Geral W. Sosbee: fbi/cia chief William Webster ( a fraud) is honored in the news    
 fbi/cia chief William Webster ( a fraud) is honored in the news
20 Sep 2004 @ 21:02, by Geral W. Sosbee

In the news is *William Webster ( appointed director of the FBI in February 1978, and was head of the CIA in 1987).
geral sosbee alleges: At the time the fbi unlawfully forced sosbee to resign in 1978 under threat of death/imprisonment (to prevent sosbee from reporting fbi crimes nationwide) William Webster (the coward that he is and ever was) permitted the fbi crimes documented by sosbee that year , and since that time Webster continues to exemplify the characteristics of the mental dwarf (defined on my site) and continues to be honored by society at large. For the record, Mr Webster.

* For a photo of Mr. Webster see the actual fbi history book (page 29), summarized at:

For more information see update this site, dated December 7, 2006, entitle google/yahoo.
14 Nov 2004 . by gsosbee : a basket of corrupt and incompetents
In the news is CIA Director Porter Goss , a Florida republican who formerly chaired the House intelligence Committee; this man had responsiblity for overseeing the cia global spy operations prior to 911; he is the very same man who apparently allowed the cia to run a series of outrageous dirty tricks (in concert with the fbi punks) against this writer in Thailand in 1999 [link] . In other words he is at once corrupt and incompetent and is exactly what the U.S. president (who arguably stole two elections in the U.S.) needs to continue the inhumane global assault on mankind.for the record.

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