Geral W. Sosbee: a small number of psychopaths create global chaos    
 a small number of psychopaths create global chaos
3 Apr 2005 @ 18:43, by Geral W. Sosbee

During my years in the fbi and thereafter I have observed the following *characteristics of many Special Agents of the fbi and the cia and their operatives (including those thugs presently torturing me):Highly aggressive, asocial,unable to form lasting bonds of affection with other human beings, lacking in a sense of remorse, and suspicious of all persons (especially those who are outside the sphere of influence).As a result of the programming of these people (who consider themselves superior to the rest of us) by the fbi academy and by the corrupt and macabre culture that contains them ,these agents and their operatives look upon their Targets as criminals and where the various labels don't stick (to the Target) the fbi and the cia (and their supporters) forge upon the Targets new labels , such as sociopathic, schizophrenic, etc.

DOD criminal participation in the torture of this combat war vet:


Further, I have observed (and continue to do so today) that the daily activity of the fbi and the cia employees often enhance their individual/unique pathologies; for example, some of these individuals are extremely sadistic and controlling (short,stocky and muscular-reminiscent of a definitive mesomorphic type), while others of a definitive endomorphic persuasion seek advancement in the fbi/cia as a means for approval by the fbi heirarchy and by society at large; finally, the most intelligent and at times creative of the lot are the definitive ectomorphic-types who see the broad picture and who are most powerful in the fbi/cia because of their ability to 'handle' and to assign people effectively as the internal needs of the fbi/cia may dictate at any given time. All three distinct types mentioned above engage in assaults on various members of society with the stated objective of imprisoning or killing the Target.To be sure the true intellects in the fbi/cia never allow their genius to stop or to interfere with goon squad black operations because the job must get done and the culture of death must be upheld and protected at all times.

The society at large (you and I) are affected by such prosecution obsessiveness because the fbi and the cia, predators as they are, rely on the ignorance, fear, and corruption of members of the broader society to effect fbi/cia goals or objectives. Indeed, even the Congress and the President of the United States bow to the fbi and to the cia for fear of retaliation by the psychopaths who rule.

Thus, the world now faces critical choices:on the one hand , educate ourselves regarding the complex relationship between the governors (fbi/cia,etc)armed at once with demented thinking and with high tech weaponry not imaginable to many of the governed ;and on the other hand, determine how best to proceed to unravel centuries of rule by those whose primary motive for existence is to imprison, torture and kill anyone who may be selected for such treatment. In this regard we must remember that cruelty is often contageous in 'group think ' and we must not allow retribution to dominate our own thinking as we address the crimes against Humanity by the fbi, cia and their cronies. We must realize that the torturers have historically tried to prove their worth (as law enforcers)by becoming more brutal and more insensitive than their perceived enemies, often trying to outdo even their own brethren (within their respective agencies)in the outrageous killing and torture tactics employed. We must not duplicate their pathology as we attempt to end it.

Finally, the world's population has largely allowed this abominable condition to evolve and is therefore responsible for the backlash now afoot.Respectfully.geral sosbee
* The following statement is true in a philosophical sense as it applies at all levels of law enforcement (federal, state and local) and is excerpted from:


"Most surveillance by the police state nothing more than entertainment and stalking by bored little punk losers. They just won't admit it." tommythebug, May 26,06.
the bigger picture:

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