Geral W. Sosbee: global collapse of US leadership    
 global collapse of US leadership
9 Jan 2004 @ 09:23, by Geral W. Sosbee

As people discover the immoral, cowardly and macabre character of the agents, operatives, handlers and associates of the fbi/cia ( as manifest globally in the killing/torture techniques used by these sociopathic assassins to insure compliance to *new world order dictates) we may not reasonably expect a merciful redress from foreign and domestic freedom fighters forced from desperation to employ against US equally aggressive and abhorrent strategems.
Cult of torture,mayhem, death

Where is the USA taking the world?

Down a path contrary to the laws of nature and Humanity, and at the same time contradistinctive to the dignity of man.

DOD criminal participation in the torture of this combat war vet:


See the site for information on how the fbi/cia silence critics of USA wars on the world;see how the fbi/cia attempt to force into suicide the most viable and credible reporters of USA sponsored high crimes and misdemeanors globally; read the documents which expose the fbi and the cia as satanic and ritual torturers; discover or confirm the emergence of USA sponsored international goon squads who watch in real time and record (for the Senate Intelligence Subcommittee of Congress)as the Targets (of their inhumane assaults) take their own lives.
Don't take my word for it; investigate the phenomena yourselves; neither accept the denials and counter claims of the world's most heinous thugs and miscreants (i.e., the fbi,cia), but delve into the matter with the dedication of a Renaissance explorer and the resolve of a bear on salmon trove.
July 7, 2006 News:
By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent

CHICAGO - President Bush expressed frustration Friday with the slow pace of diplomacy in dealing with North Korea and Iran and prodded world leaders to send an unmistakable message condemning Pyongyang's long-range missile test.
Sosbee adds: just yesterday I heard Bolton comment that nobody in the world supports N.K. missile testing. Well, Bolton, your lies do not help pull the uSA from the abyss of confusion caused by the uSA failed leadership and murderous agenda globally; give the people of the world some credit for intelligence. Can you understand this, little one.

In the news, August 2, 2006:
WASHINGTON (AFP) - "Ten retired US diplomats have asked the Justice Department to hear a complaint against the CIA filed by a German citizen who claims to have been wrongly abducted and abused while held prisoner in Afghanistan...." The diplomats also confess as follows:
"When the courthouse door is slammed shut in the face of such notorious allegations - with the result that a person the United States has alledgedly seized and detained and tortured is denied even the possibility of redress - the work of diplomacy is rendered more difficult, and the damage to our reputation and our counter-terrorism goals, becomes incalculable."
Sosbee responds to the so-called diplomats:
Your voices are better heard if you identify yourselves by name and state where you served; then, tell us about torture and murder by uSA assassins that you are personally familiar with; then, explain why you place such a high priority on "our reputation" and our "counter-terrorism goals" , instead of stating the obvious : that uSA violations of human rights by torture, murder, and imprisonment of innocents worldwide is WRONG. Perhaps you actually believe that your efforts to help improve uSA's reputation by affording the German citizen a fair hearing places you in a favorable light. On the contrary, most intelligent readers see you for what you are: cowards and co-conspirators in the uSA global fascist state currently evident everywhere. The fall of the uSA is in part your doing, punks, and you are so hideously programmed now that you cannot see the absurdity of your gestures.
Click here for evidence of the corruption of U.S. embassies worldwide:
[link] 24 2005
NEWS, October 17, 2006:
"WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush signed a controversial law legalizing secret CIA prisons, harsh interrogation practices and military trials as weapons against suspected terrorists. "

This bit of news confirms the uSA war on mankind and Sosbee submits that this empire by its own murderous and cowardly proclamations falls
News, August 16, 2007
By PAULINE JELINEK Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON Aug 16, 2007 (AP)

"Share Ninety-nine U.S. soldiers killed themselves last year, the highest rate of suicide in the Army in 26 years of record-keeping. "

Sosbee writes: when will the cia and the all-knowing fbi be held accountable for lying to Congress and for the continuing killings, suicides and all other atrocities associated with the Iraq war!

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