Geral W. Sosbee: *Nations lose their character and soul to fbi/cia murderous tyrants    
 *Nations lose their character and soul to fbi/cia murderous tyrants
19 Sep 2004 @ 21:23, by Geral W. Sosbee

The Romanian expression "Cum Zboare Zventul" (possibly misspelled here) captures the **Romanian custom of setting domestic policy in a manner consistent with "how the wind blows" (or , from which direction the political wind blows).For example, when the war machine of Russia is strongly felt in Romania, then domestic public policy accommodates it, at the expense of the Romanian people and basic Human Rights ; when the Germans blow through, then the Romanians again shift their national character to conform to the new dictators (i.e. those of the Nazis ). Now, the wind makes dramatic ( and yet somewhat subtle) shift and blows from the United States; predictably the Romanians again accommodate. The various state and federal representatives from the United States' legal profession (among other government bodies) presently presume to 'teach' the Romanians how best to set up the three branches of government (modeled after those in the U.S.). The problem is that as the various envoys ( for example those from the Texas State Bar and from the California legal community) reach Romania, little or no discussion focuses on the total corruption of the three branches of the government of the U.S. by the fbi/cia and other intelligence agencies. So, we see the smiling faces of the dignitaries posing for the camera in Romania as though to suggest that a great beneficial friendship is about to unfold between the two distinct cultures.We have all seen such a 'smiling face scenario' throughout history when one murderous tyrant forces another to sell out his people and his nation. I suggest that all countries (including Romania) lift the veil presented to them by the mind controlled visitors from the U.S. Before adopting U.S. standards for public policy, law and government, I also suggest that these leaders take a hard look at the evil regime that underlies the system about to be imposed there. In essence I urge the Romanians for once in modern times to create their own unique and just government based on the ideals of liberty and individual Human Rights , and that such system be diametrically opposed to the existence of any form of a Totalitarian state. Trash 'Cum Zboare Zventul'.

In the ad that I placed in the January 2001, issue of the Texas Sate Bar Journal ,Vol.64, No.1, p.55(see: ),I notified the Texas State Bar ( and I put on notice all members of the Texas Legal community )via a reference to my website that the fbi consists of torturers , terrorists and assassins , and that the government of the U.S. as represented by the false public image of the three distinct and co-equal branches , --i.e., the executive, judicial, and legislative-- is a fraud . Yet, the Texas legal community ignored the information which I provided prior to the 911 attack on the U.S., and which also forewarned of global distrust of the U.S. as a result of fbi/cia terrorist practices worldwide.
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From Brownsville, Texas
June 7, 2006
In the 2000 I wrote that any nation which assists the fbi and the cia in the atrocities (I describe) and in the commission of crimes against Humanity is unfit with respect to Humanitarian issues; See:
Today we learn more about such nations;
(... 14 European countries — Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Poland — as being complicit in "unlawful inter-state transfers" of people). For the full article by the courageous Swiss senator Dick Marty , see the following article , this date, entitled :
Probe of CIA prisons implicates EU nations By JAN SLIVA, Associated Press Writer
**Sosbee writes: If in fact the towns of Timisoara and Bucharest are used by the cia to further the so-called "Rendition" of Targets into torture chambers or death, then all officials of the Romanian government, such as President Traian Basescu (as well as private individuals who assisted) should and must be tried as war criminals for crimes against Humanity, as should the President of the United States, the officials of the cia and fbi, and any other person who participated in the mini holocaust associated with the so-called war on terror and the Iraq war; the same reasoning should apply to other counries such as Poland, Morocco, Algiers, Egypt, Jordan,Iraq, etc. Further, other countries' officials such as those in England, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Baku, should be held accountable for fascilitating the transfer of Targets for torture; 'accountability' means criminal responsibility on the part of specific persons and international condemnation for any and all governments involved in the hideous and evil cia/fbi agenda.
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From Brownsville, Texas
September 22, 2006
In the news from AP :
"Bush 'taken aback' by Musharraf comment
AP - 1 hour, 52 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - President Bush said Friday he was "taken aback" by a purported U.S. threat to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age if it did not cooperate in the fight against terrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks He praised Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for being one of the first foreign leaders to come out after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to stand with the U.S. to "help root out an enemy."

Sosbee writes: Musharraf is a coward for allowing the thugs and the assassins of the uSA to control Pakistan; any intelligent human being would welcome a return to the stone age over the alternative of living on one's knees for eternity. Shame on you, Musharraf; you now sleep with the enemy of Mankind and therefore you must be 'rooted out.'
* "You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

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