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 Credit Police Where Due
picture14 Dec 2016 @ 17:48
On 12/8/16 *I thanked the police in McAllen, Texas, for assisting in efforts to stop toxic substances from entering my residence. The police report which follows my request is numbered 2016-00085424.
On 12/13/16 I met by chance the Commander of the same police department and he apparently studied my site at
The fbi then punished me for my contact with the Commander by increasing the sleep deprivation assault via ELF all night on the same night.
Submitted for the record.



      MR. VICTOR RODRIGUEZ:                                                    
Mr. Victor Rodriguez

Chief of Police

1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd. 

McAllen, TX 78501

Reference: Appreciation Message


Dear Chief Rodriguez,

I hope that the office of the Chief of Police may convey to the outstanding Detective/Investigator C. VARGAS (#6973) my most sincere gratitude and the appreciation of my wife for his investigation of a complex matter recently confronting us.

I have known many police officers in my life, and I have never met one until now (in the person of Detective Vargas) who possesses these fundamental qualities:

professional law enforcement demeanor, ability to listen to the fine details of an unusual matter, keen awareness of the implications of the situation under scrutiny, polite, thorough, personable, helpful, kind and exemplary in all respects of the highest ideals of police personnel.

I believe that Detective Vargas reflects the superb leadership of the McAllen, Texas, Police Department, and I am sure that his outstanding work brings great credit to the Department, to the Chief’s office and to the city.

Thank you.
Geral W. Sosbee

Attorney, Texas License 18855625

P.O. Box 3834

McAllen, Texas 78502  More >

 Flashback To Terror
picture12 Dec 2016 @ 03:41
This post represents an addendum to "My Story In Detail" at and is only published now because I could not previously bring myself to believe the low, dirty nature of the fbi's(hereinafter referred to as the burro) own agent/assassins.

When I began my professional work in El Paso, Texas, in 1983, the burro was waiting to pounce. Their first covert operations were apparently ordered by SAC Schwein (an appropriate name for the man I would forever associate with pig).

Below is an abbreviated list of burro assaults on the newly licensed attorney, Geral Sosbee, who worked also as a professional adjunct instructor in law at various colleges (some of which were at Ft. Bliss), as an Associate Municipal Court Judge, and subsequently as a police legal adviser and appellate briefing attorney for the DA:

Vandalism of my car: repeated disabling of my new vehicle by driving nails in tires and by causing oil leaks while I was teaching classes at Ft. Bliss; fraudulent appearances of fake clients who pretended to seek legal advice, secret and illegal abuse of civil process issued by a corrupt federal Magistrate Judge ( an fbi operative) who issued a patently unconstitutional & secret order to surveil me 24/7 with concurrent psychological assaults on me;frequently, the burro engaged in vandalism of my home, and disrupting my law practice;on at least one occasion the burro sent diseased women to make overtures (one of whom I later learned had the herpes virus); the burro also interfered with my application to practice in the Federal Court, Western District of Texas, and the thugs also repeatedly invaded my home to rearrange the furniture, to poison my dog, and to perform other psychological operations ('psyops') on me.

One such assault included the repeated offers to buy my home for a fraction of its value and harassing me frequently while I tried to sell the property. Local Realtors and others in the community eagerly assisted the fbi in 24/7 trespassing onto my property night an day, threats and assaults, etc. The El Paso police ignored all of my reports. On one occasion the police falsified my report in order to trash it.

One of the worst terrorist assaults on me by the burro was an attempt to murder me while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery for deflected septum which was Army service related. The fbi sent a nurse into my room while I slept and she changed the bedside notes to read "give full meals to patient". The original note indicated no meals for 12 hours due to general anesthesia. I almost died from suffocation from vomiting as my nose was completely sealed off. Years later the burro sent messages to me that I was expected to die by suffocation from my own vomit. I have written other reports on the topic of "gaslighting" which is the dark art mastered by the burro designed to kill or drive a Target insane. My life in El Paso had become unbearable.

As I prepared to flee El Paso, fbi agent Gary Webb (a former co-worker with me in the burro) told me that Schwein orders me to notify the fbi of the day and time I leave El Paso. Perhaps Schwein knows today of my non response to his sick, twisted order,

For the first few years (1983-1990) as an attorney, I could not conceive that the burro would incrementally destroy my life by causing so many problems that I could not address them all while I also worked extensively. Yet, that appears in retrospect to be exactly the goal of the burro assassins. I now understand that such inhumane work is 'what they do'.

A doctor of Medicine and another doctor of dentistry also added their own unique brand of terror by torturing me at the direction of the burro, while I was a patient in their offices. So many challenges arose in my life in El Paso that I left my work there and moved to Dallas where the burro was waiting to decimate my life further.

Driven to the brinK of neurosis, I spent the next 10 years (until about the year 2000)trying to understand what had happened to me in El Paso. I especially felt sad that I had lost my professional work, my associates, and my good name. I consider this report as a flashback to my terror filled life in El Paso for reasons that the reader can easily ubnderstand.

Today, however, I find new meaning in life by my studies of and reports/articles on the real burro (aka, federal bureau of investigation) who engage in mayhem and murder of political Targets at will and with total impunity. These burro criminals are in my reports characterized by their  corruption/criminality/gratuitous treachery. The most trusted law enforcement agency in the USA is now identified by me as the most evil group of thugs who ever held official positions in government. Perhaps the fbi burro boys exemplify in their atrocities the most inhumane human monsters who ever lived on God's green earth.

Congress and Courts are fully aware of the filth that is the dirty burro. So, the marbled offices at the seat of government are filled with little sychophants wearing white shirts and pretty ties.

As of this moment, the burro continues to attack me 24/7/365 by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) and by street thugs/operatives who are paid by the USA. These low creatures often make their presence known and even show their faces as they harass me on the streets and in many locations. They steal my phones, vandalize my cars, rearrange my personal effects and destroy items in my residences; they turn entire communities against me causing great stress and many losses. They also use bio-chem-viral assaults on me and continue to slander me virtually everywhere I go. See, for example my reports on the false medical chart by Dr. Holder, the fraudulent BOLO on me by UT cops Bleier & Wilson, the outrageous offenses against me and my wife by Detective Posada, by USPI KNIPFING AND HIS SIDEKICK RODRIGUEZ,and many others as I have extensively outlined.

Thus, one may understand why I address the failed leadership of this nation and the threat to humanity by the burro and company . Other reports consistent with this one are available on my site at and in my thousands of posts online.

Some papers on topic are located at the following & related links at academiadotedu :

Others are found at various Indymedia groups such as this one:


Administrative Data:

See also my medical clearances online, my affidavits dated 2007 & 2014 and other reports on the WWW.

Thank you. May Providence protect, provide comfort and aid to and bless all who are harassed, jailed, tortured & abused and murdered by the diabolical agents and operatives of fbi/cia/nsa/nsc/dod, etc.  More >

 Hallmarks of f b i
picture19 Oct 2016 @ 04:47
The hallmarks of the fbi in our global village:
unnecessarily and inhumanely created misfortune, suffering, disaster and death

The word 'evil' does not adequately describe the extreme wickedness and the complete moral depravity of the fbi which in turn affects all of our public and private institutions and often the people who associate therein. Our country is now viewed by many as the enemy of mankind. Perhaps the current obsession with "living dead" productions reflects the decadence of popular culture and may, as orchestrated by fbi and high culture media chiefs, suggest more foreboding events yet to come.

The USA now seems to pride itself as the quasi demonic, global force set against all that a civilized people value (such as life, liberty, freedom from oppression, and all other fundamental human,civil, and constitutional rights). Such rights are stolen from us at will by the fbi and their supporters and friends. Mass murder and assassinations are hidden from us when fbi/cia/dod are the killers. After all, the people believe that , "My Country, Right Or Wrong".

W R O N G!

Insane rationalization seeks to cover up on the surface the unconscionable acts of barbarism which is inevitably embedded permanently in the collective conscience of this nation.
Civility too is only memory in our society and is not likely to resurface as the fbi's police state roars ahead with outrageous killings by police and fbi of innocent people. Even the ordinary cop on the street is just too arrogant and bossy for many men to tolerate; see my reports on Detective Posada online and my other post on the dilemma here:


Attacks on political and ideological adversaries, such as me, by the US intelligence services (mainly fbi/cia and cops) shock the conscience. I describe such crimes in detail in many of my online reports. They are bloody, life threatening and terrifying. So, all who sit back and do nothing while the fbi tortures and assassinates their victims are in bed with the devil; they, the people, contribute to the demise of the USA and to the deaths and suffering of people everywhere. The citizens who on queue harass, threaten and murder the Target (or in breach of duty and public trust cover up such crimes) represent the secondary symptoms of a very sick and cowardly nation; for they surrender their minds and their free will unto the violent assassins and mind manipulators of our time.

The fbi is credited with the most inhumane acts of aggression against human beings ever. Their use of DEW (directed energy weaponry such as microwave and extremely low frequency sound waves)and psychoactive drugs on their victims constitute crimes against humanity, one human at a time. For this I maintain that the fbi and friends are on a crime spree unprecedented in human affairs, all hidden by main street media and by many Indymedia groups who frequently block my efforts to publish, or who trash my posts in the so-called compost file ( Portland Indymedia now performs this maneuver on most of my recent submissions).

As I type this page, I am being tortured relentlessly, 24/7, by extreme assaults with DEW; today, as I strolled in a local mall (half asleep and fully exhausted from the DEW)) , the fbi sent one of their assassins to provocatively assault me from behind; I also reflect on the other attacks by fbi wherein I was repeatedly poisoned by a variety of bio-chem-viral-toxic gas agents which almost killed me. The fbi watches on their blanket surveillance of me all such responses and the fbi assassins delight in adding more attacks, even before I recover from the previous attacks.

This information herein is intended to serve as an historical record of fbi's discreet crimes which in time reveals that the fbi are as I stated human monsters.

Not to worry for me, therefore , because I am fortunate to have the capacity to resist and to survive all fbi crimes against me. Worry instead for your country, your children and theirs, for the world's people who are also being attacked in the name and by the authority of Y O U, the United States of America.

Below are some reports in support of the above observations. See also my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014, and thousands of my other papers, articles, reports and posts on the www.

Sychophants of Texas Workforce Commission :


Cowards of the State Bar:


911 Attack Could Revisit USA:


USA: Torture Without Borders :


What Would You Do If :

fbi as Masters of Deceit and Masters of the Dark Art of Gaslighting:


About me:


Krishnamurti:: Think On These Things
"That there is intelligence only when there is no fear, when you are willing to rebel, to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is, or to discover the truth of anything."  More >

 Evidence that USA is run by criminals
picture30 Sep 2016 @ 05:07

I seek herein to prove by direct and circumstantial evidence that government officials of the United States of America (each and every employee in positions of authority, such as congress, courts, and executive offices) are guilty of many crimes against me et al. including but not limited to * Misprision of felony (and untold thousands of other felonies).

In support of this indictment against a wide range of USA officials I submit the following evidence:

My sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014, my WRIT to the SCOTUS, my letters to multiple members of the Congress of the USA, **my letters to high government officials, my court pleadings in my original law suit against the fbi and the DOJ, my thousands of testimonials on line with extensive evidence on the corruption of federal Magistrate Judges and police personnel across the country and overseas, and various other documents showing serious bodily injuries to me caused by the fbi's classified non consensual cover research and experimentation program ( including assaults by bio-chem-viral-Directed Energy Weaponry).

Parties to the felonies ongoing against me today for the past 35 years include the fbi, their operatives, assets, street thugs, assassins, police personnel such as I have named online, including Knipfing, Rodriguez, Bleier, Wilson, University of Texas high level police and Chancellor, and legal counsel, Detective Posada, Cruz, et al.

Some injuries inflicted on me resulted in emergency room medical care; other injuries are permanent and life threatening, as I have extensively outlined online. Other egregious assaults on me are referenced at

*United States federal law :

"Misprision of felony" is still an offense under United States federal law after being codified in 1909 under 18 U.S.C. § 4:

"Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both."

The Federal misprision of felony statute is usually used in prosecutions against defendants (such as officials in DOJ, JUDICIARY, CONGRESS, POLICE) who have a special duty to report a crime.
Current through Pub. L. 114-19. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 684; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(G),Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

**Letter from the US Office of Special Counsel, dated May 31, 2011:

See additional evidence in my papers on topic and summarized below at

1)Macabre Crimes Committed By fbi, Tacitly Approved By Congress/SCOTUS

2)Overthrow Of United States Government By fbi/cia

3)what would you do if?

4)Corruption of Law & Society By fbi

5)Explication Of Salient Events

6)Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi

Finally, note that the government of the United States of America is so completely corrupted by the fbi/MAFIA and by the cia and company that no solution is possible and that this morbid state of the Union portends further disaster for the world because no man of moral conscience, of even minimal integrity and with the slightest sense of human decency may sit idle in the face of the juggernaut of horrendous crimes against humanity ongoing today by the USA around the world. See my report on the dilemma facing civilized man.

See also my report on the collapse of the constitutional government of the United States of America.

Thank you and may Providence protect & provide relief to the victims of the evil men and women of the fbi and their murderous associates in the police community.


The above report is trashed by Portland Indymedia :

[link]  More >

picture1 Sep 2016 @ 21:40
Trump, Clinton, USA :

 The sick mindset of USA's population
picture18 Aug 2016 @ 02:30
The comments and hate messages to me from hundreds of people (over decades continuing to date)reflect a sick mindset of the general population, whereas most hate messages intend to cause this victim of fbi atrocities even more grief than otherwise forced upon me by fbi torturers.

The student of abnormal psychology (a largely corrupted and politically controlled pseudo science in today's colleges and medical schools) may find a treasure trove of psychopaths in the hate mail link which opens the pathway to a sampling of hate and death messages to me from mainly anonymous persons. The fear of guilt by association also prompts even my former colleagues to pretend that they never knew me; such false denials are also evidence of pervasive dishonesty dictated by fear or extreme self preservation in the face of fbi attacks on this former colleague, friend, professional associate, and family member.

However, all such persons may not realize that I seek not their sympathy, nor their support in my work to expose fbi serial killers and torturers. Instead, my work is directed at the education of the world regarding the disintegration of our sense of shared humanity at the hands of the human monsters among us. So, as few individuals try to grasp the purpose of my labors, the grim reality of USA sponsored global inhumane exploits is hidden just below the collective conscience of people everywhere.

Try then, if one may, to envision where such an abominable state of affairs that I outline in my reports takes us as a species. Then, one with moral purpose may not be so eager to condemn or to abandon their responsibility to fellow man in the 'Age of Madness'.

For more information on the quasi evil that dominates our lives and that shapes our future (and dictates our destiny) see my reports online at many different *sites, including my sworn affidavits dated 2007/2014, my WRIT, my 'Story In Detail', etc.


Hate Mail:

Hate Mail - Part One
Hate Mail - Part Six
Hate Mail - Part Eleven
Hate Mail - Part Two
Hate Mail - Part Seven
Hate Mail - Part Twelve
Hate Mail - Part Three
Hate Mail - Part Eight
See Important Hate Mail - Part Thirteen
(Boeing's Message To Sosbee)
Hate Mail - Part Four
Hate Mail - Part Nine
Hate Mail - Part Fourteen
Hate Mail - Part Five
Hate Mail - Part Ten
Hate Phone Calls and Yahoo Board
Text Messages, MSN.COM - Part Fifteen
Part 16 Philippines hate messages delivered to Sosbee



After I posted the above report on hate messages, the fbi increases DEW (sleep deprivation) assaults on me and my wife.  More >

 Witness to fbi high crimes
picture5 Mar 2016 @ 07:11
Another former fbi agent echoes my presentation of the fbi as a criminal enterprise (Agent Swearingen):
The fbi is
"...riddled with corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency, composed of men who may have once been patriots, but who have been reduced to common criminals, whose crime fighting activities are limited at best and largely for show, with political repression being the primary mission."

Why does congress do nothing to stop the fbi crime spree across the country!

Because fbi blackmails Congress.

[link]  More >

 Tribute to Cliff Huylebroeck
picture11 Dec 2015 @ 01:29
Thanks for the diligent and painstaking effort, Cliff Huylebroeck, in your creation of this invaluable site:


Cliff Huylebroeck catches the gangstalkers and the criminals in fbi/police/vigilantes & related groups globally off guard, as he researches with great care and publishes with incomparable talent the revealing data on his historical site.  More >

 Declarations of Independence
picture18 Nov 2015 @ 17:39
A Modern Version of the
Declaration of Independence

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. Edited & Modified In Public, November 18, 2015
Seeking the unanimous Declaration of the fifty states of the United States of America (hereafter referred to as USA) and of all peoples on earth.

Preface: See evidence of the collapse of the constitutional government of the USA in the following link and in the reports below:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

--Such has been the patient sufferance of the world’s people; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present government of the USA is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over the people of the USA and millions of others people globally.

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.
See: [link]

In every stage of these Oppressions We (the current survivors of torture, imprisonment , attempted forced suicide, attempted murder, etc.) have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms on our own behalf (and on behalf of those who have been murdered by the USA and allies): Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

The government agents and their civilian operatives whose characters are thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, are unfit to rule a free people.

The USA employs the military, the fbi/cia/nsa, police groups and other agencies tripartite to engage in the unconscionable acts and assorted atrocities that I and thousands of others have documented for several decades. See:

The USA also sponsors wars and conflicts worldwide for political and economic gain and have thereby caused the killing, imprisoning and torturing of millions of human beings around the globe and have forced refugee status upon untold additional millions of human beings who are then largely abandoned to fend for themselves in desolate locations, or where they are unwanted by the general population.

In the USA millions of good and innocent men and women are now imprisoned, tortured and murdered by government sponsored assassination and neutralization programs that appear to be ideologically prompted and summarily executed. Many persons also find that they are so horribly marginalized and prevented from employment, housing and other amenities of normal life, that they are often caught in a web of a psychological warfare beyond their comprehension and ability to resist. On many occasions such tortured individuals are provoked beyond all reason and become neurotic; then, they are hunted down and killed by the fbi, police, etc.

See the current cultural result of such barbaric programs that seem to resemble a eugenics program of thinning out the population: A) The Age of Madness

B) The terrible dilemma:

One of the current, most egregious forms of crimes against humanity as sponsored by the USA and other countries is the use of directed energy weaponry (DEW) to incapacitate and torture human beings. See a few of the symptoms that I confirm from my personal experience here:

Additional data on the governments’ use of citizens to stalk, harass, attack or otherwise abuse are here:

We the people therefore hereby remove ourselves from the murderous regime that calls itself the USA and we hold that group of tyrants responsible for all the tragedies delivered upon the population for the past 100 years and continuing today.


And for the support of this Declaration and Proclamation, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the writers of the Declaration of Independence which even today applies on behalf of liberty and justice against quasi demonic oppressors.


In apparent response to the above report, the fbi continues to vandalize my car . On this date the fbi thugs disconnect the right front headlight (repaired at Charlie Clark Nissan, invoice #587699).Police report filed .  More >

 The power of one
picture15 Nov 2015 @ 03:54
This combat veteran, I, who innocently defended this corrupt country at risk of death continues today to defend all mankind, even as this murderous fascist State ( once known as the USA) tortures, falsely *labels & tries to kill me; I have never quit my struggle to expose the evil fbi,cia,police,dod and their global allies because my life and every conscious moment of my existence is devoted (as though ordained by our Maker) to stop the mass murderers, torturers, serial killers and homicidal sociopaths here in the United States of America from their global killing spree.

Now, if I in my resolve, alone and as an unquestioned patriot to the former USA can bring forward challenges to fascist rule by this overthrown regime (as spearheaded by fbi and cia thugs), imagine the strength and force about to impact the tyrants here by similarly dedicated human beings who recognize that the ultimate goal of the present brutal authority is world inhumane domination at any cost.


* [link]  More >

 Compelling & inspirational Message From Paul Baird
category picture3 Nov 2015 @ 02:18
Compelling & inspirational Message From Paul Baird

paulb wrote:
Hi Geral,
I can certainly understand why you would feel that nothing will be achieved in your lifetime...Whistleblower protection is non existent, the politicians, mass media personnel, agency, military, law enforcement, legal, medical professions and others are either saturated with corrupt personnel or controlled by bogus "National Security" flagging. Those working around the more corrupt are given "non official cover", fed rumours, blackmailed over their careers, manipulated by their greed, ego etc. It's a sorry state of affairs. People who could make a difference end up marginalised or treated like your good self. Personally, I believe that a direct challenge to the nature of "National Security" itself is the key. Exec order 13526 expressly forbids using classification to cover crime, but then Murder is illegal too and yet they both happen every day. It's just words on paper. However....having said all that...
It is my belief that they cannot hide these crimes forever and they know it...hence the use of all manner of subtle adjustments to the psyche of the general public...Reality TV, CCTV, The Snowden revelations, social media, selfies, security searches at airports etc etc ...It's all preparing people for accepting a total lack of privacy, even to encourage voyeurism and exhibitionist behaviour with some. Terrorism, false flag operations, digital false flagging, the allowance of pedophilia and other crime also works to encourage people to fear others and surrender their hard won rights to the's all evidence that they know the penny will one day drop. EG. The covers used through the psych' profession (paranoia, schizo', delusional stuff) could evaporate overnight if there was any real voice given to the millions targeted worldwide. Also a small group of insiders could always turn on them, hence the monitoring 24/7 of public figures, usually without harassment.
Nothing beats word of mouth and the number of people aware of all of this is growing all the time. The number that care...well, given the dumbing down and egocentric emphases thrown our way by the MSM, finding people that care is going to be far more difficult. We also need representatives that are honest enough to want the truth, intelligent enough to recognise it and brave enough to act on it. Currently, the agency sifting removes all such people from positions of power and sees them targeted and mocked by those they position in authority or bestow with celebrity.
Like yourself, I've been at this for decades and there are times when it seems hopeless. It predates us and may continue after we're dead but our efforts will help those that eventually resolve this. Like many struggles throughout history, it takes the lifetimes of endeavour that people like you offer to make progress. Apparently lost causes are often the most important and hardest fought. Look at the histories of enslaved and oppressed peoples...we're no different. Today's celebrities are no less hypocritical, today's leaders no less treacherous. It''s up to ordinary, decent people to make the difference. With God's help I believe this will be resolved one day.

Some of Paul Baird's wonderful work on behalf of victims of government atrocities may be accessed here: [link]

 A Tribute To My Friends, Unsung Heroes All
picture25 Oct 2015 @ 03:43
In the far spanning history of resistance to inhumane governments and their mindless supporters in the general populations few individuals merit more acclamation than our very own friends & associates here in the matter of DEW, assaults, mind control, etc. now before us. Thank you, God Bless and be assured of your high places in the annals of man's epic struggle for liberty.

[link]  More >

 Barbara Hartwell on fbi & cia Counterintelligence
picture8 Oct 2015 @ 19:57

See today's report on fbi/cia intelligence corruption which adversely affects all people everywhere.

Excerpted from:


"THE SHADOW KNOWS: Former FBI & CIA Counterintelligence Experts on Celebrity Super Spook Ted (The Gun) Gunderson (3) "

"This report began with an examination of the counterintelligence operations run by FBI Chief Ted Gunderson and continued with testimony from former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, whose career was sabotaged by J. Edgar Hoover, Ted Gunderson and their cronies, and who has endured relentless persecution ever since, all for standing up for Liberty, for honoring his oath to defend the Constitution, for defending the unalienable rights of all, as protected under the Constitution.

Geral Sosbee's detailed and extensive documentation of government persecution, and the neutralization campaign against him, is by far the most comprehensive and credible I have ever seen. And because I have been priviliged to be his friend for nearly a decade and a half, I have also been privy to much of the unpublished documentation in our personal conversations. I know his testimony to be truthful. I myself have become a witness to many of the atrocities, the torture, the relentless assaults.

I have direct personal knowledge, as does Geral Sosbee, of every issue addressed in this report. This report has not been based on speculation, or theories, but rather on real events, real persons, identified and quoted, using their own words."  More >

 Top 2%, thanks to you, my readers
picture26 Sep 2015 @ 15:51
This post is a tribute to all who read and comprehend my reports; to all of you I respond "Thanks". See:
Here is the message to me from

"You're now in the top 2% of researchers on! /font>>


geral W sosbee Geral Sosbee

Texas Tech University, School of Law, Post-Doc

You're now in the top 2% of researchers on Academia by 30-day views!







The Team"

 More >

 No associate of mine in battle, in fbi, in academia compares to wondrous Barbara
picture17 Sep 2015 @ 06:54
No associate of mine in battle, in fbi, in academia compares to wondrous Barbara Hartwell

In all my 70 years in this incredible journey of life I have never had a greater honor of another's company as much as I have in my association with the splendid Barbara Hartwell. She is brave beyond description, more intuitive and insightful than the most wondrous sage, and she is loyal to a degree not yet recognized or defined by man on earth. So do not, dod/fbi/cia, speak to me about your phony heroes who rush in to do your evil works globally; for they are mere distractions, or entertainment for the fools of this society who dote on corrupt power and murderous exploitation. None of them can stand next to Barbara on the final call.

May God bless this giant of a human intellect and bring her comfort in her difficult work for mankind. Here is Barbara's recent expose:
"Arguing from ignorance and poisoning the well": a tactic used by fbi/cia against their Targets.

[link]  More >

 My work continues full steam
category picture30 Aug 2015 @ 01:11
My work to educate the delusional public continues full steam.
Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee (2014)


The devastating effects of the illegal and traitorous activities of fbi/cia Cointel chiefs such as Ted Gunderson (Gun), Al Smith, James Brien Comey, et al, are profoundly embedded in the national psyche and are inherently and imperceptibly destructive of American rights and values.
So that today many Americans in their blind trust in and support for so-called leaders have become 1) insensitive to atrocities and 2) participants in or accessories to the many felonies committed in their name. Wars, assassinations, torture, all are ongoing today here as well as "over there". (See my affidavits 2007 and 2014 for specifics) .

Gun and his defenders hide the truth from the public because an enlightened people cannot tolerate a murderous, inhumane government which will stop at nothing to achieve its outrageous objectives. A righteous domestic uprising will certainly be met with mass murders and incarceration by USA gens d'armes and Cointel operatives.
Thus the people are metaphorically hog tied by the homicidal psychopaths who dictate national policy and who by guile and trickery have the confidence of the general population.


fbi operatives and assassins in Ireland send me another hate message:

Aug 31 2015 8:46:21 pm

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95.44.97.# (Unknown Organization)

 Notice to all who read my material
picture23 Aug 2015 @ 20:58
This notice is prompted by the violence directed at me by the fbi in their efforts to intimidate, threaten, or silence me.

Notice to all who read my reports on the evil of the United States of America (USA), as spearheaded by the fbi,cia,dod,police, etc.: I have no interest in violence, nor do I seek any form of vengeance against those who torture and try to kill me. So, anyone who seeks to harm the USA should stay away from me and from my documentations of gross violations of universal human and civil rights committed by the USA. I simply point out the macabre violence inflicted on me and others by this overthrown government (the USA) and the effects thereof on mankind.

Note that extensive efforts by the fbi to provoke a response to their high crimes against me and others continue to this moment. *The fbi sent federal, state and local police to threaten, assault, attack, and harass me in my face, in my home, at the computer terminals at public libraries and on the streets. Then the same thugs with badges search my background for even one instance of violence in order to charge me as a domestic terrorist, partially as a result of my online posts. All such efforts fail because 1) all of my reports are true 2) I show in my posts clear evidence of crimes against humanity by the fbi and company 3) the fbi and police are the true global terrorists and their efforts to deflect from their hideous character doesn't work.




(and parts a,b,c.)

Never forget how the fbi corrupts all cops at every level and sends them and their little criminal operatives to unlawfully attack the Target at every opportunity.  More >

 This nation violates universal human & civil rights
picture14 Aug 2015 @ 02:35
The fbi assaults on me today reach a peak in terms of psychological & physical torture, including incapacitating DEW attacks and despicable mind games.
Here are a few links to my responses;note that the names of private citizens who assist the fbi (and who are thereby accomplices to the atrocities that are committed) are mentioned, or referenced on many pages of my online work. These people include doctors, dentists, lawyers and other 'respectable' & 'law abiding' members of the community

Fbi continues unconscionable crimes:


Murderous tyranny:


Beware the twilight:


August 18, 2015, a deranged US DOE employee reminds me by visiting my site that my 'Energy' is being depleted daily by ELF in the non consensual cover research assaults: ? (U.S. Government)IP Address 205.254.147.# (U.S. Department of Energy)ISP U.S. Department of EnergyLocation Continent : North AmericaCountry : United States (Facts)State : District of Columbia  More >

 fbi,cia,mi6,etc sponsor gang stalking, torture & murder
picture15 Jul 2015 @ 22:10
Gang Stalking ( sponsored by the fbi)


About Me :

[link]  More >

 Nazi Holocaust and Today's Extermination Similarities
picture6 Jul 2015 @ 02:11
Introduction :

UNITED STATES government is
wicked and nihilistic as exemplified in the evil & murderous plots and deeds of fbi,cia,dod, nsa, etc.


In the above referenced link the author presents a compelling and truthful report on the Nazi atrocities committed against the Jews.
I edit parts of the same study in order to demonstrate, from my personal experience and knowledge, that the fbi, cia , dod engage in similar crimes against a large section of the general population whom I refer to as Targets.

So, as I substitute in this report the letter T for the word Jew(s), I intend to include by inference all human beings globally regardless of race , religion, ethnicity, color creed and differences in genetic heritage. Here is my edited version of the above referenced report on dehumanizing Targets (T), wherein I also substitute the letters fbi, cia, dod for the word Nazis. I attempt to show that the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis are similar to present day crimes against humanity committed by the fbi, cia, dod. My statements are in parentheses as are references to my articles and posts online. I extend my gratitude to the author of the above referenced article without which my present endeavor would be nearly impossible to write.

Dehumanization a psychological process

Dehumanization is defined as a psychological process whereby members of a group of people assert the inferiority of another group.Opponents view each other as less than human and thus not deserving of moral consideration, and are treated as less than humans through subtle or overt acts or statements. Experiencing dehumanization can often lead to feelings of intense hatred and alienation among conflicting parties. (See my reports wherein the fbi, after decades of torture and abuse of my person, state publicly that I am a murderer and a possible mass murderer ).

Eventually, this can result in moral exclusion and these people are typically viewed as inferior, evil, or criminal. (See my reports wherein the fbi/UT police issue a BOLO - 'be on lookout'- against me).

The victims of the Holocaust (and today's targeted community ) provide... excellent example(s) of individuals who suffered from the torment of this psychological process as, for a variety of reasons, the Nazi's (and fbi's)goal to deprive human qualities such as individuality, compassion and most importantly, identity through the process of dehumanization. In his attempt to bear witness to the horrors of the Nazis' attempt to exterminate the Jewish people, Primo Levi, a Jewish-Italian chemist, writer and Holocaust survivor provides his own personal testimony ( as do I and other Targets of modern day dehumanization provide our experiences at the hands of barbaric government officials in the USA and other countries).
(I, like Levi, seek to go) beyond retelling (a) story by expanding upon an apparent universal human condition implied in these reports that are in essence destructive of both our shared sense of humanity and of our species itself).

In attempt(s) to create an absolute Nazi hegemony and New Order in Europe (& a new world order forged by the USA) based on the concept of racial hygiene, Hitler (& fbi,cia,dod,nsa) and (their) devoted (supporters) began a deadly conquest around Europe (& the globe today)consisting of Hitler's ( & fbi, cia's) goal of seizing and conquering land for the (political realignment/seizures of natural assets) and mass murder and extermination of
( non conforming) people.

With the intention of dehumanizing the (Targets) and naming them as an inferior... (fbi, cia) propaganda successfully created widespread anti-(criminal campaign) which lay down the foundation to eliminate the rights and freedom of the (-selected Targets-falsely labeling many of them as dangerous criminals who threaten public safety ).

In the form of art work, posters, films and books, the Nazi's (and fbi, cia with regard to Targets)preached that the Jews (and the fbi's criminals)must be excluded from society, resulting in prevalent ridicule, violence, humiliation, persecution and an ultimate sense of dehumanization for the Jews (and the Targets), setting the stage for a mass genocide (imprisonment).(See my report on The Age of Madness). (Also see my post on "Committed to Healing' with reference to the incarceration of Targets in mental institutions as orchestrated by fbi,cia globally).

To dehumanize means to treat someone like an animal or to encourage him or her to behave like an animal, to take away all the good human qualities such as friendship, trust, and kindness

The Jews were also barely clothed, and their shoes were taken away from them. (Today, the fbi, cia strip their prisoners and other Targets of their clothes and rob them of fundamental human dignity).

In doing so, the Nazi's (and the torturers employed by fbi,cia, dod) treated the Jews (Targets) as animals in the true sense of dehumanization.

(Inhumane human experimentation is also used
by fbi,cia,dod). See my reports on attacks by directed energy weaponry-DEW-,chemicals and biological agents as I set forth on many pages of my reports.)

Some of these experiments (by the Nazis)included: sun lamp, internal irrigation, hot bath, warming by body heat and freezing/hypothermia. The internal irrigation system occurs when "the frozen victims would have water heated to a near blistering temperature forcefully irrigated into the stomach, bladder and intestines -Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine-.

(In today's human torture operations by fbi,cia,dod, the Targets are attacked by microwave/extremely low frequency sound waves and other high tech weapons to cause burning, failure of internal organs, brain entrainment, cancer and other serious symptoms designed to kill them, or to force them to seek a final exit.)

If the Jews (and today's Targets) were completely dehumanized, killing people who are less than human was justifiable to the Nazi's (& to the fbi,cia police, dod).

The Nazis (& the fbi, cia, police, dod) had to mask their atrocities, and conceal their agenda cleverly with the use of semantics. Through the use of dehumanization, they conditioned society to accept the Jews (Targets) as "the Plague" ....
"It is easier to kill a nothing than a somebody.

... although the prisoners of Auschwitz (and our fellow citizens)were degraded and demoralized, they were not able to be dehumanized for the choice to give up is a personal decision that cannot be made by another.  More >

 USA, fbi, et al Crimes Against Humanity
picture26 May 2015 @ 03:05
I charge the United States of America (USA), including the fbi, their associates, operatives, and some members of the general population
with crimes against humanity which include the following acts:

A) torture, forced suicide (or attempts at same),
murder;imprisonment (including in one's own body) enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence; DEW assaults.

B)other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury such as I describe in 'My Story In Detail' in twenty parts at SOSBEE vs. fbi dot com and in my hundreds of posts online.

For specific examples of the USA high crimes referenced herein see my reports on line and the daily news reports of police and fbi murders and false imprisonments and dod's atrocities around the globe.
To more fully comprehend horror of the macabre and murderous government of the USA (as spearheaded by fbi,cia, dod, nsa, police) see my documentations, court filings , affidavits and papers.

Then, ask this question of yourself:

Do I support the regime that calls itself the USA?
If you answers 'yes', then you are de facto guilty of similar felonious offenses either as a supporter of or as an accessory to the unconscionable crimes that I and many others labor in excruciating pain and suffering to report.
My work to inform the world of the insidious nature of USA 's atrocities is punctuated with your response to this message which is directed globally to every living human being.


See Also :
Fbi fraudulently brings all cops down on me:


insanity of fbi:

[link]  More >

 Joe Lanier reminds us why we are here
picture22 Apr 2015 @ 16:23
Thanks to Joe Lanier for his constant support for all of us in the cause, for his reports (sometimes sprinkled with a touch of sobering humor) and for reminding me of this message referencing 'why' we are here:

Mark Twain - The Two Most Important Days in Your Life Are the Day You Were Born And the Day You Find Out Why.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
We are here to drive a spoke into the wheels of injustice:


Conspiracy:  More >

 fbi,cia,congress are corrupt, do not represent the people
category picture23 Mar 2015 @ 19:56
The people, not fbi/cia/congress, decide whether wars are just and battles worthwhile. In other words I and you decide.

fbi,cia cowards direct brave young into unjust wars:



 Murderous Tyranny of the United States of America
picture13 Mar 2015 @ 18:32

The United States of America is now recognized as a criminal enterprise whose agents , operatives, and soldiers torture, imprison, murder human beings globally and in complete violation of universally recognized human, civil, constitutional and God given rights which each of us has a duty to enjoy and to protect.
The methods of killing people are widely known, as are the contrived manipulation of corrupt laws that are used to imprison Targets. The methods of torture are sometimes unimaginable and frequently hidden from public view by the government officials who engagein such crimes against humanity.

One tactic that is used to torture, force suicide, drive insane, or otherwise destroy lives is the use of high tech, directed energy weaponry. For inclusion in such a program the government selects from a wide range of Targets most of whom are labeled as activists, political adversaries, whistleblowers, or plain criminals. This kind of wholesale selection of victims and gross abuse of government power is used against me. The general population must be informed of the crimes inherent in the secret agenda of fbi/cia, etc., and of the illegal tenor of the whole scheme; here are a few points regarding the atrocities against the Target:

1) He has virtually no rights
2) No notice is provided as to the basis for hijacking his life by the fbi/cia
3) No appeal is possible
4) No administrative or Due Process hearing is offered
5) No viable opportunity to be heard is ever allowed
6) Congress and Courts pretend that no such crimes against the people exist
7) Homicidal sociopaths run the program against the Target with complete authority to destroy him

In the links below are some of my reports that support the above statements; I can state without reservation that this nation is thoroughly and murderously corrupt, that the fbi/cia , the law enforcement community and the judges whom they control et al are out of control and are the lowest form of human beings ever to live on God’s green earth; that all who work for them and who otherwise assist them in the inhumane operations that I describe are accessories to the high crimes that I list, including murder, torture, forced suicide, selective assassinations even as the perpetrators monitor the Target in real time. The rest of society are generally cowardly in not speaking up for their fellow citizens.

Here is the list of unconscionable crimes committed by this government as spearheaded by fbi/cia, congress and the courts:

Corruption of the CJS by the fbi:

Summary of the evidence that I have submitted previously on topic:


High Tech Assaults, Brain Entrainment, Imprisonment In One’s Own Home/Bed:


Collapse of the constitutional government of the United States:  More >

 Viet Nam & All Other Wars For What!
category picture12 Feb 2015 @ 00:21
[link] geral sosbee Viet Nam, 1967

As one goes off to war for the United States of America and returns with the discovery that this nation is a fiendish fraud on the global landscape and a cancer on the fabric of mankind, then in good conscience he must present evidence of such macabre corruption in order that others may learn from his experiences. The Viet Nam war, like all other wars, was mainly waged to further the interests of the world's ruling elite, Talk of saving the world and 'the war to end all wars' are complete lies.
...And exactly what are we fighting for?

Well, view this report which also reveals the true purpose of the USA as a global criminal enterprise bent on torture, imprisonment and murder of our brothers & sisters:

Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi.
See evidence that the fbi secretly turns civil court judges into operatives and at the same time uses the internet to try, convict, and punish innocent Targets of fbi for intelligence purposes and with the implied acceptance of the general public.

category picture8 Feb 2015 @ 22:00
To all who suffer, languish & die at the hands of USA's monstrous cops, fbi, jailers, prosecutors, judges, etc.: you are exonerated from any allegations ( and any missteps) as you are being tortured, imprisoned, murdered and in all cases intentionally thrown out of balance in your lives by those who target you for their egregious agenda:


Those who torment you represent the evil of our species which profits from robbing you of all that is beautiful, graceful and balanced in this life; and as such heinous creatures are acting out to escape their own 'lives of quiet desperation', they not you are most out of balance and guilty of despicable deeds and thoughts in our society. They not you have contempt for law as they twist it to wrongly deprive you of liberty and natural balance in life. God help you recover balance by understanding the malevolence directed toward you.

Yin / Yang
Balance is the natural state of things which allows us peace and empowers us to further personal growth and enrichment.
When we are "out of balance" we can not function at optimal levels. We tend to make poor choices and then have to deal with the consequences of those choices.
Being in a balanced state of consciousness allows optimal brain functioning, and produces greater harmony and peace in our lives.

Passion de vida of fbi/cops:
Reach out, Slap/cuff a hand,
Torture, Imprison & kill if you can.
Our Counter Purpose:
Save mankind through making friends,
no matter the circumstances
shared humanity prevails in the end.


category picture8 Feb 2015 @ 04:05
No more heinous cowards are hatched & nourished by usa than the clandestine assassins of fbi / cia. This nation discovers its destiny in hell.

The world is evil.

: [link]






 USA War on Mankind, Report By Splendid BARBARA HARTWELL
category picture5 Feb 2015 @ 02:18
The most heinous and deadly war ever waged under heaven on earth is now ongoing by USA, fbi,cia,dod,mossad, & allies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, France, England, Australia, et., against mankind. A few of us see the unholy scheme which underlies macabre and murderous assaults on our brothers and sisters globally. I and others accept the responsibility to present revelations of atrocities committed by fbi/cia et al. as much as humanly possible. Here is the splendid Barbara Hartwell report for February, 2015 on topic:

 Duty Owed By Public To Victims Of fbi, police Abuse
picture12 Jan 2015 @ 19:56
All who bury their heads in the sand while the fbi, cia, police torture & kill our people are theoretically de facto perpetrators. Duties are imposed by social contract.


Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee: Standing for Liberty for We The People.

See Also:

[link]  More >

 Comey, McCraw, Knipfing, Rodriguez, fbi assassin
category picture24 Dec 2014 @ 22:46
Meet the real fbi director Comey through the filthy, criminal, sadistic statements of his *operative/ assassin  who calls himself  "geral is tiresome" aka  "self absorbed" as shown in the comments here:


Then see the fraudulent efforts by  former fbi agent/thug who is now Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw.

He and Comey send their  foolish and retarded agent and **profiler Conrad Rodriguez (together with de facto fbi operative P I Knipfing) to my home in a joint federal/state conspiracy to try to fabricate a way to silence, intimidate, threaten or arrest me (also see more comments from fbi assassin, aka "geral is tiresome") here:


Finally realize that this nation is run by hoodlums posing as law men.


Finally, thug and killer Comey ironically says that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power

* Note that fbi operative, aka "geral is tiresome" is assigned 24/7 to torture and attempt to kill geral sosbee.

** The profile of fbi, cia agents and operatives (including minions like Knipfing & Rodriguez) is here:



Phony Critics Come Out Of The Woodwork


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