Geral W. Sosbee: A Failed Culture Attempts To Lead The World    
 A Failed Culture Attempts To Lead The World
17 Oct 2004 @ 18:17, by Geral W. Sosbee

Ref :One-quarter of working Americans live in poverty

The United States is a failed government and culture from almost any perspective (especially : humanitarian, social, political);this is due primarily to the war ethics of the nation and its institutions; the few with jobs and social standing have sold out their conscience to protect/enhance their own material gains which are achieved in part by the killing , torturing and imprisoning of their brothers and sisters worldwide. Until this standard is corrected, all the world suffers under the hopeless imaginings of U.S. sponsored geo-political progress.

So, all peoples must learn to deal with their own corrupt governments and thus not look to the U.S. for leadership. Furthermore, the intellectual elite of the United States (as often represented by the faculty members of prestigious universities)also ignore the deafening cries of the world's oppressed population (For evidence of this , see hate mail from OSU professor). *Somewhere in the world is the seed of a new , humanitarian-based civilization.
See report by Paul J. Balles at:

* Maybe the country of Iran is the birthplace of that seed. Note that the people of Iran (and other nations) search for an understanding of the hideous nature of U.S. leaders, but that search yields to date no explanation for the torture, imprisonment and murder of Innocents worldwide by the U.S. killing machine. See, click on the Iranian flag, and witness the interests of the Iranians in Sosbee's work:

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Sosbee replies to the little ones: you don't hate me , girls, you fear me. And well you should because I am coming after you, in an intellectual sense and you have no where to hide.
See the link below (following this excerpt) for further insight:
"Unfortunately, in the years following World War II, after the collapse of Nazism, the West voluntarily succumbed to a new dictatorship of relativism that is no less evil than the fascism that preceded it. This new tyranny recognizes nothing as being definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of satiating one’s own ego and desires."


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