Geral W. Sosbee: U.S. Justice Dept. nervous and looking to imprison someone    
 U.S. Justice Dept. nervous and looking to imprison someone
24 Jan 2005 @ 22:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

I have documented fbi criminal activities for several years and some of the evidence of such offenses are on my website; the U.S. Department of Justice is complicitous in some of the crimes ; officials of that Department actively aid the fbi in the cover-up of numerous felonies (as outlined throughout my site). See the non consensual cover research page of the site in a few days , or visit the site meter now to see the visit to my site by the Justice Department on 1-24-05, such visit reflecting a keen interest in the fraudulent performance report and the photo of the fbi supervisor -Ken Kaiser- who wrote and signed it in an attempted extortion scheme . Perhaps the Justice Department officials desire now to put someone in jail; the question for the corrupt fascist government of the U.S. is whom to prosecute and imprison, and on what charge; in other words , does the Department want to prosecute the fbi criminals and the corrupt officials in the Department, or does the Department prefer to explore ways to silence the Target/victim/reporter of the fbi/cia's hideous and inhumane assaults which continue as this update is written.
Note: As a result of the visit to the site by DOJ, the government cannot now claim that the prosecutors were/are unaware of the prima facie case of attempted extortion by Ken Kaiser (fbi-chicago). The site meter entry is summarized as follows:

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
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On Prisons:

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