Geral W. Sosbee: Never Abandon A Hostage    
 Never Abandon A Hostage
29 Oct 2004 @ 15:44, by Geral W. Sosbee

In a recent AP article the following statement was published:
by:Yasunori Sone
Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Faculty of Policy Management
Subject:24-year-old Shosei Koda
Sone states:
"Even if he is killed, people will feel sorry for him but they will also think it was his own responsibility," said Keio University political scientist Yasunori Sone.

geral sosbee writes to Sone as follows on October 28, 2004: attention :Yasunori Sone
Your statement above is unacceptable and should be retracted now. Your shallow reasoning and pompous insensitivity reflects poorly on the whole of Japanese culture and is also a reflection of your disrespect for human life.

geral sosbee amplifies as follows on October 29, 2004:

The 24 year old Shosei Koda must be defended by all of civilized society; he is a young man high in spirit and individual courage for embarking on his pilgrimage in pursuit of new experiences, perhaps in flight from his own decadent culture which now attempts to abandon him. He has done nothing wrong and his motives for visiting Iraq can best be viewed as brave and well-intentioned. Only a jaded journalist/professor could interpret young Koda's predicament as his own fault , and Japan's government should recognize that the survival of its own national character/soul is on the line ( in this instance of barbaric treatment in the world press by some of Koda's own people). Abandon this courageous man,government of Japan, and you confirm to all the world your callous insensitivity to the sufferings of Humanity.

geral sosbee
Now, almost two years later the world can deduce that the Japanese government planned all along (by popular demand in Japan) to withdraw its troops, even as the hotshots in Japan make no effort to save the brave Shosei Koda who represents the very best of the Japanese people:
Juyly 7, 2006
Japan begins withdrawing troops from Iraq
AP via Yahoo! News
The first batch of Japanese troops began pulling out of Iraq Friday, with about 30 arriving in Kuwait on their way home, news reports said Friday. A C-130 transport aircraft of Japan's air force carrying about 30 troops arrived at a Kuwaiti airport Friday afternoon, Kyodo News agency reported from Kuwait. Public broadcaster NHK had a similar report.
Sosbee writes: the national character of the government of Japan, like that of the uSA, is forever tarnished by the inhumanity and the pretentiousness of its decrepit leaders.

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