Geral W. Sosbee: hate mail in response to McMurtrey article    
 hate mail in response to McMurtrey article
20 Nov 2004 @ 16:41, by Geral W. Sosbee

For the information of all interested parties:
After my last few postings (particularly regarding the McMurtrey article) numerous hate mails were sent to me from the Palestinian Indymedia boards. I find such profane and apparently angry responses (which I will not post here in respect for decorum) very interesting in the context of my efforts to report on the exotic weaponry used by the U.S. and its friends against selected Targets worldwide. I now seek to determine over the next several months the following:
1) The extent of Israeli Investment in and/or possible use of Mind Control technology; 2) The identity and/or source of any other nation or group which employ against the Palestinians (or any other peoples) high tech electronic weaponry related or comparable to those described in the McMurtrey article in efforts to curb Palestinian violence (or for any other purpose) ;specifically, I am interested to learn of mind altering or behavioral modification techniques possibly used on a massive scale, and in this regard I recall the ultrasound devices used by the fbi against the Davidians just prior to killing them all (see:; 3)The post mortem results on Arafat; 4)A complete listing of the nations that have or use such high tech electronic weaponry and the extent to which and the locations where they were used and against whom; 5)The degree to which the fbi/cia share or coordinate intelligence data (and satellite devices , or other hardware and funding thereof) with intelligence agencies of U.S. allies/friends including Great Britain and Israel.
After the hate mail was sent to me from the Indymedia Palestinian boards, the directors of Indymedia Palestine began to screen and to reject some of my articles and I suspect that the truth of my reports are deemed by such authorities as not politically acceptable at this time.
[I am grateful to Vaxen for his assistance and keen interest in this subject].

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