Geral W. Sosbee: symptoms of national immorality: allow fbi/cia atrocities    
 symptoms of national immorality: allow fbi/cia atrocities
24 Aug 2004 @ 15:22, by Geral W. Sosbee

Sosbee writes:The most compelling subject in my opinion today is the *inhumane war on mankind now being waged by the United States, especially as directed by the fbi and the cia. I presently see very little coverage of this topic anywhere, even while the criminal activities of these two evil agencies escalates before our very eyes(i.e.: the cia lying to Congress about weapons of mass destruction, thereafter dragging US to war; the fbi and the cia use of high tech to kill/incapacitate the Targets; the fbi's wholesale and unjustifiable killings of our people). Moreover when I attempt to focus attention on the ongoing (and past) atrocities of these two corrupt agencies, the little ones (whom I describe on my site as mental dwarfs)verbally attack or otherwise slander me. So, let the record show that each of you in so assaulting me and my work stand as prime examples of the low and sinister mentality that dominates politics, law and public policy in this country;by your ignorance you assist the fbi and the cia in keeping the voice of liberty muted, and you will therefore be remembered as cowards and "scum bags" (to use Barbara Hartwell's words). You should indeed be ashamed of yourselves, but your lack of good sense and conscience preclude introspection .
In your writings you exhibit the ugly side of mankind ( that part
devoid of sensitivity to the suffering of others and that part that
cares not about improving the human condition today); in person I am quite certain that intelligent company is something you sorely miss and in a sense I am grateful that I do not have to look upon your empty blank faces, for there be nothing there of interest to the discerning artist/thinker/philanthropist. Finally, and again for the record,you are each in default of your duty (or responsibility) to society according to one we all know who stated:
"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs".
Albert Einstein

Finally, as I have no realistic expectation that the fbi or the cia
will be reigned in by the Congress (and knowing by experience that the courts are equally cowardly to hold the fbi/cia accountable), I have little energy left to fight this battle alone.geral sosbee


"A Nation In Denial , Part 1
America is a nation in denial. There are things no major publication dares to print, no major broadcaster dares to discuss. Working largely through dummy "private" agencies, American military and intelligence authorities are violating human rights with absolute impunity, using 21st-Century technology to advance an inhuman, totalitarian agenda. Those who know won't speak. Those who speak are not heeded. Those who hear do not listen. Those who listen will not act."
Sosbee writes from Brownsville, Texas on September 13, 2006:

To the media, news channels, etc., across the united states: the next time you report a violent crime on the streets of our cities, taking place in broad daylight, or otherwise in full view of stunned citizens who watch (as you now watch me and others) and do nothing to aid the victim, I trust that you will not criticize the cowardly public for failure to address the hideous atrocities being witnessed.

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