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This post honors two of my amazing and most cherished friends: BARBARA HARTWELL & CLIFF HUYLEBROECK. I extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you eternally, and I am enriched by my contacts with your great SOULS.

BARBARA has been and is today my most valued, treasured and loyal ally & friend for close to two decades. When no one tried to assist me against the attacks by fbi assassins, BARBARA diligently and effectively came to my defense. She stood by me in my darkest hours, even while the cia traitors were assaulting and trying to kill her. I have never forgotten the many times that BARBARA provided me with her insights regarding USA's dark (or 'Black') operations conducted by fbi/cia against whistleblowers et al. She thereby provided information to me that equipped me to prepare for extreme assaults by the fbi hoodlums and professional murderers. She also provided emotional support for this ex fbi agent at a time when her friendship was most valuable. BARBARA HARTWELL is a national treasure, a soldier of the highest worth to our country and a woman of rare integrity who possesses an incalculable understanding of the human condition. She is my friend and in a sense a part of me every moment of my life, everywhere I go.



CLIFF is a valued and respected friend both in cyberspace and in the real world for many reasons. CLIFF works diligently and painstakingly for years to address on line the heinous crimes committed against all Targeted Individuals. He is brilliant and articulate as he examines the most difficult issues of our time: The systematic attack on human beings by corrupt regimes and private parties who use high technology to cause suffering, pain and death. He performs his studies for the benefit of all who suffer the anguish and indignities associated with inhumane attacks by expert torturers & assassins. He addresses complex subjects that most people have no knowledge of and he does so carefully, thoroughly and selflessly.
CLIFF is therefore a modern day Champion of Human Rights. He has no peers in his devotion to and expertise in educating the world regarding psychological and physical assaults by Directed Energy Weaponry (i.e., microwave, extremely low frequency sound waves, voice to skull, et al). He is by virtue of all he has done for humanity my friend, though I have never had the honor to meet him in person, nor to talk with him on the phone. His humanitarian spirit is with me, as though I consult with him 24/7/365 on the grave topics facing mankind.

Tribute to Cliff Huylebroeck, Belgium- Gang stalking in Europe

Alt. Link:

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 USA's President Has Almost No Power Over fbi / cia Assassins
picture27 Sep 2016 @ 04:07
USA's President Has Almost No Power Over fbi/cia/dod Crimes

The fbi hides its own high crimes and hideous treason amidst the smoke screen of the killing machine that is the present United States of America. The massive Criminal Justice System (cjs) is completely controlled by the miscreants inside the fbi who are homicidal sociopaths hell bent on threats, harassment, imprisonment, torture, forced suicide while being monitored, and extreme & inhumane psychological operations (psyops) and related war games (designed to drive a Target insane so that he may be killed) against the fbi's innocent Targets. As others have correctly stated, all the crimes committed by all the jailed inmates (and by other innocent persons shot dead by cops/fbi) do not equal in total social damage the harm inflicted and manufactured by the fbi, police and their corrupt 'cjs' in the USA.

See my reports on the new, unheralded, illegal, cjs forged by fbi at

For the global significance of my articles and papers see my "World In A Box" controlled by fbi/cia assassins.

Regarding the corruption of the police community, see the daily news nationwide on the police killings of and police brutality against innocent men and women everyday in USA. Note in this regard that the fbi trains all or most police leaders in USA at the fbi National Academy (NA) which is in fact a killing school for those who attend. The macabre culture of the NA shocks the conscience and is totally misrepresented today in popular film and TV programs. The mind manipulation of the general population via main street media is also orchestrated by top highly trained propaganda artists such as used by Hitler in Nazi Germany. Then, imagine the absurdity of the current presidential race, as the USA is run by fbi/cia/dod, not by the President. See my report on the collapse of the constitutional government of the United States of America.

For examples of how the fbi criminally uses all law enforcement groups against me, see my reports on crimes committed against me by Knipfing, Rodriguez, Bleier, Wilson, Posada, Cruz, et al. online. See also my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014 and my decade long struggle as victim at the hands of dim witted, or insane cops at the University of Texas where the fbi jointly conducted extensive and prolonged criminal assaults on me by police and police/University operatives.

All crimes referenced herein continue to this moment with the imprimatur of SCOTUS.

See my reports on how the fbi co-ops federal Magistrate Judges to fraudulently give the appearance of legality for fbi unconscionable crimes. Note that the entire judiciary and congress, as I have shown, yield in cowardice to fbi authority. See my reports in several locations on corrupt federal judges and on "This Congress Will Live In Infamy".

Many of the atrocities ongoing today by the fbi involve directed energy weaponry which rip the victim apart physically and mentally, as though the Target is used as an experimental rat or dog in the tradition of Pavlov or Skinner in their conditioned response and operant conditioning laboratory studies. Understand that the fbi uses a blanket surveillance 24/7/365 for life in the home and car (both electronic and physical) against the innocent Target (me) and also send professional thugs to assault or poison me and to destroy property at will and with total impunity. See my reports on the corruption of the local DA and his investigator in Cameron County, Texas, when I proved by prima facie evidence crimes committed by police at the direction of fbi and ignored by the DA.

Due to the extreme and unmitigated evil of operations against me by the fbi and their bio-chem-viral-DEW and psyops & assaultive programs, I consider the fbi's crime spree to be unprecedented in human affairs. All of my work is classified by experts as "EXCELLENT FOR TRUSTWORTHINESS", and as reliable and honest as reflected by online neutral observers and by the group who wrote the following analysis :


Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Agent of ...
4.5/5. STARS
FBI, fbi, fight, police, whistle blower, undercover, covert, sting operation, investigation, law,United States, united states, under investigtion, assassination .

See my biography written by Mr. Cliff Huylebroeck online and the fbi's own History Book also online.

No one has ever survived (outside of prison or mental institution) for almost a half a century the kind of inhumane attacks that I endure and, at the same time that I record online, in a Writ, letters to Congress, etc., as I have.

This endurance in the face of the juggernaut of horrendous assaults illegally imposed on me by fbi be my legacy, and the reader now becomes perhaps unwillingly a material witness to the crimes committed by the fbi.

Portland Indymedia trashes the above report and is apparently controlled by the fbi assassins.

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 American dismissiveness in the face of its own crimes against humanity
picture28 Aug 2016 @ 04:48
In this post I draw on some of the experiences and insights of members of the French Resistance during Nazi occupation.

American dismissiveness in the face of its own crimes against humanity
Posted by geral sosbee on August 27, 2016 at 11:45pm
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Welcome to America where the ruling class, in pursuit of wealth and power such as we see for example surrounding the Trump/Clinton presidential campaigns, pretend that this government protects and defends fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of our people.
The reality is that most of the citizenry of the USA are mired in a apathetic state of dismissiveness even in the face of atrocities ongoing and committed by fbi/cia/dod on both domestic & foreign soil. 'When will they ever learn'?
Some French learned the lesson of indifference when Nazi murderers swept across Europe in WWII, but memory is buried with the interred bones of the victim's of Nazi war criminals like Mengele. Today, many and perhaps most Americans follow the dictates of fbi/cia torturers and assassins and accept as normal the unnecessary wars, conflicts, and mass murder/imprisonment of our fellow human beings globally.
In retrospect many in France today see the criminal folly of today's society:
"Had all of us in France meekly, lawfully carried out the orders of the German master, no Frenchman could have ever looked another man in the face. Such submission would have saved the lives of many -- some very dear to me -- but France would have lost its soul."
-- Commandant le Baron de Vomécourt
Today, America has lost its soul and the people have surrendered their destiny to the most despicable group of human monsters ever to wield their bloody swords on man: the fbi/cia and their operatives worldwide.
Indeed, the advanced tools used by the American psychopathic, government agents in their conquest mentality include high tech, directed energy weaponry; sophisticated psychological operations and advanced chemical/biological/viral warfare techniques, also combine to define the USA's assaults on humans as unprecedented in human affairs because such atrocious assaults have never been possible, nor used before now.
Some of us, such as I, have endured some of these assaults to the extreme degree and we have tried to bring atrocities committed by this overthrown Nazi-type regime to light, but to no avail. The leaders of the nation , the main stream media and the general population all flippantly dismiss our cogent reports of inhumane attacks and crimes against humanity. So, one must ask how can such an American look another in the face while the MAFIA government agents openly engage in horrible crimes against political Targets. On many occasions the fbi/cia actually recruit police and citizen-operatives to help terrorize, imprison or kill the defenseless victim, even as the SCOTUS and Congress look on.
To see who among us are carrying out and supporting the unlawful orders of the fbi in their life threatening attacks on me and others, see my reports, posts and articles on these characters/cops: Knipfing, Rodriguez, Wilson, Bleier, Posada, Cruz, et. al., online , and see my various papers on topic at
Then, consider the following reports in support of the proposition that America is run by the criminally insane thugs who have hog tied metaphorically even the most well intended persons among us. All dismiss my well documented reports of American moral disintegration and corruption of law
A few links:
A link to 5 of my reports:


World in a box:

About me:
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 Orlando Shooting Permitted By fbi Assassins
picture12 Jun 2016 @ 17:51
Fbi failure to prevent/stop Orlando Florida killings perpetrated by
Omar Mateen, 29:
The fbi,cia,DHS all are responsible for the Orlando Florida mass shooting today by their intentional negligence and for three other identifiable indicators:
1)The fbi has data on the shooter who was associated with the fbi's corrupt Wackenhut group. He was on the fbi radar screen, yet the fbi allowed him to obtain the weapon, even while the fbi surveils, tortures and tries to murder this fbi whistle-blower 24/7/365. See fbi's 'mass murderer' report below.
2)The fbi and company are not interested in stopping civilian murderous attacks on the public because such killings are consistent with long term *objectives of the world's ruling class and the global intelligence community ( a group who are more aptly described as the Devil's Intel Enterprise (i.e., "DIE").

**The fbi is more active in covering up their unconscionable crimes by discrediting and killing knowledgeable former fbi agent/whistle-blowers.
3)The police state benefits from such atrocities by telling the people, "You need us to protect you from Radicals". See dilemma forced on men by fbi:

*fbi- champions of destruction, masters of deceit

**Fbi operative online fraudulently labels whistle-blower, former fbi agent as a murderer and possible mass murderer :


Fbi corruption & incompetence pervade all operations:

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 On my behalf and perhaps for many others
picture11 May 2016 @ 22:19
I present here a metaphoric indictment of the main street media and of the fbi,police,etc. , who presume to have the authority to torture or kill me and others who similarly defend human rights globally. I charge the government miscreants and media figures with high crimes.

Each of us here has worked intensely in our lifetime to accomplish some degree of success, as defined by everyman in his/her own way. Today, many individuals discover that all of our efforts, all of our accomplishments and all (or most) of our dreams are stolen/destroyed/mocked by the very government responsible for protecting and safeguarding our fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights.

In my case I served the now overthrown regime that calls itself the United States of America (USA), and my only regret in my life is that service.

As we (you and I) provide multitudes of evidence on the corruption of our respective government, we discover that the entire main street media pretends that we do not exist. Indeed, the fbi/cia/police/mi6/surete/SS/mossad,et ., act as though our very existence is illegal. For this I charge such media personalities 1)with fraud and 2)as accessories to the ongoing felonies committed by the above agencies against us.
My message to the scoundrels in the media:

The specific details of the torture and attempted murder of my person repeatedly and incessantly are set forth on line in thousands of my (and your) testimonials, including sworn statements and court pleadings. Here is a brief introduction to my initial reports when the fbi early on sought to destroy my health and my sanity:

Here is a reference to the fbi history book where I am featured as a Special Agent in service to the fbi and to the USA:

For more details on the inhumane, unconscionable and criminally insane attacks on me, see "My Story In Detail" at my website and see my recent work to expose the fbi and their police associates as career criminals, thugs and assassins; see my reports at

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 To the human monsters of our time
picture11 Apr 2016 @ 06:11
To all fbi/cia/cops and those in the truly 'criminal' , criminal justice system (cjs), and to all who torture my brothers & sisters relentlessly with Directed Energy Weaponry,  extremely low frequency sound waves,  painful psychological operations, imprisonment, etc.,  that by design are intended to drive the victim insane or to kill him, I must by my natural, humanitarian impulse remind you that in your cruelty, in your psychopathic and unconscionable crime spree against human beings you ultimately put all the world at risk; and at the same time you force many to take a stand against you because people of good will everywhere labor to comprehend your inhumane bestiality and how to end it. As you offer no mercy  to your victims, then unto you and all who empower and support you, understand please that your day of reckoning cometh...

From James 2:13

..."For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy...."

The laws of physics and divine nature:


The fbi/cia, for example, offer no quarter to their victims foreign & domestic.  This atrocious mindset also  portends disaster  for the people of the world because men who engage in torture and murder by profession deliver thereby a recurring message to their present & future victims and to all who are alert to the world's problems: 

that in the minds of the assailants no motive exists  to cease the ungodly aggression, and that such macabre activities as referenced herein are rewarded by government and will continue indefinitely because * violence is the mainstay of fbi/cia and similarly chartered institutions. Further, the concept of humanitarian values and of mercy are totally missing in the assaults that I describe, and
the absence of mercy in such crimes echoes in the heavens & on earth, and the barbarity of the crimes demand a reply.

The assailants whom I describe always show no mercy to their victims, many of whom are actually  human experimentees ( like rats or dogs) and this too is an obvious abomination. No opportunity is given to the victim/Target to quit the ordeal, nor to rest. 

No quarter is available to your victim and no retreat, shelter, nor protection (from the abuse)is possible. You have in effect proven that all the evil of our species throughout the milenia lives on today and is incarnate in you.

The effects of your inhumane animus  on the general population are not yet fully known publicly, but I and others study how to solve this deficiency. I, for example, devote my life to exposing you and to educating the people about your sinister character and goals.

My report on the effects on law & society of the acts of homicidal sociopaths who govern:

Finally, all efforts to reason with the quasi human monsters in the government and its cjs fail,as one cannot convince the insane of their infirmity. So, I am charged to present this report to a world somewhat in the dark on this subject.




Thank you.

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 Parents are sometimes severely wrong
picture31 Mar 2016 @ 20:21
Confused and disturbed Parents often say that obeying police vital.

I respond that the police and their fbi teachers are violent criminals and torturers, that they can never be trusted, and that they (not their prisoners in jails & prisons) should be incarcerated or institutionalized. See my main website at sosbeevsfbi, or study the short reports below, and then decide for yourself if you should trust the armed and dangerous cops who are programmed and trained to threaten, harass, torture, beat, arrest, and kill you. Thank you for your attention, as these considerations are vital to survival in this perilous nation.

The living dead fbi/police:


My sworn affidavit :


Fbi predicted confessions of high crimes:

Terrorists are fbi:

Police thugs everywhere, on campus, on the street, threatening you in your face and armed:

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 Trump not sensitive
picture30 Mar 2016 @ 21:03
Donald Trump said Wednesday that women who undergo illegal abortions should face "some form of punishment".

Well Mr. Trump, you have no moral authority to make such a callous statement. Any law that would punish a woman under the circumstances that you decry is not acceptable and reflects a criminal mind. Seek ways to offer assistance to a woman facing a crisis in her life (such a thought is not possible in your inhumane lexicon).

Instead of punishing an innocent woman, punish the real criminals in the fbi/cia/police who are killing, torturing, falsely imprisoning and forcing suicide on our brothers and sisters domestically and on foreign soil. Your idea to punish the female victim of insane societal forces is exactly the mentality that the USA must disavow.

Also, you do not address the atrocities that I and others describe because you seek to expand the USA police state and to increase the unconscionable crimes ongoing globally which now define this nation.

Finally, not a single candidate for any office addresses the reason why people everywhere react adversely to the United States goal of world inhumane domination :

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category picture17 Mar 2016 @ 21:04
US Magistrate Judge Corrupt Beyond Measure

United States magistrate judges empower and embolden the fbi to engage in unconscionable crimes against our people, including torture and murder of selected political Targets.

I have tentatively identified one such federal magistrate judge (hereinafter referred to as mj) but the name is not mentioned here for obvious reasons. That mj is not a real judge as we normally think of them, but he often has the power of a federal judge. He is a de facto operative of the fbi who regularly issues secret orders and other abusive and corrupt civil process as the fbi dictates against persons whom the fbi seeks to destroy.

One must recognize that the fbi approves of and issues clearances for each such mj who is paid very well and who often aspires to and achieves higher positions in the federal judiciary. Their careers are largely enhanced by their fbi friends, so they seek to please the fbi by honoring fbi requests.

In civil cases the jm sits in private chambers with fbi agents, hears reports by fbi assassins and torturers who often request expanded authority over their victims, and the mj eagerly gives these fbi/mafia types any order that they request.

I believe that I am one such Target who has nevertheless been able in the past 30 years to expose the fbi and the mj as bestial thugs who engage in crimes against humanity and who enlist many others in government to serve the overthrown regime that today calls itself the United States of America.

Of all the quislings in government who help the fbi silence whistleblowers and dissidents, the mj is the most dangerous and vile of all because the mj undermines fundamental human, civil & constitutional law and manipulates traditional public policy by serving as a rubber stamp for fbi assassins and torturers. As I have demonstrated, all police accept and help enforce the dirty orders issued by the fbi's mj.

Some of my reports on topic are available in the links below. Thank you.


category picture31 Jan 2016 @ 17:13
Who actually gains freedom in this barbaric civilization!

Freedom in our time is won in the actual battle (physical or psychological) against the enemy of mankind (the USA & its associates), and many of us here are intimately aware of the price we pay for this discovery. [link]

Forced suicide is murder.

How many such cold blooded murders have been committed by fbi,cia, dod, irs,etc.!


Fbi intelligence assassins (Division 5) send a message that they resent my truthful posts this date on the USA  as the enemy of mankind.:

Domain Name ? (Network)IP Address 69.171.228.# (Adelphia)ISP AdelphiaLocation Continent : North AmericaCountry : United States  State : ColoradoCity : Colorado Springs

Time of Visit Jan 31 2016 7:14:35 pm

 the low nature of fbi operatives & supporters
category picture6 Jan 2016 @ 01:50
The fbi, police and their civilian operatives engage around the clock in activity that reflects sick character which is thereby permanently lowered due to the macabre practices that such low minds embrace. They
harass, assault, threaten, arrest, beat, imprison torture, force suicide and assassinate. Such are the actions of men and women who allow their own demented nature to act out in violent, illegal and hateful campaigns against innocent Targets.

All who support the fbi by actively
assaulting or otherwise seeking to harm the Target of the fbi's attempted murder campaign against that Target are accomplices to the crimes committed by the fbi. Police and civilians alike eagerly provide their services to assassins in the fbi as though they are a part of the fbi's government homicidal apparatus. For these collusions the community of police & fbi have destroyed our society, undermined our laws and converted the USA into a fascist state.

See two links below for more data on topic.



 The insane imprisons the sane
picture4 Jan 2016 @ 05:18
As many of us globally endure atrocities committed by fbi,cia,nsa,dod, mi6, Surete, SS, etc., we may finally conclude that "Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it."
John Lennon

Indeed, the fbi and their friends forge exactly the nightmare scenario envisioned by Lennon.

Become acquainted with the people in charge, as I have, and even the most pro-government supporter will avoid the officials at all costs because they are the living dead (LD)among us.


The LD also twist the law to serve their decadent purposes:


EG: After the fbi's insane, *decades long attacks on me, the sociopathic torturers and serial killers direct social workers, police and mental health employees to assault me in order to evaluate my mental state.

In other words the crazies in authority are analyzing the sane who document the former's crimes and insanity.

*See the summary in the link below showing the mentaly ill ( police & medical doctor) trying to project onto me their own dangerous sickness:


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 Shame on Wikipedia
category picture1 Jan 2016 @ 18:19
Thanks for the two points highlighted today.
Fraudulent entries by fbi,cia on Wikipedia reflect their (fbi,cia,Wikipedia) control over many online sources used by the general public:

The reference to 'mental illness' and 'delusional' in the Wikipedia report also shows how the intelligence community seeks to label as 'insane' those of us who report crimes against humanity (torture, forced suicide,murder) by fbi,cia,nsa,dod etc.

Wikipedia is hereby identified as allowing dangerous trash and lies under their banner and in their name.
A false medical report on me:


2) The fbi also often deleted my reports as I try to type them.

 True intentions of fbi,cia, etc.:world inhumane domination
picture11 Dec 2015 @ 17:52
This regime that calls itself the United States of America (USA) recognizes no limit to its treachery and decadence, even as the ruling villains here feign enlightenment and the ability to humanely govern. Feeding on the suffering and deaths caused globally by its brutal and macabre servants, the USA cannot withstand the scrutiny that I and others apply, and cannot as well pass the minimum standards of human decency that distinguish our species from the wild beasts.

Our descendants and those who currently see and speak the truth about USA's inhumanity on earth leave a record of a government, a people and a culture woefully unworthy to call itself civilized.

My work and the similar travails of my associates are among the few contemporary guideposts that may yet illuminate the otherwise dark paths forced upon most of us in our journey of life by the enemy of mankind, the USA and her sick allies and apologists.


A murderer is less to fear than the deceitful and maniacal traitors in the fbi, cia, dod,vigilante hoodlums, congress,courts, & president , etc. who pretentiously assert the menacing intentions of USA's critics.


Meanwhile USA's inhumane plans/practices are demonstrably and universally recognized as unspeakably evil, quasi diabolical and completely repugnant to all men and women of conscience.


and:  More >

 USA leaders are rotten
picture9 Dec 2015 @ 22:14
Neither Trump nor Hillary (nor any other contender for president) can fix the problem with the USA because they are the problem; Trump's character, ideology, and values are rotten; he and Hillary are programmed advocates for expanding fascist America on earth and beyond.
Thus, USA is pushed into infamy as the primary human rights offenders of our time. The leaders of this nation should face a world court for their unending crimes against humanity.



About Me :
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 tortured by USA
picture9 Dec 2015 @ 02:35
Why are so many people so angry at *USA!

All the world now sees that the United States of America ( its officers, employees, agents, presidents, congress, courts, fbi, cia , soldiers, civilians, etc. and allies) engage in inhumane acts against people globally and from all walks of life:



"Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to an organism, usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer's control or custody and unable to defend against what is being done to him or her."


[link]  More >

 Quandary & Crisis Facing USA
picture6 Dec 2015 @ 04:17
The scoundrels who run USA and its corrupt allies (eg: Germany, France, Bulgaria , Thailand, England, Saudi Arabia, Canada , etc.) now cannot hide the facts:

that their respective domestic torture and and murder operations are costly and unsustainable, that world repulsion to inhumane assaults on millions of people is not good press (even for tyrants who try to control the press), that at some point the various international banks must scale back their support for high dollar valuations due to macro economic and political forces, that USA'S debt of $ 17 trillion can no longer be carried on the backs of other nations, and that a day of reckoning is inevitable.

This means that the 'dollar' cannot hold its lofty levels for much longer because people everywhere question why the world supports USA atrocities (both foreign & domestic) by allowing the dollar to serve as the basis for international trading.
When the time is ripe China , Russia , and many others must encourage the dollar to slide in pursuit of a realignment of. geopolitical forces aimed at stopping USA'S NWO as spearheaded by fbi, cia, dod, mossad, surete,ss, etc.

The USA no doubt finds that the only way to handle a flailing dollar and a declining opinion of inhumane USA by the global population is 1)to print 'mucho dolares' and 2) to scale back, or hide, mass murders, tortures and other crimes against humanity.

Thank you .  More >

 An humble opinion
picture26 Nov 2015 @ 22:11
Thanksgiving & Reflections
For the millions of years that man has walked on earth he has been and is today at war with and shows inhumanity towards his fellow man. Now, the nation that calls itself United States of America (USA) pretends to lead parts of the world in military and economic might, but this regime fails all mankind in the most important and meaningful quest of all: the achievement of peace & good will on earth permanently. This failure to stop killing and torturing humans punctuates the USA'S DOWNFALL and suggests that our species is destined to end in pathetic self imposed bestiality, conflict and infamy, all of which are perpetuated by USA and perhaps witnessed by the heavens. See my reports for examples of the true evil character of USA.

A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.
Thank you.  More >

 fbi's unethical dogma reveals its own criminality & corruption
picture17 Nov 2015 @ 01:06
As in Nazi Germany where big secrets of the State are not a pressing issue because public incredulity keeps large atrocities hidden, the modern fbi/cia similarly hasten to first cover up little secrets such as torture, forced suicides and selective assassinations as per fbi insider *dogma as follows: "Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity" ~ Marshall McLuhan
Contemporary fbi practice promotes a similarly rotten standard: *put out the little fires (such as often started by whistleblowers) and the big fires will take care of themselves, because the bigger the crimes by fbi, the less credible are the people who report them. Unfortunately for the fools at fbi,
Geral Sosbee​​'s little fires cannot be extinguished because the world is ablaze with wars/conflicts and associated inhumane assaults executed in our face by fbi/cia/dod.

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 fbi operatives
category picture9 Nov 2015 @ 23:55

Fbi thugs online, in the context of, offer evidence of this nation's decadence, evil and hopeless depravity.

Meet a few of the fbi operatives on line (all using aliases), and all of whom I have come to know as very low creatures over the past 40 years.

Serial killers:

Monique Abu-Jamal, paint me doubtful


Serial killers:

James Duval, Clyde:


Disinformation artist and cyber stalker:

Mike Novack:


 A Modest Theoretical Proposal
picture8 Nov 2015 @ 01:37
...and where are all the geniuses who could offer suggestions on how to improve the human condition!

A Modest Theoretical Proposal To End Gross Abuses Of Human Beings :

Remove all governments from power, educate the masses regarding their rights and responsibilities, and allow all the world's people to govern themselves in a manner consistent with universally recognized human and civil rights.

Inescapable violence always emanates from government against the people . Today, the murderous attacks and incessant threats reflect rule by a global coalition of bellicose regimes bent on world inhumane domination:


Some of my studies :

About me (typo in the following data: my name has always been spelled 'Geral'):


Here is a response to the above report from one who is quick to criticize and slow to advocate for a humane world where human rights are considered supreme:


"Touchingly naive 08.Nov.2015 10:18


Mike Novack link

"allow all the world's people to govern themselves in a manner consistent with universally recognized human and civil rights."
Oh, I understand, you know what these universally recognized human and civil rights are. Unfortunately, there are a lot of humans on this planet who think the a different set of human and civil rights is the correct one for us all to live by.
Look, I also believe in a set of human and civil rights. But what I don't believe is that your set an mine match."

---------- -------------

Sosbee responds to sneaky 'touchingly': to simplify, stop all killing, torturing & imprisoning; remove from power all who advocate for war and all who defend the present murderous, corrupt regime; require all to state their true names and affiliations (such as fbi operatives) when posting on line, especially troublemakers and fraudsters .
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 Criminal fbi agents & operatives
picture7 Nov 2015 @ 03:06
Fbi crimes against us(a):

[link]  More >

 SCOTUS invites fbi crimes by denying relief
picture5 Nov 2015 @ 02:13
When *SCOTUS denied my Writ, they invited the fbi to continue and expand the fbi's crime spree against me continuing now for 15 years (after denial of Writ)and including torture & multiple attempts on my life.
* [link]


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 Barbara Hartwell & I share a passion for * truth which reveals the evil of USA
picture25 Oct 2015 @ 19:34
From my very best friend for over twelve years, the splendid Barbara Hartwell who is in my opinion a national treasure.

Excerpted from [link]

"This report began with an examination of the counterintelligence operations run by FBI Chief Ted Gunderson and continued with testimony from former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, whose career was sabotaged by J. Edgar Hoover, Ted Gunderson and their cronies, and who has endured relentless persecution ever since, all for standing up for Liberty, for honoring his oath to defend the Constitution, for defending the unalienable rights of all, as protected under the Constitution.

Geral Sosbee's detailed and extensive documentation of government persecution, and the neutralization campaign against him, is by far the most comprehensive and credible I have ever seen. And because I have been priviliged to be his friend for nearly a decade and a half, I have also been privy to much of the unpublished documentation in our personal conversations. I know his testimony to be truthful. I myself have become a witness to many of the atrocities, the torture, the relentless assaults.

I have direct personal knowledge, as does Geral Sosbee, of every issue addressed in this report. This report has not been based on speculation, or theories, but rather on real events, real persons, identified and quoted, using their own words….

The government in fact drives the people into poverty, pushes drugs on the population (drugs for arms operations), and makes enemies around the world via their wars of aggression, conquest and nation building.

Then, they call other nations “terrorists”, when in fact they may be only defending themselves against invasion and corporate imperialism fomented by the U.S. Government and its accomplices in the United Nations. The U.N., which masquerades as promoting peace, justice and universal human rights, all the while working for a One World Totalitarian government, which accords no respect whatsoever for the unalienable rights of the Individual, which are subsumed by the purported “rights” of the collective."


* "Thus, 'truth' involves both the quality of "faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, sincerity, veracity",[11] and that of "agreement with fact or reality", in Anglo-Saxon expressed by sōþ (Modern English sooth)."
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 example of media cowardice
category picture27 Sep 2015 @ 01:21
Example of cowardly media, two links:


Evidence of media subservience to *fbi assassins:



 The fbi is a threat to national security
picture15 Sep 2015 @ 16:08
Would you serve a nation that would attack you for honorably defending that nation on the battlefield?

This report presents to the public evidence that the fbi is a direct threat to the security of the United States for the following reasons:

The fbi acts as a federal MAFIA who engage in false arrest, fabrication & suppression of evidence, torture, threats, forced bankruptcy & homelessness, attempted murder and various other terrorist assaults against political and ideological critics such as me.

Anyone who serves in the United States armed forces and returns to expose atrocities by the fbi/cia/dod is subject to being treated as a prisoner of war in the very nation that he served.

Thus, as the information of the total corruption of the fbi becomes known, many citizens may question the utility of their own service because they risk injury/death for a nation that disrespects all human life; further, such persons will most certainly be on guard against the intelligence community upon return home from the war.

My service:


The fbi history book:


Below is additional evidence on the criminal activities of the very law enforcement agency, the fbi, who are responsible for protecting our rights as human beings and as citizens of the United States. For more data on the unconscionable crimes against me see "My Story In Detail" and associated reports online.

Evidence of the fbi's threat to national security of the USA by attacking those of us who serve in war:

fbi operatives come online and falsely allege that this veteran is a murderer as a result of his service to his country in combat; then, the same fbi thug tells the world that this veteran is a possible mass murderer:


Local police threaten to arrest me, even as they engage in multiple crimes against my person:


and parts 19, a, c, showing how the fbi tortures this vet 24/7 for life.

Medical doctor, now a VA doctor, issues a false report:


Federal & State cops threaten me in my face, in my home:


My notice 15 years ago on the threat to national security posed by fbi:

"The primary focus of this website ( is on the threat to National Security of the United States (and the accompanying assault on Humanity) by corrupt and criminal agents of the fbi and the cia. The incompetence and lack of leadership in the fbi coupled with the ever increasing fbi abuses of power within the context of the emerging fbi/cia sponsored global fascist state foreshadow a new wave of human rights abuses (such as arbitrary killings, imprisonings and torturings of good people around the world) and such atrocities are known only to the few surviving victims and to maniacal government agents and operatives functioning subsurface in countries controlled by the centralized fascist state. The fbi's abandonment of respect for constitutional rights of citizens is reflected across the nation by incidents of fbi misconduct and criminal activity; all law enforcement agencies follow fbi dual standards of unbridled arrogance and accelerating decadence. The growing chasm of distrust between the people and traitorous government agents threatens the very fabric of our constitutional government."


Most media fear the fbi, thereby supporting their atrocities:

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picture10 Sep 2015 @ 16:22
I am a Texas *attorney


and I ask why are some judges
and attorneys railroading innocent people into prison!

Fbi fraudulent stings to set people up for arrest, imprisonment (or death) and
a lifetime of persecution/torture.


Perjury by fbi in alleged Sex offense




My writ:


your beloved fbi:


more on the fbi:


The fbi engages in much more than spying; try threats, harassment, torture, forced suicide, false arrest, assassinations.

Public Notice:

For the defense in cases prosecuted by the fbi:

GERAL SOSBEE, ATTORNEY, witness to the macabre culture and grossly unlawful & criminal practices of the fbi:

*Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

e.g. fbi plants child porn on my smart phone


fbi fraudulent attempts to plant my name at the scene of a crime:

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 Accountability in this age
picture31 Aug 2015 @ 17:42
All who have assisted the assassins of the fbi in the hijacking of my life, the torture and attempts to kill me (all of such atrocities continue to date) have made history which will be studied for a century or more for this reason:

Civilization requires accountability for the madness of this age and my work (and that of others similarly situated globally) serve as a flashlight on the decadence and insanity of the society and on the people who run to commit evil against their brethren on queue.

Thus, I consider my present endeavor as the most important work of my life and certainly the most long lasting for its universal significance. My background and seventy years of hard work prepared me for today's great challenges.

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 evil nations
picture26 Aug 2015 @ 03:32
The three most E V I L nations on God's green earth: : usa, uk, "?isreal".




August 26, 2015
Fbi increases attacks on me as a result of my recent posts online:
Open my car trunk in the morning, remotely.
Flood my bathroom with water while I am in the public library.
Prevent sale of property in Mexico and cause neighbors and guards there to harass me and family, sending phony buyers who seek to waste time.
Dramatically increase DEW assault to an incapacitating level.

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 Supreme irony : go to war, return as POWs by those who sent you into battle
picture19 Aug 2015 @ 04:37
We * fought our country's battles on land, sea and air,
only to return home as high tech POWs by the very low hoodlums who sent us off to fight for this now overthrown USA.


* [link]


See Also:
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