suspect,
according to an autopsy released by the sheriff's office."

Sosbee writes that the news headlines should more accurately read:

Killer Kops cowardly kill in cold blood an innocent man cowering
prostrate before them; then, as though to send a subliminal threat the
country, these same foolish deputies continue needlessly to fire their
weapons into the corpse. At least one hundred bullets were
unnecessarily fired at the Target after he was dead punctuating the
lunacy of those wearing the badge at the scene. The apparent purpose
for the overkill is to send a message to you and to me: DON'T KILL US,
regardless of what we do to you.

The above cited scenario is repeated regularly across the country and
the corrupt media never question in their reports the possibility that
these Killer Cops are quite ill mentally and that they pose a real and
present danger to the public and to our Constitutional government. The
fbi trains these Killer Cops (or their superior chiefs) to murder any
person who is accused of taking the life of a law enforcement officer (
or other 'heinous offense') ; the code word which the fbi uses is
subliminal and is found in the phrase, "cop killer" ( the code word
"kill" is contained in the word, "killer"). The police and all other
law enforcement officers (including the insane SWAT group) immediately
seek to kill any such accused , especially when no cameras are present
and when the media is on board the police death train.
geral sosbee
Another hate Website administered by Christopher Rose begins foul and slanderous personal assaults on Sosbee at:

Particularly revealing of the Living Dead who post their disgusting and vile garbage is the person of Jodan Richardson who is carried away with his own gibberish with his arm extending, finger pointing, mouth wide opening and evil proclivities protruding. Rose permits all of the verbal assaults, deletes Sosbee's responses,and secretly bans Sosbee with no notice. At the time of the Jordan Richardson (JR) attacks an unidentified person (probably JR) visits [link] from the following url as reflected in the site meter entry at

By Location > Visit Detail
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State/Region : British Columbia
City : Vancouver
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Note that Rose states on his site "Personal attacks are not allowed." Then he and Jordan proceed to violate their own rules and the standards of fundamental fairness and human decency in their little character assassination plot.

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