Geral W. Sosbee: In the news is Porter Goss, cia director...    
 In the news is Porter Goss, cia director...
18 Mar 2005 @ 22:59, by Geral W. Sosbee

Porter Goss states , "We don't do torture" (AP, March 18, 2005).
geral sosbee writes: Mr. Goss, you are a pathological liar and have personally approved a blanket program of torture and assassination ,but if you have not so approved then you are aware that torture is routine (both at home and abroad)and in use by the fbi and the cia globally. The cowards of the U.S. Congress might pretend to accept your lies, but those in the know reject every syllable that falls from your hideous mouth.
Your long history of close ties to the assassins of the cia tells the real story, Mr. Goss. You can see your shadows between the words of the timeline of cia atrocities written by a victim of cia atrocities, Steve Kangas.
If the world awakens in time , Mr. Goss, you will be tried for your participation in or approval of crimes against Humanity.
News: July 17, 2006
New CIA Chief Turns to Old Guard
NPR - "New CIA chief Michael Hayden has been firming up his leadership team, and there's hardly a new face among them. For all the top jobs, Hayden has either brought back CIA veterans who had left, or elevated long-serving deputies. Mary Louise Kelly reports."

Sosbee comments: The United States of America is defended by professional assassins, fools, and the cowards and sycophants who fear them. The Hayden incompetence factor will further endanger the lives of people around the world. They just don't learn.

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