Geral W. Sosbee: not so fast !    
 not so fast !
9 Nov 2004 @ 19:40, by Geral W. Sosbee

The U.S. violent overthrow of global governments (as now evident for example in the horrendous killing campaign in Iraq , etc.)is well on track and is spearheaded by the cia and the fbi ,with lies-deceit-treachery and murder as their stepping stones; North America, South America, Africa, Australia,the Arctics , Europe and outer space are well contained . The Middle East is also in the bloody bag, for now, but China and its friends presently and secretly question at once how it is that the hooligans and high tech cut throats of the U.S. have so quickly and comprehensively hog tied the various countries of the world, and how best to stop this inhumane and unacceptable assault on their own culture.The U.S. plan to bring China to its knees is meeting its match in the form of an equally analytic and potentially treacherous intellectual elite which until recently only theoretically questioned the motives and methods of the world's most apparently inhumane government: The United States of America. China now studies the best and most deadly weaponry that the U.S. may foreseeably employ against them (including nuclear , psychological and psychoelectronics, etc.)and then in a flash of genious seizes upon an opportunity (seen only by them ) to deal with the 'parvenu' nation in a most definitive manner. Meanwhile the fbi and the cia bask in their delusions of superiority and push the U.S. into ignoble world status.

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