Geral W. Sosbee: United States Compensation For Its Atrocities    
 United States Compensation For Its Atrocities
19 Oct 2004 @ 16:06, by Geral W. Sosbee

I sometimes read the recommendations of distinguished scholars suggesting that the United States should once again compensate the families of those innocent individuals killed by U.S. and allied forces. The United States has not sufficient money in its treasury to do so; nor could the U.S. possibly borrow enough money to so compensate for the outrageous and murderous atrocities being committed by this country against our brothers and sisters worldwide for decades. The suggestion that money could make right or somehow ameliorate the wrongs committed by the United States against mankind simply insures that this fascist state will continue to run its war machine against the people of the world indefinitely , especially given the failure of the global population to demand an end to such homicidal aggression.The question should not be ,"how much money and to whom payable", but should read, " how much suffering and death do we endure at the hands of murderous tyrants, and when do we stop it".
The United States is become the global witch hunter, overthrowing governments, killing and imprisoning anyone deemed a threat to NWO designs, and finally ( & not unlike the witch hunts of Salem) working the populace into a feeding frenzie of any human being accused of misconduct.
See:the history of Salem.
Massachusetts as a whole ultimately repented the Salem witch-hunt ..., and in 1711 the legislature passed a bill restoring the rights and good names of some of the victims of “those dark and severe Prosecutions,” awarding restitution to their heirs. Massachusetts apologized again in 1957, and the city of Salem and the town of Danvers (originally Salem Village) dedicated memorials to the slain “witches” in 1992.
In all cases of state sponsored homicide, subsequent efforts to atone for crimes against Humanity are insufficient and in fact may encourage future atrocities by those of the same mind set. Thus, an apology from the United States to all of Humanity for the crimes committed by the fbi and the cia (among others)in their witch hunts will not be enough. Neither will compensation.
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