Geral W. Sosbee: A Response To Critics    
 A Response To Critics
19 Nov 2004 @ 17:05, by Geral W. Sosbee

Human suffering is of universal concern to those of us who seek to reduce it through shared experiences associated with corrupt regimes and evil people.

All message boards are one ; the conflicts and the associated sufferings of each human being on earth are of vital interest to all sensitive and alert persons who see the direction that corrupt governments and wicked hearts presume to pursue.The exotic weaponry used by the fbi/cia and their friends around the world now introduces advanced inhumane methods to dominate earth and space once and for all. Anyone who cannot or will not investigate the sources and methods associated with killing, torturing and imprisoning our brothers and sisters worldwide has little to offer by way of intelligent discussion. Those of us who seek to end the madness of war and hatred are always amazed from one generation to the next that our counterparts, the confused hate mongers, misanthropes and mental dwarfs ( defined on my site) violently oppose us. My language is not intended to insult or to offend, but may allow some introspection from each of us in our pursuit and comprehension of important information.
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Subject: Re.: "fbi/cia world inhumane domination"
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:25:42 +0000

I read your rant and have this to say: Politically I support the Libertarian party. If somewhere on earth there existed a Libertarian government I would do one of two things: 1. Move to and live under that government or 2. Stop bitching about this government.
Since you seem to hate this government (and I am no fan of most of it) why don't you do what I would?
Jerry T. Searcy
The first lesson of economics is
scarcity: There is never enough of
anything to satisfy all those who
want it.
The first lesson of politics is to
disregard the first lesson of
Thomas Sowell

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